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word count: 1,739


includes: wonwoo and mingyu prepare themselves as well as their daughter for her first day of school. 

@purplelucia suggested this 2 me lov u but hope u ch**e cause guess what i’m a puddle now n i’m suffering from meanie. ALSO QUICK NOTE, D/N STANDS FOR DAUGHTER’S NAME BC I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO NAME HER SO THAT’S UP TO YALL. 

Out of the two, Wonwoo was always the first to wake up. His charcoal strands would twist and curl in different directions, letting his hair share appearance with a bird’s nest. The bare soles of his feet would sink into the carpet as he carefully tucked back the heavy curtains, weak lemon lighting pooling between the gaps and grazing the honey skin of Kim Mingyu.

He liked to sleep on his stomach, with his arms slipped underneath the cool linen pillows. Throughout the night the blankets were destined to be rumpled about and yanked in this direction, that direction. Either way, Wonwoo would always rouse from a cloaking slumber with the view of the blankets strewn from Mingyu’s back, allowing the lighting to gather tenuously along his muscles.

There was something about the manner each ray crossed his skin, how when he shifted in the slightest because somehow the room had grown a little brighter, the lighting would flicker on his lithe back like sunlight glimmering through water. Wonwoo would card his messy bedhead back and sigh, usually allowing him to sleep for just a moment longer. However, today was a different occasion, much different.

“Mingyu,” Wonwoo uttered smoothly while walking around to his side of the bed, a gentle palm cascading down the younger’s perfectly dipped spine, “It’s time to wake up early for once, it’s D/N’s first day of school remember?”

Mingyu groaned, his cheek only pressing further into the pillow as Wonwoo patted the base of his spine. “Wake up.” The elder lilted a little louder, giving the caramel haired boy another chance to stifle his dreaming. A few floppy strands of charcoal fell over Wonwoo’s eyes as he leaned down further, until he could view how Mingyu’s fanned lashes fluttered.

He looks so pretty, Wonwoo thought, though he would rather get his palms slapped with a ruler than admit it so suddenly, to flare Mingyu’s ego so early in the morning.

“Babe,” Wonwoo lowered his voice, using his fingers to tap under Mingyu’s chin. The younger finally opened his cloudy eyes, lips pinching into a smirk at the endearment Wonwoo hardly used.

“Yes gorgeou-“

And then his snide reply was being whittled to a whine as Wonwoo glided his fingers to Mingyu’s golden cheek, giving it a slight slap.

“Wakey wakey, eggs and get off your ass.” The elder gleamed with a smile so incredibly fake.  

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you and darry fight - imagine

requested by @kaitiez464 (heya, thanks for requesting! hope u enjoy reading it!)
warnings: cussing

Living with Darry and the two boys wasn’t as easy as you originally thought it was, but you knew that the trouble was worth it. He had sacrificed so much to take care of Pony and Soda, it was only right for someone to look after Darry. So after what must’ve been a year that you and Darry had been together, you had moved in to help Darry out. And you became the person who cooked, who cleaned and who made sure Darry, Soda and Pony were alright. Sure, sometimes it was a bit difficult taking care of three other people than yourself, but you loved Darry, and you knew that his family meant the world to him.

It had been about 5 months into living with the boys and you had a pretty solid routine. You normally woke up before everyone else to start breakfast and to wake the boys up when it was time. Then, when they were gone, you’d make sure to clean up the house a little and start cooking dinner as it crept into the evening. But it was a hectic Winter wednesday that, for some reason, you had woken up extremely late - Darry, Soda and Pony were supposed to be leaving at that time.

You gently woke the boys in a hurry, so as not to scare them awake, before attempting to crack a few eggs and slap slices of bacon on a hot pan in the kitchen. Before you knew it, the house was bustling with the boys hurrying back and forth between rooms to get ready. Of course, Pony ended up hollering through the shower curtain to get Soda out the shower while Darry was stuck searching for a boot. Between the loud huffs and heavy footsteps, you can tell that Darry had woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

“Y/N? Have you seen my other boot? I coulda sworn I left it right here yesterday,” Darry calls from the living room.

“Sorry, Darry, I haven’t. Check by the armchair maybe?” You offered, concentrated on cooking without burning yourself.

“Y/N, couldja tell Soda to get out the shower already? He’s gonna take up all the hot water!” Pony complained from the steamy bathroom as you attempted to pick up the last slices of bacon from the loud and sizzling pan and onto a plate.

"Yeah, well, get me a towel and maybe I’ll consider gettin’ out!” Soda called from behind the shower curtain, just as annoyed as Pony.

"Well, why didn’t you take one in there before you got in the shower?” Pony asked Soda while walking back to his room.

"Just get your brother a towel, for the love of god!” You yell from the kitchen, spilling a bit of hot oil on your arm instantly inducing a horrid sting. You curse under your breath and involuntarily drop the plate you were holding. It shattered at your feet quite loudly but you barely noticed it due to the stinging, throbbing welt on your arm.

"Y/N, do we got anymore toothpaste tubes? I can’t squeeze any more toothpaste outta this one.” Pony asked you in the kitchen, as you swept up the broken plate shards by your feet.

"Check the bathroom cabinet, Pone. It’s where it always is. Did ya get Soda his towel?”

"No, he hasn’t brought me jack! Couldja bring me one, Y/N?”

Pony rolls his eyes. “I still can’t find the toothpaste. You sure it’s in that cabinet, Y/N?”

"For cryin’ out loud! What does a man gotta do to find a damn boot around here? Y/N, anywhere else I could check?”

You thought your head was going to explode. You must’ve heard your name a million times after that. “Guys! I don’t have the answer to every question under the sun and it’s gettin’ real hard to answer to three people at once asking me this and that while cooking and cleaning up!” You managed to yell, causing a hush to fall over the house. Until a decaffeinated Darry butt in.

"Oh, you think you got it bad? Ha! I’d like to see you try an’ spend a day or two in my shoes… one of which I can’t even seem to find, apparently,” Darry seemed to scoff at you, and boy, that made your blood boil.

"Alright, look, I’m here to help you out ‘cause I love you boys. Y'know, I don’t want you to struggle Darry, but I don’t fucking intend on being this house’s doormat,” you shot back angrily. But Darry didn’t hesitate to yell back.

"Well, these ain’t your damn brothers! Oh, no one asked you to come live here! We were just fine without ya! If anything, you’re just another mouth to feed.”

It was something you had never heard Darry say before, in a tone you only ever heard used when scolding Pony or Soda. Had he really wanted you to leave? You stomped from the kitchen to the living room and out the door to sit on the porch before any more yelling could go on.

"C’mon, Darry, don’t go hollerin’ at her like that. She’s been doin’ the best she c-” Pony attempted to intervene, probably to keep things from escalating any further. But like poking a grizzly bear, Darry only continued to keep yelling.

"Shut your trap, Pony. Ain’t nobody asking you!” Darry scolded Pony.

"Well then I hope you’re okay with her leavin’ you because that’s what’s gonna happen when you keep on like this,” Soda said, walking by Darry, a towel wrapped around him. And it seemed that once Soda put that thought into his head - the idea of you leaving Darry for good - it put Darry back into place. He couldn’t lose you. He loved you.

He walked out onto the porch to sit next to you. But you really didn’t wanna hear anything he had to say, until he actually began to speak.

"Oh god, Y/N. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean a thing I said, ya hear? I was just all riled up an- y'know just don’t go blamin’ yourself for anything. These are my responsibilities that you’re taking on and I should just be more grateful, Y/N,” Darry said, putting a hand on your shoulder. “You know I love you.”

"Darry, I love you, too. And I love Soda and Pony. And you probably just need your coffee, but, yeah, this morning’s been kinda rough on all of us. Just a little patience, okay?” You huff out, a bit tired from the noise of yelling.

"Just a little patience,” Darry nodded, moving his hand to your back and his lips to your cheek.


Yet another,, Avirre’thel species info dump thing. I wanted to do a shorter (it turned out to be just as long as the others, whoops) one just about their common food/diet, since I may try to start making these mostly shorter and just one topic (though I don’t think I have much left to cover anyway, since I think I’m almost through with most Important Background Establishing Info and etc.).

Though I do also go into what an average kitchen is like and some other more random vaguely food related things, it’s primarily just, about the types of things they eat. Also lol, if you’re interested in their language, when mentioning some of the names of these foods/plants/animals etc. I sometimes go into a little detail on what their names break down into (if they’re combinations of any other words) and why they’re named the way they are and etc., so kind of just by accident (aka me getting distracted rambling more than intended) there seems to be like,, an additional bit of avirrekava (the language name) talk included in here lol

The previous informational posts are-  here (link to basic outline of species), here (link to info about the land they live on) 
.. as usual info is under the read more !

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Hayes Grier - Muffins

Request:  Could you do a Hayes imagine where you guys are dating and it’s just really cute and everything thank you!!

“Hayes, if you keep eating all the ingredients, we can’t make those muffins” I scolded him while he was eating the chocolate I bought for the muffins.

“I’m sorry baby, but you left it there, it was an open invitation!”

“I just put them on the counter, Hayes” I rolled my eyes putting the bowl on the counter.

“Okay, sorry. So, what’s first?” He clapped his hands and then waited for my order like a little child.

It was summer and luckily Hayes was home, so we could spent a lot of time together. We had been living in a kinda long distance relationship since he travelled a lot with Nash and the other boys, but he promised me he would stay at home to be with me this summer.

We were chilling at his place when he started to whine that he wants muffins, so we ended up at the store buying everything we needed and here we were, ready to bake.

“Can you get some eggs please?” I asked him.

“Eggs, bacon, grits, SAUSAGE!” he started to rap for like the fifteenth time that day. He had a damn song for every situation, I swear.

“No, not again, Hayes!” I begged him. He didn’t continue it luckily.

“There you go baby, the eggs!” He put the box down with the eggs in it and just watched what I was doing.

“Can you give me a spoon?”

“A spoon for my princess!” he announced and took one from the drawer.

“Thank you.”

“Can I do something?” he asked with hands behind his back, like a good little kid.

“Sure. Measure some flour, check how much we need, the recipe is on the table.

He unwrap the flour, while I was measuring the milk, I wasn’t paying attention what he was doing, I just noticed that he was oddly silent.

I turned to check out what he was up to, but then I was attacked. A handful of flour landed right in my face, which was followed by Hayes’s laughter.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked wiping the flour out of my face.

“You look a little pale, baby, are you okay?” he asked still enjoying his little prank. But two can play this game. I grabbed an egg when he wasn’t listening and stepped closer to him.

“Alright, come and give me a kiss baby” I said innocently. He grinned down at me not knowing what was coming next.

When our lips was about to meet I slapped his head with the egg in my hand and it spread all over his hair and face.

He wiped out as mush as he could and looked at me with dark eyes.

“Now this is a war, baby girl, and you asked for it.” His voice was deep and sexy as hell.

“Me? You spread flour all over me, that’s not fait!” I protested starting to back, but I reached the counter so I didn’t have any space left. He started to step closer and closer with an evil smirk on his face.

“I don’t care, baby” he said and then spilled the milk all over me.

I started to run and grabbed some tomatoes and threw them at him.

“No, Hayes, stop!” I screamed as he grabbed my hips and tried to drag me closer to the counter so he could reach something to pour on me.

“You need to be punished, you can’t get me all dirty and then get away with it!” he laughed while I was trying to escape him.

“No! Let me go!” I screamed and grabbed another egg and slapped it onto his legs.

A second later he slipped on the milk on the floor and both of us ended up on the floor with all the ingredients on us.

“I hate you Hayes!” I yelled but I was laughing just as much as he was.

“No you don’t, you love me” he said leaning closer kissing my lips. He tasted like raw eggs and milk, it was disgusting, but I didn’t complain.

“Now we can’t make those damn muffins, are you happy?” I asked smiling with my lips still touching his.

“I don’t want muffins anymore. Let’s order pizza” he grinned at me pecking me on the lips and then he got up and helped me to stand up.

“Okay, but we need to clean this mess up.”

“Alright, baby, but first, what if we had a quick shower together?” He hugged me from behind and started to kiss down my neck.

“If we shower together we will never clean this up” I sighed but I enjoyed so much what he was doing.

“Don’t worry about it, baby, we will deal with it later.” And with that, he picked me up in his arms and went straight to the bathroom.

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have you seen the bro slap dance easter egg for roadhog and junkrat? Wish they would have made something similar for the bastion and orisa dance emotes (*´∀`)

I have! Ahhh, wish blizz could add some kind of easter egg for Bastion and Orisa. Something subtle like in Roadhog’s Christmas skin, you can see on his scrap gun, you can read “From: Junkrat” on it. ;-;

High noon (Teen Sam Drake x Reader)

Note: Uh oh, I’ve written some more garbage.

“I swear to god, if you throw that at me, you’re a dead man, Morgan!” You scream, pointing your finger at Samuel Morgan from the other side of the street. It was 3:30 on a Thursday afternoon and everyone was leaving the school gates. As you’d made your way out of the building, you’d noticed Sam an his friends hurling eggs at each other. One of his fiends ran into the school gate and bumped into you, causing you to stumble backwards a little.
Upon noticing you, Sam had drawn back his arm and was now threatening to launch one at you.
“What’re you gonna do to stop me?” Sam challenges.
A crowd forms either side of you, making sure not to get caught in the crossfire. You’re now in a showdown.
“Don’t do it.” You warn. “I swear to god, if you do it…”
He draws his arm back further with a smirk. There’s a moment of silence and you know damn well he’s going to throw the egg. You make a run for the boy who’d bumped into you and grab the box of eggs out of his hands as Sam lobs the egg at you with force. It hits you in the shoulder and the crowd gasps.
By this point, you’ve already established a firm grip on an egg and you instantly return fire.
“You dick!” You yell.
“Ahh!” Sam exclaims as an egg hits him in the ear. The crowd disperses as the two of you continue to dodge the others projectiles, ducking behind benches and trees for cover.
“Alright! Alright!” Sam shouts from behind a dumpster. “I surrender! I’m outta eggs.” He emerges with his hands in the air, panting heavily with a smile on his face. You look down at your own box; one egg left.
You head towards Sam. The both of you are dripping in goo and breathing heavily. Sam adjusts his backpack.
“You’re a pretty good shot, for a girl.” He teases, picking a piece of shell out of his hair.
“Not so bad yourself. I didn’t know Nuns taught target practice. What’re you doin’ here, anyway?” You ask.
Sam begins walking and you join his side.
“Well, y'know… I was in the area…”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah. I get around, y'know?”
“So it has nothing to do with the fact that I go to school here?”
“Uh… No?”
You let out a giggle, along with a small snort.
“Mother of god, that was adorable.” Sam states.
“Shut up.”
You slap his arm.
“What? It was super cute!” He teases. “It was like a lil’ baby puppy tryin’ to growl, it was - wait… What’re doin’ with that egg? I was just-”
You slap the egg down on top of his head, cutting him off. He scrunches his face as the egg yolk runs down it and dips onto his shirt.
“I said shut up.” You say, planting a kiss on his lips. His gently places his hands on your waist and you hold onto the collar of his jacket. After a few seconds, you pull away from the kiss and open your eyes, revealing a rather surprised-looking Sam with a huge grin on his face. You wipe the yolk away from his forehead and flick it onto the pavement.
“You look disgusting.” You say.
“You too.” Sam smiles.

A pile of cooked eggs always is a tasty meal to make
It literally takes no skill just slap an egg into the stove and there u go dinner

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can i get my eggs poached ?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

❛——two eggs were kissing on a bed when the female egg said, “i have to go change. i’ll be back in a minute.” five minutes later, the the female egg walked out in a slinky ‘egg'lige, rubbing her hands up and down her smooth, oval-shaped body. instantly, the male egg slapped his hands on the top of his head, covering it completely. "what are you doing?,” the female egg asked. he replied, “the last time i was this hard, someone cracked me on the head with a spoon."❜