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Babydoll (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

Not sure how good this is but here’s a kind of creepy Jerome thingy. I tried to keep it gender neutral this time around. 

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Setting :Basically, Jerome kidnaps the reader to keep them safe. At least that’s his take on it.

Contains creepy Jerome, I’d say Daddy kink in the sense he keeps referring to himself as daddy to get the reader to call him that. Not a forced kiss, I’ll say dubious consent, closer to non-consensual, hints at wanting to do more with the reader. Implied masturbation, implications of further dubious and Non-consensual in store for the unfortunate reader.  If I missed something let me know.

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I have a headcanon that human Lightning burns like a mf. Like he's outside for legit just like an hour, comes back inside, tries to scratch the back of his neck- and he's D Y I N G he's so burnt, like his cheeks, neck, ears, collar bones, arms, all of him. Just bright red. Sometimes when people walk by, they'll slap his arm (or wherever he's most crispy and red at)

“Stickers, I told you to wear sunscreen. You do know we live in a desert, right?”

“Sal, help. I can’t move. It burns!”

“You brought this upon yourself. Laying there on the floor isn’t going to make me pity you.”

“No really. I can’t move. I’m down here because the tile feels nice and cold. But now I can’t get up.”

*Cruz walks in*  “Uh, Mr. McQueen, are you -?”

“I’m fine! Really. Just enjoying this nice, clean floor.”

“He’s not fine, Cruz. Look at him. He’s red as a lobster.”

*Cruz cracks her knuckles and nods at Sally, who gets on the other side of him.* “Oh, what’s that? You’ve fallen and you can’t get up?”

“No! Don’t touch me! Sally! No! Cruz! Stop it, you- “

*Inhuman shrieks are heard throughout town as they pick him up and get him standing again. He’s crying.* 

anonymous asked:

After the events in DC, Steve makes sure that the truck he and Natasha "borrowed" gets back to its owner safe and sound.

It’s still early when Rosa leaves her apartment. It’s a bus and a train to get to work, and she’s supposed to be in by eight so she can take Mr Robertson to his cardiologist appointment.

She feels a little pang of jealousy when she steps out of her building to see a pick-up that looks just like hers sitting in the driveway, a very large man leaning against it like he’s waiting for someone. She misses her truck; not just because of how much easier it makes his life, but because it’s the one her dad had helped her fix up after she’d bought it; the one she’d driven across the country and back; the one she’d driven her pregnant sister to the hospital in. It hasn’t actually been that long. The keys are still on her keychain.

Sighing, she puts her head down and heads in the direction of the bus, noticing out of the corner of her eye when the guy starts walking toward her.

She tries walking faster. He picks up the pace too, and suddenly he’s jogging, reaching out and touching her arm.

She just barely manages not to mace him in the eyes as she turns: over his shoulder, she can see the blue-and-orange Broncos bumper sticker her dad had slapped on as a joke.

“Um,” the guy says, and holy shit, it’s Captain America. “Sorry I stole your truck. It was – um, it was a matter of national security.”

“My truck,” Rosa manages.

Captain America looks over his shoulder at it. “Yeah, that’s right,” he says. “I filled up the tank, too. Got it washed. And, um, here. I thought I should…probably get you something. To say thanks.”

She blinks down at what he’s just stuffed into her hands. “This is…a Falcon mug.”

“Yeah.” When she looks up again, he has a sheepish grin on his face. “He insisted. Said you wouldn’t want one of me, since I just stole your truck.”

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☤ :)

☤<—- Leave this in my ask if you want to see an AU where our characters are in a doctor/patient relationship.

“So remember, if you’re good and you stick to the plan, I’ll… buy you ice cream?”

“But I don’t like ice cream.”

He tried not to glare at her. It was bad enough that his little cousin’s fear of the dentist (although she always reacted violently when they called it a “fear”) forced him out of the waiting room and into Dr. Ral’s office. “That was me being gracious and granting you a fucking boon, you little shi—”


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