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I'm sorry if youve done this, but can you do Eric ranting to you after a long day at school, and then you make him feel better?

awh this is sweet
-unfortunately you only had one class with eric this year
-the bullies tended to chill out a little during that class but for the rest of the day he didn’t have you to lean on a little when the harassment got bad; he just had to suck it up and pretend he couldn’t hear them call him a fag
-he lost his shit in history that day when some jock sitting behind him made a snide comment about you being a slut
-he whirled around and landed a punch right on his nose
-& he was given a detention, which made him furious, because the boy who insulted his angel didn’t even get a slap on the wrist
-so by the time you got to his house in the evening, he was stewing
-he’d lead you downstairs to his bedroom and go to sit with you on his bed but then jump up again bc he was too agitated to sit still
-he’d turn to you and just rant about how much he fucking hated school, how all of his friends were ditching him, about what assholes the jocks were, how much he fucking hated school, how much he fucking hated not being able to see you during the day because “you’re the only good fuckin thing in columbine anyway”
-and once he was out of breath he’d flop down next to you on the bed and curl into you with shaky breaths
-you’d stroke his hair and kiss his forehead and he’d just sigh and hold you really close

negative reviews about power rangers hurt my feelings personally and then i look and see it was written by a white dude and i know he’s just mad that it wasn’t a story all about white people, so with that in mind, here’s a list of why white nerdboys hate this movie and why you should go see it!! mild spoilers!!

  • only one white ranger (jason, red), and while he’s the leader, his screentime was not significantly greater than his teammates, nor was his background the most fleshed out. he also suffers real consequences for his poor choices instead of being let off with a slap on the wrist. 
  • half indian ranger (kimberly, pink) who makes a very bad choice that is very cruel, who is not coddled. she is told that her choice was bad, point blank, but that she can still be a good person. reformed mean girl!!! and she’s not a white blonde!!!
  • mexican ranger (trini, yellow) who is LGBT (we don’t know if she’s bi or a lesbian but i’m guessing she’s a lesbian).
  • chinese ranger (zack, black) who is bilingual, showing the struggles and pressures of a kid who is responsible for caring for a single parent who is sick and struggles financially.
  • black ranger (billy, blue) who is autistic, and actually says the words “i’m on the spectrum” in the film instead of dancing around it. is the heart and soul of the team, his friends treat him completely normally.
  • NO ROMANCE!!!! there are slight hints but seeing as the events of the film span roughly two weeks, the film is all about friendship and sacrifice and acceptance, not about teen love.
  • i’m dead serious go see this goddamn movie i cried like ten times and was absolutely amazed by how they took this cheesy little show from the 90s and gave it so much heart and love.

when ur s/o creates a microbacterial sized creature that is essentially immortal and unkillable (aka an extremophile)

versions with and without the sickly shadows/ethereal glow from our favorite gods -u0

@renrink​ for reapertale and alterreap from @friisans

*Context* A bunch of first level players run into a weretiger that might let them pass, for a price.

Bard: I offer him that neat rock I found earlier.

GM(me): Roll Persuasion

Bard: *succeeds*

GM: ok, he takes the neat rock and starts walking past you.

Rouge: I wanna pickpocket the rock back.

GM: Ummm, ok roll Sleight of Hand.

Rouge: *fails pretty badly*

GM: The weretiger notices and gives you a slap on the wrist *rolls modified damage* you take 2 points of damage.

Rouge: …..I’m at 1 hp…from the last fight…

Everyone: ……serves you right, I guess

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I know you like Bakugou and all, but like...I wish he'd gotten off a little less easy for this, sorry. It's getting frustrating for me to watch him being coddled and all of his abusive actions being excused (a bad mental health day/week/month/whatever does NOT excuse the harm someone does to people) and him constantly getting off with a slap on the wrist or no punishment at all for bullying people. Kind of wish the school would just tell him they'll expel him if he doesn't get his act together.

Bakugou has been kidnapped, used as a hostage, all but molested (i mean, what else would you call what the Sludge villain did to him?) all at the age of 14, then he lost to someone he had a superiority complex over for nearly a decade and nearly (or did, depending on your point of view of how that scene went) had an emotional breakdown because of it, won the Sports Festival only because Todoroki couldn’t use his full power against him and Bakugou won in a way that was utterly unsatisfactory to him and felt like Todoroki couldn’t even bother to fight Bakugou at his fullest b/c Bakugou wasn’t worth it, went to Best Jeanist to train and instead basically wasted time and had his hair and clothes styled/changed for him, was forced to swallow his pride and work with Izuku to beat All Might which frustrated him to the point of tears (and he nearly gave up instead, which, for a boy who’s very model of what a hero is is based on Always Winning, this is a Big Thing), was kidnapped AGAIN by Shigaraki and was terrified out of his mind during it, was kidnapped IMMEDIATELY AFTARWARDS by AFO and had to be rescued by his classmates so he wouldn’t become a burden for All Might, and then blamed himself for All Might losing his powers and retiring, failed the Provisional Licence exam because of his bad behavior, breaks down again because all the guilt, the shame, the frustration to losing to Izuku, and confusion and struggle and everything, was finally too much for him to handle and he literally had no idea what to do until All Might showed up and explained everything.

from the very first chapter, Bakugou has been systematically punished by the narrative, over and over and over again. not specifically for his treatment of Izuku, but it’s not as if he’s been unpunished for his actions, either, and i’m sure that this is Horikoshi’s intent for having all of this happen to Bakugou in the first place.

Bakugou is going to apologize and make up for his actions towards Izuku, i know he will. but you can’t force him to do it because he’s not ready to as of right now. 

but he is going to make up for it somehow, because that is where the narrative is heading, and he’s already heading there as of the last chapter.

he’s giving Izuku advice. he’s framing it in an insulting way, but he’s giving Izuku advice on how to improve his fighting style. he never would have done that before all of this. 

the narrative is basically hitting Bakugou where it hurts constantly, over and over again, and forcing him to change and learn from his behavior, whether he wants to or not. 

i’m not excusing what he did to Izuku, because he did a lot of horrible things and he needs to make up for his actions. but in the span of just a few months, this kid has been through a lot and he has indeed been punished and put down by the narrative in many, many different ways that are specifically designed to hit him in the places it’ll hurt him the most

i’ve never excused his actions, but he’s just a kid, and kids can only take so much before they begin to break. god, he’s just a 15 year old child.

and again, it’s not as if he’s been unpunished by his behavior. he was absolutely punished for his bad attitude during the Provisional License exam by failing it, and he’s going to have to take extra classes in order to make up for it. if he were being coddled, he would’ve still passed regardless his bad attitude towards the victims. 

Horikoshi does him no favors.

he’s been punished enough by the narrative, and i do think that Aizawa gave them a fair punishment for their actions. their whole fight was framed as a schoolyard fight between two frustrated kids, after all.

it wasn’t really about the fight. it wasn’t about who beat who. the whole fight was there just so that these characters, these two children, could finally have an outlet for their emotions because they’ve never tried to talk to each other before, and this was the only way.

they’ve never tried to express their emotions to each other before. they’ve never tried to listen. this is something both of these characters needed.

being told that he’ll be expelled isn’t going to help his behavior. it’ll do the opposite, if anything. any more punishment than what they received would be overkill.

they acted like children, so they’re being treated like children. they’re doing chores and cleaning just like any kids who broke the rules would. 

Aizawa gives fair punishments. if he doesn’t think someone has potential, he expels them. 

and also, please note: neither Izuku or Bakugou were seriously injured from their fight. otherwise, Aizawa would’ve sent them to Recovery Girl. all they got were some scratches, cuts, and bruises. 

when Bakugou challenged Izuku and Todoroki, i wouldn’t be surprised if Aizawa was considering the idea of expulsion. however, Izuku and Bakugou were forced to be partners and, after a while, they were able to work together and pass the End of Term exam, so whatever might’ve happened otherwise was dropped.

but make no mistake, Bakugou’s behavior here was noted by Aizawa, and Bakugou was forced to move past this attitude and work with Izuku as punishment.

back to the events of the recent chapters, All Might even says that the events that happened between Bakugou and Izuku were just as much the adult’s fault as it was the kid’s. the children’s mental and emotional health is just as important as their strength and growth as heroes, and Bakugou seriously needed some help with that. 

and, not to mention, All Might let them fight it out. he eavesdropped long enough to know about Bakugou’s guilt, and let Bakugou and Izuku fight and express their emotions this way, because honestly, i don’t think they could’ve been able to talk it out in any other way. i’m not saying this is healthy behavior, because god knows it isn’t, but for these two it may have been the only way for them to clear the air. 

and it worked.

they’re both on their way to having a much, much less toxic relationship than what they had before. they might not be friends, but their relationship is much more positive compared to what it was before, because they finally let out all of those nasty emotions.

Bakugou and Izuku are much more calm, and are able to have a conversation now without it turning violent or angry. they got all of those complicated emotions out of their system and finally talked it out, if at least a little, and both are going to be better from it. 

hell, Bakugou even fully admitted that he threw the first punch. in no way is he blaming izuku for what happened. Bakugou is taking full responsibility for what he did. 

and again, Bakugou is giving Izuku advice. he’s helping Izuku in a very backwards, round about way, because it’s the only way he knows. but he’s still helping Izuku, something he absolutely would never have done before. 

Bakugou is growing. he’s learning. whether he wants to or not, he’s changing for the better, and he’s starting to realize that he is changing. that maybe he has to change. maybe he needs to.

he’s already showing a positive change after this fight. he’s taking responsibility for his actions, he’s not blaming Izuku, he’s giving Izuku advice, and he’s worrying about All Might’s secret getting out. punishing him for any more would be overkill, and it wouldn’t have anymore positive outcomes then what’s already been achieved.

he’s just a kid. he acted like a kid. he’s getting punished like any kid would be.

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reasons why warrior cats is, u guessed it, sexist

ok ive been seeing people get shit bc people seem to, once again, not realize that yeah warriors is sexist and here’s just a few reasons why it’s in fact just a liiiillltttle bit (read: a lot a bit) misogynistic

  • the fact that female characters are more punished for forbidden romances than male characters who are in the same romance. when bluestar had kits w/ oakheart, what happened to oakheart? nothing. he became deputy and his own brother/leader knew he had violated the warrior code but did nothing. what happened to bluestar? mosskit died in front of her, she lead a lonely life, she eventually became leader yes - but her whole leadership infringes on the fact that she had no family left which lead to her depression in the first arc. in leafpool/crowfeather, absolutely no repercussions happened to crowfeather - yes, nightcloud & breezepelt were upset, but at the same time, what happened to leafpool? she lost her position as medicine cat, she was outcasted from her clan, and she lived the entire omen of the stars arc in shame for having kittens. crowfeather got a slap on the wrist compared to her, as is the case w/ bluestar.
  • honeyfern, sorreltail, and ferncloud’s deaths are huge ones. honeyfern died because, guess what, erin hunter wanted “an excuse” to have death berries in camp. honeyfern was a plot device. a young female warrior who was talking about having kittens was killed off out of the huuuuuuuge cast of characters, just bc erin hunter wanted to move a plot along. sorreltail was killed off because she was too happy. brackenfur wasn’t killed off, it was sorreltail. despite her having kittens in the nursery still, sorreltail was chosen to be killed off even though she was perfectly fine at the end of the last hope. ferncloud was killed off because “fans complained about her too much” and erin hunter didnt want to keep “a kit machine” around.
  • everyone and their mother mentions this, but once again - there’s a vast majority of male leaders compared to female ones. female deputies and leaders are very rare in wc, and it seems like minor male characters from other clans get chosen over more known and experienced female warriors. shadowclan is the biggest example - tawnypelt has been skipped over for deputy twice even though squirrelflight was chosen for deputy in thunderclan for having tawnypelt’s exact credentials (mentored apprentices & literally lead the clans on their journey) like. tigerheart, a newer and less experienced character, was chosen over her.
  • female deaths in the series are always more violent & are used to anguish the male characters. feathertail literally dies from a huge fall to further her brother & crowpaw’s pain. silverstream dies during childbirth for no good reason even though she was perfectly healthy beforehand. honeyfern dies from a snake bite in a very brutal and agonizing death, bluestar drowns, hollyleaf bleeds out, bright stream is carried off by hawks while pregnant, storm is crushed under a falling house… you see where i’m going with this??

these are just a few reasons but. im so tired of people jus neglecting the fact that wc does some extremely fucked up shit w/ their female characters. it has a LOT of misogyny, get over it.

EXO Reaction to their girlfriend trembling during sex

Anon Requested:  Could you do an EXO reaction to the bts trembling one 😅

Lmao of course! I hope you like this one, sorry for the wait :) also VERY NSFW AND I APOLOGIZE FOR THE CHEN GIF I HAD TO USE IT

Sehun: Seeing you tremble from underneath him made him so cocky. You weren’t much for talking or making much noise when you and Sehun were having sec but this was much more than just sex, you began to moan loudly and you just couldn’t stop yourself from making the sounds that you were. He was fucking the soul right out of you and you couldn’t stop from the intense orgasm he was giving you. Your body shook from under him but he wasn’t stopping any time soon.

Jongin: You cursed out another profanity as Jongin brought you back down on his cock. Even though you were on top, he was in control. He’s always in control and that just made this more and more enjoyable for you as well as him. He had been so rough with you to the point where your legs just gave out and you were now laying against his chest, he didn’t stop just because you were tired. He continued to thrust up in you, the feeling of him in you was just too much because you were cumming once again. Your body slightly trembled and Jongin only got more aroused from that. His arms wrapped around your waist and started to pound you senseless as you shook in his arms screaming out in pleasure.

Kyungsoo: The second you started to shake Kyungsoo was intrigued, he kept his pace with you and brought his hand to your clit beginning to rub it in a circular motion, moans would escape from your lips and he’d only speed up both his fingers and his thrusts which had you shake even more. Kyungsoo wasn’t disappointed with what he was seeing.

Chanyeol: He always loved to hear you, you weren’t afraid of making noises from underneath him, but what you didn’t expect to do let aloe control was your legs shaking while you had your second orgasm of the night. Chanyeol knew what that was and it only gave him more motivation to fuck you, you were tightening around him as he fucked you through your second orgasm but as he brought you all the way to your third you couldn’t stop the shaking of your whole body. Your legs wrapped around him pulling him down to you as you both came together breathless.

Jongdae: “Jongdae!” You screamed out, you tried closing your legs but his arms quickly hooked from under you keeping them spread apart as he continued to eat you out even through your orgasm. He always said foreplay was the most important part but as of now you didn’t think it was ever going to stop. You were out of breath and tried to push his head away but your hand just fell limp on your stomach, you were too fucked out just by his tongue to fight against him. Your fourth orgasm was coming up and before you knew it you were trembling just from his tongue.

Baekhyun: You were shaking just from the pure pleasure of him pounding you roughly from behind. His hands gripping your wrists and the occasional slap on your ass making you squeal. He thrusted up harder making you lose the ability to even speak, he did it again and again and again until you were gripping the sheets from under you and dropping your head as you shook with him still fucking you roughly.

Junmyeon: He smirked up at you as he saw you shake against the wall. “That’s it baby, show daddy how well he fucks you.” He spoke lowly into your ear. A moan immediately came out which was loud and dull of need. He continued to fuck you against the wall, the loud thumping of your body being heard all throughout the room let alone the dorm where all the other members were at currently. You clenched down on him muttering a “Please..” showing him just how badly you wanted to cum again. He didn’t let you and fucked you until you were screaming his name.

Yixing: Yixing had a lot of stamina, you knew this , he knew this, practically everyone knew this since he was never tired during practice, but tonight he was just relentless towards you. He pulled out while you pushed his chest away, you just couldn’t take it anymore, you were sore and you couldn’t count the number of times you came. The second you were empty your body twitched and then you started to shake. Yixing couldn’t help but chuckle at how he got you.

Minseok: You weren’t known by Minseok to make a lot of noise during sex, but the second you made just a small little moan he wouldn’t stop. He wanted to hear more and more and wouldn’t stop until he did. He had you moaning and begging for him to fuck you faster and harder and a wide smile appeared on his face when he heard the banging on his door of the other members to shut you up but it grew even more when he felt you shake from underneath him trying to bite back a moan threatening to come out again.

Pro revenge from a revenge pro.

(long story. TL;DR at the end)

If you think about it cynically, one of the functions of the police is to provide a sort of society-wide revenge service. Unfortunately for this sub, it’s usually kind of boring. When cops do take exceptional revenge, it’s usually unfortunate and icky, like a dirty beating in the no-camera areas of the copshop, or giving someone the silent-patrolman treatment during transport. Fortunately, most cop revenge isn’t dramatic - it’s procedural. You misbehave, we do the paperwork, and eventually some consequences happen, or not.

Sometimes, however, you get a chance to take a bit of vengeance that is (i hope) the very definition of professional.

For a time, I was a small-town Canadian cop, working in $hicksville, $province. Several years before I came to work in the town, there was an event which entered town legend (and made national news - the funny little throwaway story they go to just before the end of the broadcast). Some kids committed an act of spectacular and iconic vandalism, and cost the town quite a bit of money. They were all caught, tried and sentenced to probation terms with restitution. I would love to provide details, but anything more would be immediately identifying.

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Experiment #3 - Request

Requested by anon:  okay okay experiment part two is making me want to SIN SO BAD, so I’ve got request! Sherlock is investigating a case about sex workers who ended up dying, but instead of them being tied up and tortured for the murderers fun, it’s because the murderer is just hella kinky and kills his victims after. Sherlock can’t wrap his mind around kinks and asks his assistant (Y/N) to help show him???? If that makes sense??????

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 2,424

Warnings: Smut (Bondage, unprotected, rough)

A/N: Not only is this for Sequel Friday but also because I believe we all need a smutty week-ending. ;)


Originally posted by lovepotterwholockuniverse

| Experiment #1 | Experiment #2 |

Sherlock was at his seat, with his blue eyes glued to his phone. (Y/N) was sitting at the victim’s chair, with her laptop on and doing some research. John was at his seat, staring awkwardly at the two of them.

“So…” John spoke, “You’re fine?”

“Yes.” Sherlock and (Y/N) replied in unison.

“No tension or anything?” John continued.

“Nope.” (Y/N) popped the last syllable.

“Oh, that’s great.” John nodded.

“I don’t get why the killer would tie them.” Sherlock complained, “He had them right there, why would he tie them? Did they try to run away?”

(Y/N) giggled and Sherlock snapped his head to look at her. With a cocked eyebrow, he silently asked her for an explanation.

“You really don’t know what fetishes are, do you?” She inquired playfully.

“It’s a sexual fixation… What does this have to do with the killer?” Sherlock fumed.

“The killer is a kinky bastard.” Watson stated and (Y/N) nodded in agreement.

“It doesn’t make any sense!” Sherlock roared, dropping his phone to the coffee table and throwing his hand up.

“It also didn’t make any sense to you that someone could be aroused by…”

“SHUT UP!” Sherlock commanded and stormed to his room without allowing neither (Y/N) or John to argue back.

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Being with Sirius after having a nightmare would include

You’d be acquaintances at the most

You’re friends with Lily so you see him occationally with her shadow James

You’ve been having nightmares constantly for weeks

You wake up one night uncontrollably bawling

Embarrassed, you leave the dorm not to wake the others

Your cries settle to sniffles

Dragging a blanket with you across the Gryffindor common room to the sofa

You cucoon yourself in the blanket and curl up against the red velvet

The glow of the fire mixed with the reds and golds of the room settles you

“ Couldn’t sleep? ”

“ Jesus Christ ”

“ No just Sirius ”

He was sat in almost the exact same position just on the single sofa

It was odd seeing the playboy with a blanket draped over him exposing only his face

He looked like an egg

You smiled lightly at him

“ Bad dream? ”

You hummed in agreement as you were reminded of the horrors

“ Me too ”

He seemed sad

He had now let the blanket drape around his shoulders

You realised he was shirtless

“ What were yours about? ”

“ If I told you you’d be horrified ”

“ Try me Black ”

He went into detail about how he dreamt his mother used the imperius cruse to make him kill James

You told him about your repeat dream of Voldemort forcing you to watch as he killed eveyone you loved

“ We’re so fucked ” he laughed

You didn’t respond

You’d been sat for over an hour now but had slid down from the sofas to be sat next to each other on the floor

You talked about your plans after Hogwarts

You suggested you’d probably both be dead before the end of seventh year

“ Every time I close my eyes I see him pulling up my hair to make me look at him ”

“ Can I be honest? ”

You responded with a strange mix of humming and saying yes

“ I’m terrified ”

Sirius Black terrified? You stared at him

“ I’m terrified of what my family is planning with me. I haven’t been the best rep of a pure blood family as of resent ”

Without thinking you brushed your hand against his

Originally posted by loveviral

He retracted it slightly before he settled

You hands sat on top of each others

Not holding hands but not alone

You watched the fire slowly burn out

You could feel his stare

You’d barely ever spoken to him and now you were practically holding hands in front of a fire talking about your feelings

“ This sounds forward but it helps if you sleep with someone else ”

He gave you a suggested look causing you to slap his wrist

“ You know what I mean ”

If the fire wasn’t there you would have noticed his blush but the shadows of him bowing his head and the fire blurred his redness

“ I-er-yeah okay ”

Before your mind could react your body had pulled you both up

You held his pinky in yours as you lead him upstairs

Originally posted by couplenotes

It was 100% akward from here

You slid into bed and pulled him in with you causing him to fall ontop of you

Shirtless Sirius blushing

You both lay next to each other

“ Erm do you want to cuddle? ”

Merlims beard you knew how to make it akward

But he laughed slightly easing the tension

“ Yeah I’ll-em put my arm around you like-er-this ”

You were silent for a moment

“ Is this okay? ”

Originally posted by sensualkisses

You didn’t speak just nodded, too afraid you’d squeal strangely

You assumed he was asleep at his lack of movement

You moved your hand to lock with his

He squeezed your hand

“ Thank you Y/N ”

Your heart freaking melted at his genuine graditude

His breathing settled as he fell into a slumber

You followed swiftly

It was the best night sleep you’d had since the summer

Game’s on!

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: Klaus gets super jealous over you and you decide to punish, in a very hot way, him for almost murdering your best friend Stefan.


*smut, so read carefully

Word Count: 1577

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a slap on the wrist

based on: when ur a gay and u say “thats gay” and a straight™ comes along and starts to lecture u on how offensive it is and then you hit them with that “im gay” so imagine that situation but with dex and shitty 
because the author of the above said to me “WRITE THE GAY FIC” and i thought that was a wonderful idea.

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The Chambermaid(libertine!harry)

So the original idea of this was sort of itching in my head for years, but never found the proper muse until good old Harry so I present you with this lovely piece of work. If you watched the film Quills and The Libertine, or have read up on Marquis De Sade and The Earl of Rochester I think you will like this one!

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Safe (Jon x Reader)

“Imagine being Ramsay’s prisoner in Winterfell and waiting to be rescued by Jon.”

Requested by @iknowyouwuvme: “Jon x Reader where he’s really protective of the reader and he finds out that she was raped by Ramsay and Jon kills him.”

Warnings: Spoliers from season 6 of Game of Thrones, implied rape, violence, murder, Ramsay being Ramsay.

You’d been the prisoner of the Bolton Bastard for what felt like forever. He was a cruel monster that never failed to surprise you with new torture methods, mental and physical. He’d raped you, beat you, and over the past month, even flayed you. Your only solace was when you allowed your thoughts to drift back to Jon. The only man you’d ever loved, the man you were taken from and brought here.

You stood in the room you’d been locked in, your eyes focused on the battle taking place outside Winterfell. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you watched. Dread filled you, Ramsay had promised to bring Jon back, alive, to Winterfell just so he could force you to watch him kill him in front of you or kill you in front of Jon. It would depend on his mood. You stepped away from the window when you watched the wildings and other men who fought with Jon being overwhelmed in the fields.

You knew that Ramsay didn’t fight fair, he would lead Jon into a trap. Your eyes went wide as you thought about the possibility of never having Jon hold you in his arms again. How did things become like this?

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criminallynerdy  asked:

Let people criticize SU, dude. Not everyone's going to think the show is perfect the way it is and that's ok.

Okaaay, I never said for people to stop criticizing it?

I said people should stop holding it to ridiculously high standards for a cartoon, and treating every problem with it like the creators are making them to personally antagonize the fandom and thus treating them like the devil incarnate. And maybe realize that the lessons the show is trying to teach aren’t as deep as they like to pretend they are?

The show has always had problems, and yet a majority of the fandom acts like every single issue is the most outrageously horrible thing to be done, when so many other cartoons have made the same mistakes in the past and never gotten as much flack as SU does from it’s fans.

The whole problem is that so many people expect the show to be perfect. And are constantly outraged when it fails to meet those frankly very stupid standards.

Basically I was just saying, give SU a break.

random [class 1a] hcs #5
  • Aoyama Yuuga just recently broke his personal record at the gym. He can now bench press 9 lbs.
  • Ashido Mina’s least favorite word is musty. It reminds her of a girl from her middle school whose foundation/concealer always looked funky and stale. 
  • Asui Tsuyu believes robots are a danger to humanity.
  • Iida Tenya was once dared by Kaminari Denki to discreetly look through Mineta’s cellphone search history. He expected to be disgusted by what he saw, but was left feeling genuinely intrigued. He kept what he saw to himself.
  • Uraraka Ochako once fell asleep with a face mask on and woke up with her face looking more red and patchy than a ginger with a beard. School the next day was not enjoyable.
  • Ojiro Mashirao will leave empty containers in the dorm pantry and fridge because he is a savage.
  • Kaminari Denki ranked his female classmates based on their face and personalities. The paper fell out of his bag accidentally as he was leaving the classroom at the end of the day. Needless to say, this caused a huge debacle when Ashido Mina was the first to see it. Eventually, the girls ganged up on Kaminari to question him, but he managed to weasel his way out by saying that Mineta was the one who wrote it.
  • Kirishima Eijiro thinks The Onion is a real, legitimate news source.
  • Kouda Kouji has a club penguin account. 
  • Satou Rikidou plans on being a certified Zumba instructor - in addition to being a pro hero when he graduates from U.A..
  • Shouji Mezou is into extreme couponing. He will not spend a dime on something he does not need.
  • Jirou Kyouka knew Kaminari was the one who wrote the list, but kept quiet about it because he ranked her as #1. 
  • Sero Hanta once got so drunk he drove a lawn mower through the city to get some air.
  • Tokoyami Fumikage lowkey looks down on people who own selfie sticks and use them in public.
  • Todoroki Shouto gets emails every morning from Urban Dictionary’s Word of the Day. Todoroki felt a familiar buzz in his pocket as he left for class. He flipped his phone open and read the screen. “Unload the Groceries: a deceptive way of saying you are taking a shit,” he read silently. He hummed, his face expressionless as he did so. “Clever,” he murmured, and continued on his way.
  • Hagakure Tooru secretly enjoys the smell of sharpies.
  • Bakugou Katsuki is tired of his classmates eating the food he makes. So now, whenever he has leftovers, he puts a note on the container, writing something like “Don’t you fucking dare!” or “I’ll rip your fucking face off if you eat my shit!”
  • Midoriya Izuku is a strong believer of pineapple on pizza, and will fight for it as needed.
  • Mineta Minoru once pissed in public and was almost charged with public indecency. He got let off with a slap on the wrist because the police thought he was a child.
  • Yaoyorozu Momo has all seven seasons of True Blood in HD, and has re-watched the show four times.

“Unload the groceries” is a real thing on urban dictionary. Check it out.