slanted eye

Okay, but like we have the stereotypical aliens as bland, tiny grey-skinned things with large, slanted, pupiless eyes… but what if that’s just their version of a hazmat suit?

Like… if humans were in contact with aliens, they’d make them wear something protective… right?

They might look completely different underneath?

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A Chen appreciation post

People say Chen isn’t good-looking. And yeah, while his features are very unique, they’re not conventionally attractive.

But you know what, friends?

Take a moment to appreciate this smile:

In my opinion, Chen has THE best smile in the entire group. It never fails to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It’s this eager, puppy dog smile that spreads across his face and sparkles in his eyes and slants his eyebrows at the cutest angle, and it looks and feels so genuine to me

See what I mean?

And who could forget this version? Look me in the eye and tell me he’s not attractive again, I dare you

Plus, he’s the cutest ball of energy and sunshine

How could you ever hate him when he lights up like that? I mean, just look at this precious human being

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I loooove your art and all the diversity in the characters. I think it's awesome that they all have unique shapes and facial features, even when the characters are the same breed!! it's really inspiring!

thanks!! I’m trying to work on diversifying my characters more and while the differences are p subtle right now i am getting better at it and trying to focus on diff face shapes + body types ;o;

(lions face is a rhombus w slanted eyes, squirrel’s is a triangle w almond eyes, and bramble’s is a square w round eyes)

funny how elves in fantasy are described as having pale or porcelain skin, high cheekbones, slanted/angled/oval/almond eyes, and (many times) straight black hair, all of which are stereotypical east asian features, but when it comes time to cast them they’re always played by bland looking white people. it’s almost like white people idealize and fetishize “desirable” east asian features while ignoring real east asian people hmmm


An open letter to white mothers;

Dear white mothers, 

The very second that you choose to have a child of color, each and every one of your views must change. The facts that you have learned as a white woman are not invalid, and they are not irrelevant but you must acknowledge the vast and complex differences between your life and your child’s. 

So white mothers, I must plead; please do not speak for your children. You may speak up, I encourage you to speak up for your children, but not over. Your opinions and view points are entirely different than that of someone who has faced a completely different prejudice. Do not take words from their mouths, and do not take the air from their lungs. 

Each and every day your child will pick up micro-aggressions that have been ingrained into you as normal; listen to them when they point them out. They notice the way that other white people’s eyes linger on their skin, the slant of their eyes, the width of their nose. They know the way that this country hates them. 

You want to raise a child who is intelligent, and fair. That’s good, but the first step is to inform them of ways to make sure this world is fair to them. Again, I plead. Listen to your children. For gods sake, hold them close and listen to every word that comes out of their mouth. 

You may cry, you may stomp, and you may be afraid. But never let that get more important to you than your own child’s worry. 


From a Woman of Color who used to be a Child of Color who’s opinions were silenced by her white mother. 

Lance: Let’s play I Spy!

Keith: Sure

Lance: I spy with my little eye…. A guy

Keith: Oh that’s easy, it’s m-

Lance: -with a black emo mullet who is very dense and has a dry sense of humor but is actually not an asshole mostofthetime, contrary to popular belief, and whose smile is genuinely my favorite thing because he’s only got one dimple which might be weird if it wasn’t so cute,, plus his eyes are slanted and angry but I think that they give him personality along with his button nose and oh my gosh don’t even get me started on his ears. They’re so smol??? And adorable??? And every time I’m around him I can’t tell if I want to fight him or cuddle him and then maybe make out a little bit because what’s a better way to end training then a smooch amiright lolololol. He’s also got a nice voice and his style is gucci af I mean WOw. That cut off jacket and tall boots are only for the Most Worthy™. But I just wish he could know how much I actually adore him even though we fight a lot, which is kinda gay,,,, but I wish we were kinda gay together??? And I want to do gay things with him like hold his hand and kiss his angry eyebrows and tell him how freaking adorable he is even if he looks ugly because that’s what a good boyfriend does and I want to be that everyday that he’d allow me too. I just wish he’d get the HINT already.

Keith:…. Did…. Did you just confess to me through playing ISpy?

Lance: ….

Lance: …. Wanna hear a knock, knock joke?
Chapter 5--The Cell
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By Organization for Transformative Works

H/t to @terapid for research assistance. Trigger warnings for mentions of possible sexual assault. (I cannot think of another way to write that. Must be bed time) 

Rey sighed and stretched her arms overhead, wincing when her right arm protested. She rubbed the spot where the droid had injected her. She knew now that they were giving her Force dampening drugs; she had been angry at first, angry at herself for being right and even more furious for not stopping them. She had writhed on the table, kicking and screaming, the metal cuffs cutting into her skin, leaving deep bruises along her ankles, wrists, and across her waist. She had struggled furiously until a guard had punched her hard in the jaw, her head snapping back to slap against the metal headrest.

She had woken up with a headache in her bed hours later.  She had curled around herself, eyes half slanted and locked on the door. After feeling secure and strong for so long, she had felt weak, frightened.



Rey hated feeling like prey. And that was what she was now. Prey. A tethered goat. Used to attract something bigger. Kylo Ren. A larger predator, she had thought, but someone’s prey as well. She knew without a doubt that he would be scouring the galaxy for her, even if he did the red head’s bidding. Kylo struck her as someone who feared being preyed upon; he would move quickly to strike down this enemy.

                   SET, god of the desert, storms, disorder and violence.
                   often represented as a mixed creature, with a canine body,
                   slanting eyes, square-tipped ears, a tufted/forked tail, and
                   a long, curved snout. because Set was identified with the
                   Greek Typhon, the animal is also commonly known as the
                    Typhonian animal or Typhonic beast.

Barbara Palmer, 1st Duchess of Cleveland, Countess of Castlemaine, also known as Lady Castlemaine.

English courtesan from the Villiers family and perhaps the most notorious of the many mistresses of King Charles II of England, by whom she had five children. Her influence was so great that she has been referred to as “The Uncrowned Queen."  

Barbara was known for her dual nature. Her extravagance, foul temper and promiscuity provoked diarist John Evelyn into describing her as the "curse of the nation”, whereas diartist Samuel Pepys often noted seeing her, admiringly, and others described her as great fun, keeping a good table and with a heart to match her famous temper

Tall, voluptuous, with masses of brunette hair, slanting, heavy-lidded violet eyes, alabaster skin, and a sensuous, sulky mouth, Barbara was considered to be one of the most beautiful of the Royalist women

Lady Barbara took advantage of her influence over the King, using it to her own benefit. She would help herself to money from the Privy Purse and take bribes from the Spanish and the French. But there are accounts of exceptional kindness from Barbara; once, after a scaffold had fallen onto a crowd of people at the theater, she rushed to assist an injured child, and was the only court lady to have done so.



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"How did you know?"


Xucie + Jaren + babies! (no, not HIS babies)

Xucie groaned and sank to sit down. Wiping her mouth, she grimaced at the taste of sickness and sighed. The touch of something cool against her cheek made her jump slightly and her eyes popped open.

Jaren stood beside her, offering a glass filled with some citrus-smelling liquid. “Drink it’ll help.”

She made a face, but sipped. Surprisingly, the slightly sour taste helped her stomach settle. A few gulps later, she did feel better. She glanced at the Cathar as he eased down to sit beside her.

“So…” he started. “How long have you know?”

“Known what?” she slanted him a glance before sipping the drink again.

“That you’re pregnant again.”

She choked and sputtered into her drink, shooting him a startled look. “How did you know?!”

Slanted green eyes turned to give her a look. “Jedi stuff?” he teased, wiggling clawed fingers at her playfully.

“Don’t be an ass, fuzzy,” she grumbled, sipping the drink again.

“Fine, fine,” he laughed, sliding an arm around her. “Because I was there the first time and I paid attention.”

Biting her lip, she leaned against him and sighed. “Do you think Theron knows?”

“Probably not,” he hummed. “Spy-boy is really good at his job, but misses a lot of other things. Plus his head’s on work most of the time, I swear.”

“Think he’ll be upset?”

He glanced down into her worried face and purred a soothing note. “Nah, he’ll be happy. He better be. Or I’ll kick his ass.”

She chuckled and closed her eyes, sighing. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, babe.” 


Since she has a tall and slender frame, with high cheekbones and slanted blue eyes, I have always loved picturing Sophie Turner as Feyre. Just add some freckles and a few more golden tones to her hair, and I see our High Lady of the Night Court. I immensely enjoyed seeing her in this ethereal photoshoot for Edit Magazine. She is absolutely gorgeous, but it also struck me as a haunting reminder of Feyre wasting away in the Spring Court. She looks lost, uncomfortable in her own skin, and totally isolated in this beautiful grand estate. The last photo however, is her standing powerful and intelligent away from the confines of her suffocating prison.

Just noticed

(and again, I have never troubled myself to do gifs, so sorry!)

In my SECOND favorite Bughead scene from 106 (i.e. step off, Ginger moron, she’s gonna be MINE and you’re too dimwitted to help, anyway!)—-after Juggie tells Archie he absolutely, positively may NOT sit with them—–his eyes again, slant towards Betty…..half supremely irritated that Douchie is even thinking about daring to interrupt them, let alone participate….half, “did I handle that okay, darling wifey? I’m sorry Gingervitus bothered you, my princess!”