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I’m just so mad that I spent time worshiping these writers because I thought they were extremely intelligent and creating a truly groundbreaking story when in reality they come up with names for episodes last minute and throw in slap dash references to other episodes in the hope that it will somehow all fit together and make sense. This isn’t even in regards to Johnlock specifically this is just about narrative structure in general.

While playing Pokemon as a kid I always put a lot of thought into naming every Pokemon I caught, which was fun because I ended up with whole teams named after my favorite characters etc– although I now realize that I was majorly missing out on the simple pleasure of naming them slap-dash stuff like Tortilla and Mailbox and just laughin’ about it cause good god that’s so dumb like lmao yeah don’t mind me I’mma just go kick some butt with my Cutiefly named Knees

Asriel Dreemurr (Voice Test)
Austin Lee Matthews
Asriel Dreemurr (Voice Test)


I had the urge to record some “for fun” voice over the other day, and well… THIS WAS VERY FUN UNTIL IT GOT SAD. But. Well. HERE IT IS! I recorded all of the Asriel Dreemurr dialogue from the True Pacifist final boss. The editing around the voice over is kind of slap-dash, because the focus was on the voice and not the mixing this time. BUT I DID DO SOME EDITING WITH MUSIC AND SOME SOUNDS HERE AND THERE.

(PS Had to lower the quality of the export a bit because Tumblr’s size restrictions.)

Music used:
Hopes and Dreams - Toby Fox
Burn in Despair - Toby Fox
It’s the End - Austin Lee Matthews (an arrangement of His Theme and Undertale)
Memory - Toby Fox
Reunited - GENTLE LOVE

MAMAMOO Reacting to You Slapping Their Ass

Prompt: “Hello! Could you do Mamamoo reactions to you slapping their ass at random times? Thank you!!”

Solar: Solar would always try to keep her guard up, keeping a close eye on you. It never worked though because the moment her guard was down and she was distracted, your hand would sure enough come down on her ass, causing her to let out a surprised yelp. She would turn to glare at you playfully and lightly shove you. “Y/N!”

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Moonbyul: Being the more conservative one, she would politely ask you to not do it in public. This, however, only increased the rate of it happening at home. When you quickly slapped her ass and dashed away, she would call your name. Her cheeks would be flushed as she tried to think of a way to get back at you

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Wheein: Wheein would think of it as a game. If you slapped her ass randomly, she’d want to do that same, but harder. When you slapped your ass, she would look at you, smiling, but would be planning for the right time to place an even harder slap on yours. As soon as you thought you won the war between the two of you, you would feel her hand come down with a loud smacking noise.

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Hwasa: Hwasa would actually love when you randomly slapped her ass. She would attempt to tease you just to get you to do it, bending over at random times. When you did it, she would feign surprise and playfully slap your shoulder. “Y/N! You can’t do that here,” she’d say, but you could sense how fake it was. It only made you want to do it more frequently.

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I want take a moment to point out how cute Sano is being right here:

Sano plans on going to Kyoto with Kenshin and Kaoru each year to visit Tomoe’s grave.

Let that sink in. Sano, beloved brother, has every intention of continuing to be an active part of their lives. Not knowing what’s coming with the police, he’s still making family plans. He’s going to Kyoto with them. He’s going to offer slap-dash Sano prayers at Tomoe’s grave.

That is so incredibly cute.

Petyr Baelish as an Anti-Semitic portrait

First things first:

There’s only so much of an “anti-semitic portrait” that Petyr Baelish can be.  For one thing, he’s not actually Jewish.  There is no equivalent of Judaism, or of a Jewish people in A Song of Ice and Fire.  Which means that, off the bat, I’m drawing some equivalencies based on social coding alone, and based on stereotypes that are often found in literature (and other forms of media) throughout history.  I will thus be dealing mostly with secular portrayals.  A lot of these secular portrayals–in real world media–are heavily rooted in the religio-cultural, which is important to bear in mind for the larger discussion of these tropes within media, even if they aren’t wholly applicable to A Song of Ice and Fire.

Secondly, because I’m lazy and also couldn’t find anything better summation quotes to work with, I’m going off wikipedia (accessed for the purposes of this thing, on June 22, 2015).  I’m sure that there are way better discussions of antisemitism in literature out there; I’ve read some.  I just can’t remember where and can’t locate them.

Points covered:

  • Appearance
  • Money and power
  • The “Jewish Lawyer” stereotype
  • Some other things

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okay but star wars txf au
  • scully is a very tiny very angry smuggler & Against All Her Forces Of Logic And Self-Preservation she winds up on an imperial ship as part of a slap-dash mission 2 save one of the rebel leaders who just happens to be ………………………………………………………
  • ………………… fox mulder. listen fox mulder is an idiot space rebel name okay. perfect.
  • imagine her trying to break him out & he just goes “sorry, nobody down here but the empire’s most unwanted.”
  • “hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” can’t believe this is an actual dana scully quote
  • “kid, I’ve flown from one side of this galaxy to the other, and I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff, but I’ve never seen anything to make me believe that there’s one all-powerful Force controlling everything. ‘cause no mystical energy field controls my destiny. it’s all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense.” THIS TOO I MEAN FRANKLY WHAT IS THIS TRIED & TRADEMARKED DANA SCULLY???????
  • The Trash Compactor Scene
  • anyway he’s a pain in the ass & she really really really doesn’t want to like him what she wants to do is get in her ship & zoom off BUT ALAS SHE CAN’T LEAVE THE SPACE IDEALIST she tells herself its bc he’ll get himself killed but really ……….. she loves him……. whoops

glitteraisin  asked:

Although you can't hear them properly it's always amazing to see new content you have never seen before, and in this case something I have never heard! Thank you so much for sharing that video 💕

You’re very welcome. It was my pleasure to share the find. 😊
And hey, while we may not be able to hear them properly at least we have proof that more audio exists in the Morning Ritual video. I’d also wager there is likely more video scene interplay between Dylan and Nate in the car too. You can tell by the way the clip jumps about slap dash that other part of it got hacked out that the authorities probably decided wasn’t meant for public consumption. Perhaps Nate and Dylan were talking about personal stuff or specific people while driving to school. The resulting edited clip was what the media was given to show the public for news programs. Still, the little segment of them talking more than we previously thought they did is low-key exciting.

Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet to figure out what something means, and it can take an hour or more of referencing, cross referencing, and then sorting through different possible meanings or variations, until at the end I find the info I wanted, but am worn out and tired as a result.

In this case the dog we’re getting had kanji that roughly translated to ‘preserved day.’ I tracked down the breeder with some effort, then researched the roots of all the kanji involved, then cross referenced those kanji with other dogs, pedigrees, and breeders. Eventually I determined that the ‘Preserved Day’ kanji were effectively a kind of shorthand to say the name of a Japanese Historical Dog Preservation Society.

This is not immediately evident, and actually required I root out the individual kanji on their own, slap dashed together in a personal web blog by a guy who breeds tiny shibas and was ruefully talking about how these different societies didn’t respect the tiny dog work he was doing.

Suffice to say I determined the likely parentage of the pup inadvertently (they’re very very pretty) as well as the pedigree through a society that was founded in 1928 as a way to show pride in the national heritage of unique Japanese dogs. The society was disbanded in 1943 when the government basically said ‘kill your dogs for the war effort’ but immediately reorganized itself and got reinstated in 1948. So our pup is recognized as representing the standard of what a sweet little Shiba is, with great grandparents who were also preservation society members. Very historic dog, much quality.

seriously tho why was zordon such a dick??

why was alpha 5 a super creepy alien?? 

why did every scene with them, and every fight scene for that matter, seem like it was written five minutes before they turned the cameras on??

why was the weakest part of the power rangers movie all the parts about the power rangers??? they got the ‘five teenagers with attitude’ down pat, but everything else was slap dash as hell

13th March 2017

I woke up 2 hours before my alarm went off because of a stupid dream, again. I woke Steve up at 0910 and we went down for breakfast. We had breakfast with Elizabeth from Barnet.
I’ve started making a group of friends here which is typical now that we’re leaving.

Work was fine - I was on bathrooms. It was a Monday morning so they weren’t particularly dirty. Most people were out at work and nobody showers before work.
I finished stupidly early again though, I reckon 3 hours is too much time for 9 bathrooms. Unless I’m just quick. (Slap dash more like).
I finished early and helped Dan with beds. I realised straight away that I didn’t enjoy doing beds. Climbing onto top bunks and trying to put a sheet on is really difficult. One bed is like a full body workout. I’d cry if I were put on beds for a full shift. I’d be knackered.

I finished work and it was time to shower properly and take off my tattoo sticker. The septic sticker had to be left on for two days, rather than cling film. This is the first time I get to see it properly. I was excited but scared as a few people said it will sting.

I got into the shower and peeled it off slowly. I ran it under hot soapy water and cleaned it. There wasn’t really any sting at all. I dapped it dry and looked at it for 10 minutes. I was in love!
Steve rubbed the tattoo cream in which was painful. It stung a little but the pressure of Steve’s fingers were hurting me. It’s like pushing down on a bruised cut.

We left the hostel to go for a walk. Our walk ended up being about 3 hours long.
Our first stop was in Woolloomooloo at Harry’s pie cart - the one we went to before. I had a pie with mushy peas, mash and gravy for $7 as did Steve. It turns out, loads of famous people have eaten there. Pamela Anderson, Chris Hemsworth, the America Pie cast etc!
We sat by the little harbour there and watched the water. We were by some rocks so we could see loads of crabs. The water was so see through you could see the rocks below and little fish. The sun was shining down onto the water so it looked so lovely.

We walked on past the Botanical Gardens, the State Library and through the CBD (Central Business District).
We eventually got to the Opera House. We walked through and went to the other side of the harbour to the bridge. We walked around the pillars on the fields and under the bridge. It made some weird noises, I thought it was going to fall. The size of the nuts and bolts holding the bridge down were unreal. Bigger than my head! I wonder how they screwed them on, what size Alan key would be needed for those!?

We tried to find the Pylon so we could climb up but the sky went grey and black stupidly quickly. Before we knew it, rain!
We rushed back to the harbour and walked inside a shopping centre to waste time. Steve bought a smoothie and I bought an Acai bowl.

We decided to head back because we were getting cold. The walk had tired us out too. My feet were absolutely killing. I can’t wear anything other than flipflops at the moment either because of my tattoo.

We got back and chilled in the room. I fell asleep on Steve and he kept trying to wake me up. He eventually asked if I was hungry which obviously did wake me up… Dinner time. Steve then tried to fall asleep so I was getting angry! You don’t wake me up and tell me ‘lets go get dinner’ to fall asleep yourself!
We went downstairs and I made sausages, rice and salad for dinner. Steve wanted to go to a restaurant for dinner but I had said no. He got the hump and went to dominoes instead. He’s a nightmare, I wish I could just knock him out sometimes.

My tattoo started to really hurt me and I wasn’t sure why. I wish I could take paracetamol for the pain. I’m such a whimp. We ate dinner with a group of friends and then decided to go to Empire for a pint after.

Empire is a 24/7 bar/pub/club that is literally opposite our hostel. It has different levels and rooms. It’s pretty cheap, too.
Elizabeth, Megan, Lucy, Paul, Steve and I went for one drink only. It lasted about an hour though.

Steve and I got back into our room about 2230. Steve asked to stay in my bed with me for a sleepover… He’s a wet blanket at heart. I said yes but I’m really regretting that right now. I’m stupidly uncomfortable and he has fallen asleep.
He did manage to turn over and cut his shoulder on the phone charger though. He told me it hurt, so I looked at it and somehow he actually managed to cut it and make it bleed. I laughed quite a bit.

My sister Karen is in labour right now so I should be waking up to a new nephew. I’m excited.