Stana Katic as Lenore Kandel in “Big Sur” (2013): “She’s a big, beautiful brunette in the line of taste you might attribute to every slanky, hungry sex slave in the world, but also is intelligent, well-read, writes poetry, a Zen student, knows everything, who is in fact just simply a big, healthy Romanian Jewess who wants to marry a good, hardy man and go live on a farm in the valley.”

TRB VIP+ Experience

Ok so it’s been almost 2 days since I saw/met bangtan and I wanted to write about it so I don’t completely forget about everything. -I put links in the text so yall can see what I was talking about. :) 

Anyway, so I get to the venue around 4ish and it was so hot, my friends got me a jimin photocards and at that time it didn’t feel real. Subkulture decided to let us in early and I managed to get in soon.

 I didn’t get to my seat until 6:30, and when I realized how close I was I freaked the fuck out I was like 2 feet away from the stage and there was NO barricade, like there usually is at most concerts so I could literally just walk up to the stage and touch it. 

The opening intro began and then they came out and it was so amazing like they were so unreal?????? 

Jimin- My ultimate bias, he was so much taller than I imagined, and his skin was so flawless and he was barely sweating unlike Tae and Yoongi. His voice was so rough during WABP but really soft during Let Me Know, his high note left me DEAD. He was such a tease and his aegyo was really cute. During Attack on Bangtan, they all had the go pro and recorded me and the girls around me because we were SUPER close, like literally on the stage. When it was quiet I would scream out for him and he would just laugh and smile shyly. His thighs are also really big and his abs looked so soft and smooth. Honestly I don’t know how I managed to stay alive while he was infront of me. 

Namjoon- So let me tell you Namjoon gets LIT on stage, he’s so slanky and tall lmao and his dancing is so strange. He kept jumping up and down and during cypher pt 3 he was just going everywhere. At one point his boxers were showing for a good 10 seconds and all he said was “oops sorry”, if I remember correctly they were Calvin Klein lol he kept thanking us and said Texas was really hot. His english was also very nice. 

Yoongi- Yoongi was the one who worried me the most because the entire show he looked extremely exhausted. When there was chairs he would be the only one sitting down and closing his eyes for a few moments and I felt really bad. He did aegyo which was really cute. He was really turnt during Cypher pt 3, when the song played, the entire venue was SHAKING. His skin is so pale and smooth and he looked really small when sitting down. He also hit every word in his raps and every move in his dance it was amazing. When he spoke english he said something about him never forgetting Dallas and asking us to never forget him.

Hoseok-  Dear god Hoseok… He had by far the BEST fanservice. He kept interacting with us and laughing at the girls infront of me because they were dancing to everything. The entire time he was smiling and being cute. His raps were the best and he sounds even better live. He threw water at my section during Cypher Pt 3, it was amazing I felt like I was getting baptized lmao  

Taehyung- He was right infront of me at was WAY more attractive in real life. He used his tongue a lot and kept being rudeeee. He also sweats a lot. He would smile when we would call out for him, and he kept calling us cowgirls lmao his english was so cute. He also looked very tired but still hit every dance move. HIS VOICE IS AMAZING LIVE AND SUPER DEEP. 

Seokjin- He went up so many spots on my bias list because he was super nice and so good looking. He looked perfect and his singing is so much better than the recordings. He also laughed at us so many times and interacted with us a lot. The girls infront of me had a blowup mic and he took it and sang with it and returned it right back. His smile is so adorable and his lips are so plump. He left their towel on stage and this girl handed me it so I ended up getting it. 

Jungkook- Jungle crocs was my #7 in my bts bias list but now he’s my bias wrecker. He was super tall and kept checking out the fans lmao he has a really cute eye smile and his voice was angelic. I don’t remember much from him but his dancing was legit. 

HITOUCH WAS BY FAR MY FAVORITE PART. So the line went Tae, Yoongi, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, Namjoon and Hoseok. When I walked in there I put my phone in the pocket of my shirt and began recording it, the security guards didn’t notice but I was SO scared of getting caught. I saw Tae and he was so smiley and jumpy, he only slapped my hand but I felt how big they were lmao Then Yoongi smiled and he looked really tired, he had the softest hands too. Jungkook bowed and gave me this smile I will never forget omg and he was soooo tall. Jin gave me a really big smile and shook my hand, he said thank you. Then Jimin, omfg, I was so nervous and you could hear it in my voice. He was so handsome and his skin was GLOWING. I held his hand in both of mine and they were so small, there was still room in my hands, like that’s how small they were. We made eye contact the entire time and I told him I loved him and he said ‘thank you, i love you too’ and then my mind went blank. Namjoon looked like he was high or something lmao he gave me a soft handshake and said thank you with closed eyes and slightly bowed. Then Hoseok, he was smiling from ear to ear, and said thank you and then I tripped infront of him and he said “Oh no”. My friend behind me said he completely skipped her because he was worried I had fallen down so he kept looking at me, I was super embarrassed afterwards but at the same time I couldn’t believe what had happened. After hi-touch I tried waiting for them but I had to leave and I was super tired. 

Some links to songs I recorded: Just One Day, Tomorrow, War Of Hormones

Here’s the link to my hi-touch video that I managed to record

Lust At First Sight: Part 2

Originally posted by richonnebitch

Summary: Lara starts to worry that Negan is using her.

 Pairing: Negan x Lara

 Warning: Swearing, Smut, Violence, Anal, Daddy Kink

You slowly opened your eyes, your head pounding from the hangover you had. You smiled when you saw you were laying naked in Negan’s bed and remembered what had happened last night; the whisky, the amazing sex with Negan on his couch. You didn’t remember going into Negan’s bed, maybe you passed out on the couch and he carried you? You didn’t care, despite being taken away from your group, this was the happiest you’ve felt in a long time. You threw on the clothes that you were wearing last night; excluding your bra and panties, and ran your fingers through your hair before walking into Negan’s living room. You bit your lip and smirked when you saw the sofa that Negan had fucked you on a few hours ago. Negan wasn’t in the room which was a bit disappointing but was expected since he was a busy man. 

 You left Negan’s place and walked around for a bit, taking in your new surroundings since it was dark when you arrived last night and couldn’t really see what Sanctuary had to offer, but you were mainly hoping to run into Negan. Negan had asked you to stay in Sanctuary permanently and you hoped it was because he had feelings for you and not just for sex; even though the sex was great.

 You noticed a slanky, blond haired man standing guard by the gate. He was one of the men that was with Negan when they captured your group. You decided to walk over to him and introduce yourself, “hello!” you said cheerfully, giving the man a smile “my name is Lara” the man looked over at you revealing his half melted face, “what do you want?” he asked sounding a little annoyed. “I don’t want anything, just thought I’d introduce myself…I never caught your name” you said innocently, “that’s because I never told you it…Dwight…my names Dwight” he replied. “Well it’s nice to meet you Dwight, is there anything to do around here, I’m a bit lost?” you asked giving Dwight another smile. Dwight smirked mistaking your friendliness as flirtation and walked closer to you. “Well…if you want I can show you around” he was now inches away from you, making you a bit uncomfortable “I…uh” you whispered putting your hand up to try to keep him back, when you heard a loud voice yell out “get the fuck away from her!” you looked to where the voice was coming from and saw Negan quickly striding towards you, Lucille was slung over his shoulder and his eyes shooting daggers at Dwight. He grabbed Dwight by the throat and pushed him up against the gate behind him “the fuck do you think you’re doing!?” Negan hissed “getting in my girl’s personal fucking space and shit, give me one good reason not to end your miserable fucking life right now!” Negan slammed Dwight up against the gate again causing Dwight to groan in pain. You were frightened seeing Negan like this but you couldn’t deny how much it turned you on seeing how protective he was of you and how he called you ‘his girl’

. “Negan it’s okay, he didn’t do anything we were just talking I swear” you said calmly putting a hand on Negan’s arm. Negan looked over at you then back at Dwight, “is that fucking true? You just talking?” Negan asked the anger in his voice lessening. Dwight quickly nodded his head and Negan let go of his throat “get the fuck out of here” he growled. Dwight trudged off; rubbing his neck. You watched Dwight leave then looked back at Negan who had been staring at you “you alright sweetheart?” he asked walking up to you. “Yeah I’m fine” you said giving him a smile. “last night was…amazing” Negan whispered as he lightly brushed your cheek with his gloved finger causing you to shiver. “I was actually looking for you, I’m going on a run in an hour and I thought we could have a quickie before I go, you can help relieve me of some fucking tension” he whispered into your ear before giving you a kiss on the neck. You let out a quiet moan causing Negan to chuckle, before he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. You giggled as he carried you back to his room. 

 Negan carried you into his bedroom and threw you onto his bed, “you know the fucking drill, get naked for me baby” he said with a smirk as he started unbuckling his belt and sliding his pants and underwear to the ground, he threw his jacket off but kept his white t-shirt on. You pulled off your shirt and jeans and threw them off the bed. “No bra and panties huh?” Negan said as he licked his lips. He grabbed your waist and flipped you over onto your stomach “get on all fours for me doll” he groaned, you did what you were told and got positioned. “Now that’s a fucking view” Negan growled before sliding his head under you and grabbing your ass “sit on my face” he whispered. You sat down feeling his tongue hit your pussy immediately causing you to jump from the sudden sensation. Negan lapped up your juices with his tongue, letting the tip flick over your clit. He then stopped and sucked his middle finger getting it wet before he slid it inside your ass and then slid his index finger inside of your drenched pussy and began fingering both holes rhythmically as he continued eating you out. “Oh god daddy, you’re gonna make me cum already” you purred as you felt yourself slowly go over the edge. Negan smacked your ass before grabbing it tightly and pushed you down even more on his face. His licking turned into sucking as you threw your head back letting out an explosion of moans as you came. You stayed seated on Negan’s face as you caught your breath before rolling off onto the bed. Negan got up and looked over at the clock he had on his wall, “fuck you came quick, I still got time to bury my cock in you babe” he said excitedly

. Negan grabbed onto your thighs and pulled you closer to him before spreading your legs wide open, he licked his lips as your cum ran out of your hole onto his red silk sheets. He then grabbed his cock and placed it at your entrance rubbing it in your wetness before sliding himself in. You grabbed onto his bedsheets and tilted your head back as your velvet walls had to adjust to his size again. It wasn’t long till Negan thrusted into you full force. “mmm daddy your so big” you moaned out biting your lip. Negan smirked and laid down on top of you giving you kisses as he continued fucking you “I’m surprised you can take this dick again after last night” he whispered into your ear. Negan suddenly picked you up and pushed you up against the wall as he thrusted into you, you wrapped your legs around his waist “I love you Negan” you whimpered out while looking him in the eyes. Negan stared at you but started kissing your neck again ignoring what you said. You let out a sigh, Negan had said he loved you last night but now it felt like he was using you. You let Negan finish but right after he put you down you pushed past him, grabbed your clothes and went into the bathroom to clean off. Negan began getting dressed as well then sat on the sofa in the living room, waiting for you to come out

. “What’s wrong baby, did I hurt you” he said as you walked into the living room “why didn’t you say you love me back Negan? You said it last night” you asked frustrated. Negan rolled his eyes and chuckled “sweetheart you need to slow the fuck down, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about you, I definitely do but I’d also be lying if I said I was in love with you right now”. You felt a bit embarrassed, you were getting a bit ahead of yourself “I’m sorry Negan you’re right, it’s just that I feel like you only brought me here cause you want to fuck me”. Negan stroked his beard “the sex is fucking phenomenal darling but I didn’t just bring you here to hit it and quit it, your something special you know that, we just need to take our fucking time okay?”. You nodded at Negan and smiled “good, well I need to go now sweetheart I’ll see you when I get back” Negan said as he stood up off the couch and brushed your hair behind your ear “please don’t be upset with me” he whispered as you looked down at the floor. “I’m not Negan” you said before giving him a kiss. You were a bit disappointed but you knew Negan meant what he said and you were willing to work on your relationship with him.



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Pennies from Heavens PART THREE FINALE

Author: Hannahc56

Word Count: 3,021 - It’s the finale, so 3,000 words is fine, okay(;

Request: *In original story** Reader dies and gets to see what her life with Dean would’ve been like, but only for a little while - then a twist(:


Your vision was blurry. You blinked a bit, staring at yet another ceiling. You groaned and sat up. Gabriel was statue still infront of you.

“Just let me die already!” You cried, throwing your head back. Gabriel fake stifled a laugh. 

“Oh, sorry, I forgot you were there..” He laughed, “But that’s pretty ironic. With the obvious fact that you are dead.” He finished with a snort.

You sat there. After a long moment you crossed your arms. He put his hands up in surrender.

“Honey, don’t shoot the messenger!” He smirked. As he was about to say something more, a slender man in a black tux, cane and slicked back hair popped infront of you, taking over Gabriel’s view on you. His back was towards you, but you would know the huge black ring that he dawned anywhere. You quickly sat up, sending a table next to crashing to the ground. You gathered yourself and peered up, Gabriel and the man glaring at you. Gabriel had a reprimanded child’s look upon his face and Death wore an emotionless mask. Well a guy with his job, it wasn’t probably a mask and a literal emotionless face. You shivered. 

“What are you here for?” Gabriel asked death with a capital D, through gritted teeth. Death’s eyes remained on you and you kept it going, your gaze boring into his eyes as he peered into your soul, testing it’s worth. With nothing more then a sigh, he faced the Archangel with ease. 

“I’m here to take the girl.” He simply put it, as if you were a toy he forgotten to take home. Gabriel let out a belly laugh.

“Yeah, sure. I’d like to see you tr-” He didn’t get to finished his sentence before you, and Death were already long gone.


“Why am I here?” You asked the second you took in the place you were standing. You were in the tunnel where the Wendigo had been. You were standing in the place you were hiding when it had chose it’s direction, running past you on the left. It felt like years ago. Now it was quiet.

“Your..” He paused, “Rather special.” He finished, happy with his own word choice. He walked around, turning the corner on the right. His footsteps were becoming faint and you moaned, Death was dramatic, all about making a scene, it seemed. You followed close behind and you were coming up to the place you were when you had met Dean. 

“I know a few people who would be very angry with me, if I took you.” Coming up to the corner he stopped and turned around. “I would surely be hunt down within the matter of nightfall.” He eyed you up, but oddly enough you weren’t scared of him, not at all. “You have an old soul Y/N.. Say if you were to, die,” He said monotone, acting oblivious to the eye-rolling irony, “There would forever be a missing link in this world, let alone the hearts of the ones around you.” He walked around you, as if stalking a prey, but you both knew he couldn’t take you with him. “Saving people, hunting things, please tell me if I’m mistaken?” He stopped infront of you, waiting then sighed. “Not one for words today, are we?” He raised a brow at you, then gave up. “Your not mine to take, my dear girl…” He placed a finger under your chin, “Not today anyways.” The slightest memory of a smile flashed across his face. He took a step back and walked around the corner but, you remained in your position. He poked a head back slowly. “Not coming?” He questioned, then brought a skeleton finger up into view and wagged it painfully slow, making a disapproving noise. “But you’re missing the show.” He shrugged and turned back. You kept your gaze on him as you walked past him. You gasped and turned back around. A long slanky hand laid on your shoulder. “You need to see this.” His voice was almost sympathetic as he gently turned you back around. He marched you as far as you would go before you started shaking your head, almost frantic. The sight before you was, well, you. Your limp body was laid out across Dean as he rocked you back and fourth. It all made sense now. The pain in your side as you fell down, rocking in Dean’s arms in your imaginary dream world. The line between the dreams and reality were thin and similarities such as hugging Dean, broke that line. A fresh tear spread down your face as you took a few steps closer. 

Dean’s shoulders shook and you knelt down next to the both of you. You looked down, your own limp hand an inch away from your knee. Your hand was on Dean’s chest, something you used to teasingly do, was now one of the last times you ever touched him. A sob shook you as you eyed a wooden stake. It was almost clean through your body, and you couldn’t even think of a reason how it happened. You shook your head and looked back.

“No.. no, i-it can’t end like this.” You whispered at Death. He stared at you. You looked back and saw Sam, running at the two of you and you looked away. “I can’t watch this..” You mumbled and turned back to Death. 

“This is your ending, Y/N.” Death mysteriously said, “But you can change it, you can go back.” He riddled.

“Y/N! No!” Dean’s cry got louder as he yelled into your hair, causing you to jump.

“I will do anything!” You said harshly, taking Death aback, yelling over Dean’s desperation.

“Well I don’t think your strong enou-”

“I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!” You screamed, a surprise to yourself. You got closer to him and looked up. “I will do anything.." You said harsh once more. 

"Then you need to fight!” Death’s voice rose, showing some kind of emotion. “You need to fight for the people who love you.” He grabbed your face, forcing you to look back at Dean. He leaned in close,“You must fight for him..” He hissed, encouraging in your ear. You nodded and he released you.

“Do your mojo, nowhere man.” You faced him with the confidence of your answer, putting your arms out, proving he could do whatever he needed to. He smiled, something proudly and with a snap-


Your mouth felt dry. You tried to lick them but found you didn’t have the strength. You were cold and shaky. You moved your eyes around under your eyelids as if you were searching for a way to open them. Your body slowly moved back and fourth, but you weren’t the one moving it. You hand was pressed against something smooth, cool to the touch. Your eyes were heavy, a pressing force against your vision, but you had to see where you were. You used the energy you had and wearily opened them to see little slits of light filling in. Your cheek was up against something warm and was the only thing that was keeping your body temperature up. You smelt a faint leathery scent and tried to push yourself away. Unable to get the message, every nerve inside you refused to move and you stayed unmoving. 

“I’m sorry..” A voice croaked into your ear, grabbing your fading attention.

“We have to get her somewhere safe.” Sam’s voice was loud and you winced mentally. A harsh sigh moved your hair away from your face, causing a shiver down your spine. A numbness formed around your abdomen.

“Stop”, Dean’s voice moved closer to your face, snuggling you. You wanted to smile up at him but you just couldn’t, “There is no point..” He shook his head and your head bobbed a bit as his shoulders shook. Tears fell against your cheek. You’d never seen Dean cry and now hearing it cause’d you to want to do anything to stop it. A flash of a little girl swept your mind and this time you smiled, even in the littlest bit. Her green eyes. A tear falling down the blushed cheeks, a chubby finger caressing your eye and a scrunched up nose hiding under a purple fleece. 

A soft groan escaped your mouth, into his ear. He instantly grabbed your head, his similar green eyes switching back and fourth between yours. 

“Y/N?” He whispered as if your name was a word that shouldn’t be spoken. Your squinted eyes rolled to the back of your head, you were loosing conciousness. But would that be so bad? You could spend the days up in heaven in a the world you would’ve gotten to live it wouldnt be too bad it-

A hand gripping your face brought back your rambling mind. 

“Y/N!” Dean said firmly. You blinked, the only way to show him that you were awake.

“God thank you.” Dean grunted as he stood up, carrying you bridal style. He gently picked you up and carried you through the tunnel. Your vision came in chunks. Bats eyes flashing down at you, then a bright light swarmed your vision. You pulled a hand up in a quick motion to your face, draining all the energy that you had. Your breath rattled loosely inside of you and Dean quickened his pace. Soon the cool leather of the Impala met you the second you slipped back into the darkness.


Fluorescent lights shone on your face and met you with open arms. 

“Shit.” You croaked. You were in Heaven again. But then a puffy-eyed Dean pulled on your hand and hovered over you.

“Hey, hey, hey!” He motioned behind him. A large frame joined him with shaggy hair.

“Your awake.” A smile from Sam made your eyes widen a bit and you went to sit up.

“Hey, no don’t go doing that, alright?” Dean laughed and placed a hand on your shoulder awkwardly, trying not to hurt you. You obeyed and laid back. You scanned the room. Nothing weird.. You looked up at Dean, who was already staring back at you. He hurriedly looked away. You kept your gaze until he looked back. His eyes shone their usual bright green, not the angelic blue that the angel tried to get you to fall for. You licked your lips and looked between the boys.

“Are your eyes blue?” You croaked, motioning him to come closer. He kneeled down closer and you lied a hand on his cheek. He fell into it and your thumb rubbed on his strong jawline. 

“They’re green.” He simply noted and you smiled. 

No, you weren’t in Heaven. At least, not in the actual place, but you were definitely where you belonged in that moment.


You peeked through slits at the end of your bed. A figure stood there and you jolted up. 

“Shhh, shhh!” Dean said in hardly what you could call a whisper. You gripped at your side, now pulsing from the sudden stretch. Dean flipped the light on. You squinted and looked at him. You glanced at the clock, it was glowing a bright ‘3:07’. He strided over, “Are you okay?” He went to reach to lift up your shirt then stopped and looked up at you. You nodded, letting him continue. The gauze was hardly red,  raising no concern. He pulled it back down. His gaze averted. “I’m sorry..” He mumbled and you scoffed.

“You didn’t do anything.” You furrowed your brow. He sigh and got up, taking a few easy steps back to the door and shut off the light. “Where are you going?” You said in a voice that was loud for the time it was. He shrugged and opened the door. “Dean!” You said longingly. He stopped, not turning to face you. “Come back here.” He didn’t move. “Please, Dean?” You asked tired. His shoulders straightened and he turned and shut the door. He walked over to you and stood next to your bed. 

You suddenly thought that this is what the little girl in your Heaven saw every night before going to bed. This is what your daughter saw, as her Father, her caregiver, her protector. You patted the bed.

“Did you have a nightmare too?” You quoted your daughter, “You can stay with me if your scared.” You pulled away your purple fleece, smiling at the thought of the sweet girl. You pushed it off your legs and scooted over. Dean’s shoulders visibly slumped and he took your offer. He sat with his back towards you. You took a deep breath and wrapped your arms around his side and out your head on his shoulder. He leaned onto your face, needing the company.

“Where did you go?” He whispered. You shook your head, needing more detail.

“When you were..” He stopped and thought, careful of his words, “When we were in the tunnels.. You mumbled something. Where were you?” He said. You shrugged. 

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” You giggled. He sat there, still, not in the laughing mood. You sighed. “What makes you think I went anywhere?" 

He looked you back at you, in the eye. "You said, 'Sweet girl.’ Clear as day, you said it." 

You sat in awe. Should you tell him? Should he wait and find out for himself? First you had a question you needed to get an answer to first.

"If we had a baby girl, what would you name her?” You whispered in his ear.

“What? I don’t k-” He started.

“What would we name her, Dean?" 

He took a thoughtful breath. "I would name her something of importance, ya know? I think..” He took a pause and looked forward, you know where he went, he went into a place you couldn’t protect him from, “I would name her Mary Elizabeth.” He took a shaky breath.

“Mary Elizabeth..” You echoed. That’s what her name was, that was your sweet girl. 

You sat back, crosslegged and motioned for him to sit facing you. once he did you grabbed his hands, feeling confident. 

“I saw my life. Gabriel, he, uh, showed me my life. The best part of it.” You laughed lightly.

“What was it like?” He questioned eagerly.

“It was the damned'est thing. I was with you.” You whispered. “And we had a little girl.” You looked up at him. His eyes showed so much pride you couldn’t take your eyes off him. “I was so upset, that I wouldn’t ever get to live this, ya know? I would never be able to truly live this.. And I saw her and..” You trailed off. He leaned in and kissed you, hands on your face. You were surprised and went with it. He leaned back and looked at your shut eyes.

“Tell me more.” He urged on.

“She saw me upset and she looked at me and told me, 'Did you have a nightmare too Mommy? You can sleep in here if your scared’.. Just like I said to you.” You smiled, “I just couldn’t let the moment go." 

"You had your chance and you took it.” He laughed and you nodded, dreaming on.

“Yeah, yeah I did.” You thought, “She had this blanket with her and she held it so close, in her little chubby hand.” You held up your purple fleece and mocked her. Dean grabbed your hand as you talked. “She pointed one little finger at me,” You did as you said, and pushed your index finger under his eye, wiping an imaginary tear, “And wiped away my tears. She scrunched up her nose and told me my face was wet.” You laughed and mocked her tiny face. Dean laughed with you and shook his head. It became silent as you two thought about her.

“Was she awesome?” He whispered. You nodded your head in the dark room.

“Awesome as hell.” You whispered even quieter and he nodded back. “She was stubborn.” You added.

“Like you..” Dean chuckled and you agreed.

“And she had the most strikingly green eyes, I just couldn’t seem to put my finger on where she got them from.” You shrugged and Dean did the same with a smile, wider than anything.

“I tried going to bed and you leaned over and told me I was forgetting something. You  told me what I usually said to her as I said Goodnight and whispered,” You leaned over to him and whispered in his ear as he did, “Angel’s are watching over you, Sweet girl.” You finished and slowly sat back. He sat there staring at you and made no motion. You let him wallow in the moment and laid under the covers. After a moment he followed your lead and laid down next to you. Once he was settled you turned to lie close to him. You sat up and laid ontop of him.

“What are you doing?” He laughed with raised brows.

“She laid on me, just like this.” You smiled cheeky, “I just wanted to see what it was like.” You gazed at him. He leaned up and kissed you. Smiling, you lied back down and he snuggled close, raising a laugh out of you. His warm breath pulsed against your neck and you were happy. He leaned down and kissed you. “I love you Y/N, I should’ve said it earlier.”

“I love you too Dean.. All that matters is that you said it now, okay?” You reassured him with a hearty smile. He kissed your cheek.  

“Angels are watching over you,” He kissed your ear, “Sweet girl.” Your heart warmed with love and you couldn’t suppress almost an hysterical giggle. You were finally back on the track you know you were meant to be on. 'I can’t wait to see you again sweetheart’ You whispered to yourself, to wherever Mary Elizabeth might be, waiting.

And this time, you knew you were going to wake up in the Green-eyed Dean Winchester’s arms with an amazing future ahead of you and for once, sleep came easy for you.    

My Girl

Authors note: I don’t know what my fascination is with demon blood junkie readers, but it always seems to come back to that lmaooo.

Summary: During Deanmons experiment, you come down with a sickness, and he takes care of you..

Pairing: (Implied angel reader) Deanmon x Blood Junkie!Reader

Your skin was burning, like a constant fire was alight and spread wide throughout your veins. When you got like this, you were sure a migraine would follow in tow. The only thing keeping you from doubling over was the cool tiles of the bathroom floor against your sticky flesh, slick with sweat.

Before this, you remembered the time where you couldn’t feel a thing. When you were dedicated to higher power, and doing what your father wanted. But then, you met him.

Through the day, he kept himself hidden behind a facade of sparkling green eyes, and a pearly white smile that was sure to knock you off your feet, a glance of who he used to be.

When he was alone with you, in one of your cheap, slanky motels, he was who you had known him to be. No more glimmer of humanity, just a pool of darkness that flooded the whites of his eyes, to the stark contrast. Black.

He was never cruel to you, he could never bring himself to be. There was still morality in him, despite his state. He took care of you through the entire process, making sure you were handling the intake well enough to continue.

You were, you thought anyhow. There was no way of telling the possible internal damage the experiment could be doing, but you knew the terms and conditions when you agreed to be his patient.

“Princess,” The motel door opened and slammed shut, followed by heavy footsteps. You already knew who it was by the sound of his boots hitting the floor.

The bathroom door swung open, and there he was, clad in light jeans and a flannel shirt. You could predict what he would be wearing, just because flannel was all he had.

“There you are,” He muttered, and with a huff, carried you over to the bed. Gently, he laid you down, stroking wet, stray hairs off of your sweat sheen forehead. “How’s my little angel gone rogue doin’?”

You stirred against the blankets, lulling your head back and forth as an answer. Your nose wrinkled up as your face scrunched together in a sour expression, and just by that, he knew your answer.

“That’s okay,” He left a featherlight kiss on your nose, and he disappeared behind you to the mini-fridge. The bed shifted with his weight as he crawled over to you, laying your head in his lap. “I’ll take care of you.” He laid a pack of frozen peas on your forehead, the ice falling off and rolling down your cheek, melting into water.

Although you couldn’t seem him cutting into his wrist, you could smell the scent of his blood. It was coppery, but there was something else that was hidden, and you couldn’t define it. But it excited you.

“Chow down, sweetheart..” He lowered his wrist to your mouth and watched as you latched onto him, running your tongue along the cut. You were like a leech, taking all you needed, all you wanted. This wasn’t just an experiment, or a way to rebel. It was sensational for you.

His eyes flashed back as he watched you, a smirk on his lips. He enjoyed watching you do this more than you could ever compare, the fact he was changing an angel, had an angel drinking his blood, it was his own personal high, and it got him excited. You had become his junky, and he was your dealer.

When you finished, you felt stronger, heart pumping in your chest at a normal speed once again. The sweat that once coated your skin to cool yourself down had you shivering against the air conditioned room.

“Better?” The ice pack was lifted off of your forehead, green eyes watching you intensely with interest. They were always your favorite, considering the fact that the black ones were what you saw most of the time.

You nodded, slowly sitting up and perching on your knees. “Yes, very much..” He continued to watch you, although you were staring down at your hands, watching as color flooded them again, like you were resurrected. You were fascinated by anything your vessels body did naturally, and he was amused by it.

“Good,” He leaned over to you, placing his hand on the back of your head to leave a kiss on your forehead. “Don’t want my girl getting sick, do we?” He smirked, trailing his hand down to your shoulder so he could pull you into him. All you did was nuzzle further into his chest.

You had heard many stories of demons, none of them good. The more time you spent with the one that was holding you close, you couldn’t help but find those stories to be… What was the word Dean would use?