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The Signs As Day6 Things Pt. 2
  • Aries: Power dancing
  • Taurus: Wonpil's falsetto in It Would Have Been
  • Gemini: Jae and Wonpil bonding over dramas
  • Cancer: "neck slap you hella hard"
  • Leo: Dowoon trying to kill a mosquito and punching a hole in the ceiling
  • Virgo: Bandanna Brian
  • Libra: Dowoon trying to choose between pizza and chicken
  • Scorpio: Jae's reactions to Wonpil's aegyo
  • Sagittarius: Brian's trumpet noises
  • Capricorn: Frying pan badminton
  • Aquarius: That time Dowoon's whole Instagram was deleted and replaced with pictures of his cat
  • Pisces: Sungjin's bike
What do the signs do when they’re mad at you

Aries: shoots evil looks at you

Taurus: ignores the hell out of you

Gemini: slaps you

Cancer: cries but still tries to talk to you normally

Leo: thinks of ways to make it better between you

Virgo: is extra nice to you

Libra: tries to make you feel as bad as possible

Scorpio: talks crap about you

Sagittarius: laughs at you

Capricorn: makes comments about everything you do

Aquarius: same with Libra but they don’t care as much

Pisces: kills you in their head

Incoherent Insults for the Signs

Aries: Inbred Tuba
Taurus: Trashy Aardvark
Gemini: Hippy Cactus
Cancer: Arrhenius Worm
Leo: Gullible Mitten
Virgo: Vicious Cylinder
Libra: Waggish Twine
Scorpio: Lethal Dinghy
Sagittarius: Mute Bugle
Capricorn: Resolute Stain
Aquarius: Uneducated Wedge
Pisces: Sloppy Harp

The Signs When They're Angry
  • Aries: You only get angry for about 2 seconds. But when you calm down you realize that in those 2 seconds you turned into a tornado and destroyed everything in your path. People shouldn't mess with you because getting angry is a sport to you and you do it for fun.
  • Taurus: You're pretty relaxed. It takes way too much to get you to explode. But when you do, you'll probably go straight to strangling someone and not only cursing your enemy out, but you'll also talk down to anyone who's ever loved them.
  • Gemini: You're a ball of sunshine so whoever pisses you off must be really fucking annoying. You won't even have to touch them, you'll just slowly ruin their lives with your harsh and convincing words. You'll verbally shit inside your enemy's hearts and souls that way they will never be able to live on again.. And you'll make sure of that. Considering Gemini rules the hands, it takes a lot for you not to bitch slap people.
  • Cancer: You have two ways of getting angry. The first one is when you point out everything wrong with that person, and the second is when you're passive aggressive to the point of completely humiliating your enemy. When they least expect it, you have a habit of snapping back with your claws and getting violent.
  • Leo: When you're angry you'll scream and argue til everyone knows you're right. You'll make sure that the other person loses this whole fight no matter what it takes.
  • Virgo: You're sweet. Especially on the outside, you appear charming and beautiful, but on the inside you're full of rage, which makes you even scarier when you're angry. Because at any given moment you're waiting to dig an ax into your enemy's head.
  • Libra: You are really good at controlling your anger because it's all part of your Venusian charm. Most of the time you'll let the other person know how you feel. However, you know everything about everyone because of your charisma, so when you're furious, you let everyone know their secrets and what kind of person they really are, that way not only will you hate them - but so will the rest of the world.
  • Scorpio: You naturally collect information off of people. Any little information you can get is fine. Because once you get angry, you'll immediately aim right for the weak spots and turn all of this information against them in some way.
  • Sagittarius: You're pretty blunt as it is. But when you're pissed, you won't hold back. In fact when you insult people as you're mad, they can't fight back because you always seem to hit the nail right on the head. And that's how they're defeated.
  • Capricorn: You're stone cold. Anyone who pisses you off even a little bit will immediately be cut out from your life as if they didn't matter from the beginning. When you're angry, you'll pretend the person doesn't exist, and if you do happen to acknowledge their existence, everything you say to them will be an insult that will make them cry. Most of the time you won't even tell them why you're mad. All you care about is making them feel hated. (And it works).
  • Aquarius: Your emotions are unpredictable. Someone can call you every name in the book and you'll be very aloof and then you'll snap on them a month later. Either you'll ignore that person, or you'll give them a 5 second head start to run before you unleash hell on them.
  • Pisces: Everyone likes to think you're too emotional and sweet to have a temper, but that's only because they've never seen it - for a good reason too. When Pisces get angry, they'll completely blank out and go nuts and will probably start laughing to themselves because they have no problem going nuts and punching their enemies in the face to see the blood pour; all while cursing, crying, screaming and laughing manically. They'll ruin your life for fun.
Criminal Minds Stories

After All This Time   First Case   Glitter

The Darkest of Nights   Breathe In, Breathe Out

To Love A Savior   Birthday Proposal   Gym Time

Assassinated Love   Baseball   Train Tracks

Tricks and Trades   Post Traumatic   Miscarriage

Asexuality   Whatever You Wish   Dog Whistle

Kisses in the Moonlight   Sleepless Nights   New Girl In Town

Send In The Clowns   Color-Blinded By The World

Shock and Awe (smut involved)   Two Genes In A Pod

The Girl That Knocks (A Maeve Imagine)   Don’t Lock Me Away

Rock-A-Bye Baby   Christmas Lights   Legal Guardian

Scream   Thanksgiving Dinner   Garcia’s Observant Sister

Broken Toes and Hair Cuts   The Bahamas (smut involved)

The Hobbitses   Mr. Macho Slut   Amelia

Arachnophobia   The Infamous Picture   Two Years Later

Used and Abused   Snores and Sneezes   Nipple Piercings (light smut involved)

Spencer’s First Case   Honey and Cinnamon (smut involved)

The Reid Experience   Years to Days (smut involved)

BAU to Bookstore   How Could You? (smut involved)   Ice Cubes

“Sick” Days   Behind the Couch   Loss and Life

Surprise Wedding   Invisible Intruder   Scars and Bars

Up From The Ashes   From Sleeplessness to Breakfast   Hospital Cuddles

“Beginner” (smut involved)   Color Me “Horror”-fied   Nerf War!

Gluten My Ass   Paris   Consensual Cuddling

Mountain-Time Blues   Know Your Worth   Birthday Surprise

Suicide Squad   Trichotillomania   Slap-Happy (smut involved)

Heaves and Hoes   Bicycle   Anniversary

I Love The Way (smut involved)   No Clue   The Can’ts and Can’s of Birth

First Family Dinner   Disaster Date

Late On-set Worry   Paperwork (smut involved)

A Decade Older   Spoils Of War   I Can’t Believe It (smut involved)

Panic Attack   Not Necessary

Loss Of Leg, Not Life   The Doctor Who Way

He Won’t Win   Vanilla (smut implied)   Human Radiator

A Hero’s Dive   AU Maeve   In Need

I’m Sorry   Anosognosia   Step-Sister

Lecture Override   Riddle Me This   Emotional Arguments

Sister’s Turmoil   Christmas Mugs and Blankets Galore

New Traditions   Three’s Company, Too (smut involved)

Not As It Seems  “Sick”   Anxiety   Gotcha

Boob Job (smut involved)   When I Was Leaving   Really? (smut involved)

Sittin’ In A Tree   The Book (smut involved)

Bloodstained Heart   I Need Your Help   Disappointment

Just Do It (smut involved)  Snake Bites

Revolution   Alone (smut involved)   Jumping To Conclusions

From Day One   Goal Post   Wrong   Second Chances

Again   Favorite   Rooming With Reid

No Touching  Tantrum   Exercise (smut involved)   Belly Button Worries

Oops   Consultant   Old Lady Toddler   Mistake   The End

Dragon   Emergency   Surgery (smut involved)   Babies (smut involved)

Sofa Jet   Love For The Years   Coffee   Bads and Goods

Dermatillomania   Choice   Younger   Never Again   Cat vs. Dog

Anything   Chess Tournament   Cartoons   Faint

Trip   Life Knows No Time   Ambulance Adoption   Stockholm   Confusion

Reunited (imagine)   Only Kinda (imagine)   Anthrax (imagine)

Rocky Horror Flowers   Keep Away (smutty imagine)   Help

Didn’t See It Coming   Cancer Treatment   Slap   Mirage   Broken

French   Unintentional (smut involved)   Stepping In

Profiler No Profiling   Double-Take   Mafia   Prescription

Familial Loss   Twins   Apparently For You   Cerebral Palsy   Gifts

Mimic   ALS   Reciprocation   Dancing   Always Him   Depression

Cowbell, Cowbell   Amnesia   Again   Forgotten   Boats and Jealousy

Phase Shift (smut involved)   New Start   Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble

Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble

Reid Drabble   Garcia Drabble   Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble

Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble   Garcia Drabble   Reid Drabble

Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble   Reid Drabble

Obvious   Touch

Cigarettes and Leather

A/N: *drumrolls* After MONTHS of work and procrastinating on this project, I present to the ml fandom the: Bad Boy AU!!!! I spent so long on this, and lost inspiration for awhile, but I’m happy with how it turned out. This has the potential to be a multi-chapter fic, and it could simply be a one-shot; it just depends on the feedback I get. 

Synopsis: Adrien Agreste, in all his cigarette-scented leather perfection, was the last person Marinette envisioned to face at the base of their collège steps so late in the afternoon, and Adrien likewise.   

Who knew one chanced meeting could change everything? 

 Warning: This 3k monster contains graphic language, depictions of violence, and drug use. 

A gust of autumn wind sent Marinette’s perfectly groomed pig-tails into a tizzy as she leaned down to smooth the creases in her pleated skirt, holding the heavy fabric in place as to keep the hem from flaring up. With the sudden breeze brought an onslaught of dead leaves, which danced blurry circles around the soles of her sleek character shoes, leaving bits of crumbly, brown substance on her white socks. The female frowned in distaste at the dirtied stockings, but made no move to reach down and dust them off, seeing as she was in the wrong attire to do so. Plus, it doesn’t matter, seeing as they’re already torn up from Chloe’s daily act of terror.

Marinette let out a discontented sigh.

If Alya would hurry up and end her club meeting, I would not be outside right now with soiled socks, Marinette thought sourly, shaking her head of the previous conniption and instead turning her head to peek around the banister of the school’s steps for the fourth time that evening. Classes had let out an hour earlier, but Alya had somehow convinced the heroine to wait patiently by the school entrance with promises of coffee and crepes as ‘a reward for her undying loyalty’.

But, she would have willingly agreed to her friend’s request either way, so the café visit was just a bonus.

Marinette tore her gaze from the entrance and stared longingly at the steps instead, the slight ache on the soles of her feet somehow intensifying from the urge to sit down. Despite having a rather thick and clod-like heel for support, uniform shoes were not the best to be standing in for an extended amount of time. Alas, College Dupont was more for prim appearances than comfort, which also meant resting on a surface that was neither clean nor standardized for sitting was strictly prohibited at the risk of damaging ones suit.

If only her uniform’s fabric had the consistency of Ladybug’s indestructible spandex, than she would be happily draped across the concrete bricks without a care in the world.

The outlandish notion brought pulled a frustrated smirk from Marinette’s lips.

Just as she was debating upon whether to send a string of angry texts to Alya about her dilemma, the familiar squeak of doors resounded unceremoniously from the top of the stairs, along with the tell-tale scuffle of feet. Finally. Feeling relieved and simultaneously annoyed, the French teen was just about to step out from behind the pillar when another spontaneous gust of wind swept through the courtyard, with more force and bravado than the last.

Strange, Marinette sniffed the air with vague recognition, why does it suddenly smell like cigarette smoke? It didn’t before-

“What the fuck? This damn wind…” The curse sent a jolt of realization up Marinette’s spine, goosebumps peppering her skin in anticipation. She knew exactly who that voice belonged to, and it definitely was not Alya. As to confirm her suspicions, the lass stole a quick glance around banister wall only to be met with a shock of blonde hair and signature leather wind-breaker.

Or rather, Adrien Agreste’s slicked banana locks and symbolic cow-leather jacket, pressed and worn to near perfection.

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The Signs: 만세(MANSAE)
  • Aries: Performance unit!
  • Taurus: Wonwoo being scared awake by Hoshi
  • Gemini: Vernon getting slapped
  • Cancer: Vocal unit!
  • Leo: Jeonghan surrounded by girls
  • Virgo: S.coups jumping up and down after scoring
  • Libra: The girl
  • Scorpio: DK when he got pushed away
  • Sagittarius: Jeonghan killin' it at b-ball
  • Capricorn: Hip hop unit
  • Aquarius: Seventeen's faces when S.Coups jumped into Mingyu and Hoshi's laps
  • Pisces: S.Coups saving the girl from being hit with the basket ball
Signs At An Abandoned Amusement Park

Aquarius: oh my god look at this place!

Gemini: It’s so sad to see it like this

Leo: Childhood ruined

Aries: Guys we can cry over this later. Now we have to see if any of these rides work *smirks*

Libra: Are you fucking kidding me right now?!? None of these rides are gonna work!!

Aries: Whoa easy there tiger

Libra: *rolls eyes* I just want to go home

Taurus: Yeah me too

Scorpio: Can we go through the haunted cave before we leave? That was always my favorite thing to do when this place was open

Cancer: Same here!!

Gemini: I always loved going through the tunnel of love *winks at Aries*

Pisces: *gagging sound* get a room you two

Capricorn: Guys where’s Leo?

Virgo: LEO!!!

Leo: I’m up here *at the top of the Ferris wheel*

Virgo: How did you get up there??

Leo: I climbed up the ladder

Sagittarius: *walks over to the Ferris wheel* let’s see if this thing still works *starts pushing buttons*

*The ferris wheel starts spinning faster and faster*


Scorpio: *rolls eyes* dumb asses

Aries: I’m going next!!

Gemini: Oh no you’re not! I don’t want anything bad to happen to you

Taurus: That ferris wheel is gonna break guys. Sag make it stop!!

Sagittarius: I’m trying!! Nothing’s working

*Leo flies off the ferris wheel*

Pisces: *gasps* oh my god

Scorpio: That was awesome!!!

Cancer: *slaps Scorpio* Leo could be dead you prick!!

Aquarius: If Leo is alive I’m posting this video on YouTube

Libra: You recorded it??

Aquarius: Of course I did. I’m gonna edit it so when Leo flies out they are going in slow motion

Capricorn: I love how all of us are just gonna stand here instead of look for Leo.

Virgo: Capricorn’s right for once, Let’s go guys

*They all start looking for Leo*

Aries: LEO!!!

Scorpio: Leo if your hands are still in tact clap them so we know where you are

Pisces: Shut the fuck up Scorpio!!

Libra: Guys I think I found Leo!!

*everyone runs over*

Libra: Leo are you okay?

Leo: Yeah I think…. *passes out*

To Be Continued

The Signs as 90s Fashion Trends
  • aries: shirts tied around the waist
  • taurus: overalls
  • gemini: slap bracelets
  • cancer: baggy jeans
  • leo: sweatbands
  • virgo: crop tops
  • libra: mood rings
  • scorpio: roller blades
  • sagittarius: bleached hair
  • capricorn: bucket hats
  • aquarius: choker necklaces
  • pisces: neon windbreakers
the signs as versions of grrm
  • capricorn: grrrrrr(m) finish twow already
  • aquarius: "If I stay on schedule, I ought to finish A Song of Ice and Fire by the end of 1998. But don't hold your breath."
  • pisces: jaime/cthulhu shipper
  • aries: evil santa
  • taurus: "All will be revealed"
  • gemini: "George Martin is not your bitch"
  • cancer: troll rr martin
  • leo: drinking to get through game of thrones
  • virgo: "Well in the books..."
  • scorpio: not writing twow
  • libra: the grrm reaper
  • saggitarius: grimdark fantasy more like grrmdark fantasy
How i see the signs (capricorn sun ,aquarius dominat)

Aries: they’re ok, but don’t argue with them they want to win, if you fight with them you have to talk to them first.

Taurus: eat, eat, eat, if you think you’re a food lover you haven’t met a taurus yet, also they always tell you the right thing in the right moment, bless them, and don’t make them angry, srsly DON’T, if you do that run!

Geminis: man with beard looks great, i don’t know why, ,but they dooo, they’re cool, change their mind all time, *slap* but with love

Cancer: tear, tears, tears, if you tell them you have a problem, they cry even if you don’t , btw tears don’t mean weakness, and also huggable, you want protect them, but they’re protects you first :)

Leo: they’re fast! I don’t even know how to do this, but they look like they’ve drinking too much coffee, oh and they are funny and great, amazing.

Virgo: i can’t! I feel like you guys always want to be first on everything and be right, and be the leader, you don’t listen, WHY?! You do great thing but with too much AUTHORITY. Be nice take it easy. Relax. Yes? Yes!

Libra: always well dressed, always looking for fun, criticize people maybe too much :/. Show me the paradise and then send me to hell. why? :(

Scorpio: you guys are great, i always feel protected with you, nothing bad can happen, because they are the one who knocks the door, they are the DANGER, but srsly they are great!

Sagittarius: i feel like with finish each other jokes! You guys can read my mind, they’re funny really funny, and gives you advice if you ask them, and look for you, they never leave you, oh and seems like they’re always traveling somewhere or been there do that hehehe :)

Capricorn: HEY! I hate you all! Sometimes, that mean i hate myself, hehe, they’re cool and i get angry when i’m not in your group, bc we’re cool, if you give us control, mean all or nothing, we listen but sometime we know what is right! Ha

Aquarius: if there’s a protest they are in, everything with social justice deserve their opinion, intellectual af, they know where the party is, and i have not complain to them, bc i love them, maybe that they want to be right, but we don’t all? I love you. *kiss*

Piscies: they are my babies and i protect them to the end, i don’t need to explain myself you know what i mean :’) sometimes they are complicated but i still love you *hugggg*

the signs as things my friends of that sign have done
  • Aries: told his mum he was flying home from my place but actually hitch hiked down 3/4 of the country (Guy, 18)
  • Taurus: fell into the bumper boat pool at a theme park and cried (Sam, 11)
  • Gemini: invited me over to her house but was asleep when I got there so I had to leave (Gitalia, 15)
  • Cancer: slapped my best friend and then cried about it for 2 hours because I felt bad (me, 12)
  • Leo: stayed the night at mine but my mum had people staying in the spare room so rather than sharing a bed with my sister (his girlfriend) he slept in her bed and she slept on the couch (Will, 17)
  • Virgo: got drunk and showed me her nipple to prove it was cold while we were walking down the street (Jean, 17)
  • Libra: sold my ticket to a concert we were going to go to together and refused to pay me back (Lauren, 17)
  • Scorpio: when asked to write a goodbye message on my school shirt for graduation, put "with great titties comes great responsibilities" (Kris, 18)
  • Sagittarius: asked me for our friend's home phone so he could co-ordinate with her mum to kidnap her and make her watch the star wars movies (Isaac, 18)
  • Capricorn: got black out drunk and stole a road sign which he was unable to lift the next day but somehow managed to run down a street with the night before (Isaac, 16)
  • Aquarius: this morning woke me up to take my medications (something she does all the time) and said that because she did it I had to make her a cup of tea (my sister, 16)
  • Pisces: had a full blown bitching session with her friend about this person only to find out they were talking about completely different people (Brooke, 17)