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I think you can start by setting up a Redbubble account? From what I can tell, that makes it pretty easy to start slapping your art onto lots of different products

I’ve used that for some stuff and it’s been great for like shirts and other sorts of things that it’d be difficult to diy but they don’t do prints i believe (i haven’t found them on there anyway I could absolutely be wrong I’ll have to check) and I also want to branch out and do my own thing just because it’s really hard to make much from it (i feel so weird about saying that but my situation isn’t the greatest lmao) thank you so much though lovely!! Rosie


Halloween with the RFA Members

I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween! These mini strips are based on @zens-ponytail​‘s (angst queen) head canons about the RFA entering a Haunted House Attraction ++ mixed with the RFA Halloween Party Outfits! Please read the headcanons on her blog to better understand what’s happening *v* ♥

I added Unknown bc why not;;; he didn’t want to wear a costume but he lets MC match with him anyway hhhhaha!! ++ V coming soon – or not LOLOL ;;; will fix some stuff tomorrow ahaha i’m so tired


The fourth entry I think (?) of The Christmas with OTP series!!

Okay, I will finally draw the request that’s been sitting in my inbox for a while!;;; You have such great ideas honestly, I don’t know what to say ^^ 

Please keep them coming! I appreciate it <3

Next comic : RHINK !!!


Ey it’s the dork squad! I’m putting them both up because I’m still liking my lineart way too much to not do so. XD I grew up with BTAS as I’m sure you can tell.

So I know I haven’t posted in a bit but since it’s a whole new year now, I’m gonna try harder to get more stuff up on here; even if they’re silly things like this. Here we go!