I’m not a Monster (Peter Pan OUAT x Reader)

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Pairing: Peter Pan OUAT x reader

Word count: 1666

Prompt: You always thought that Peter Pan was terrifying, and that he hated you to the largest extent of his frostbitten heart, yet you were curious about him. You wanted to know if there was a humane boy underneath all that power. Trouble is, you’re too scared to pursue that quest.

A/N: I wrote this one a while back, so it’s not my best, but I need to fill up my feed with things. It’s kinda cute and fluffy, so I thought, why not? Peter Pan was a phase I had in the beginning of 8th grade, but I still think he’s a great character to write about. I hope you guys like it!

Warnings: None :)

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Okay I was reading some of the ancient (by that I mean old/out of print and unavailable online, I've checked) textbooks that my Grecian Ancient History teacher owns, and do you know that there is a oral story that predates Orphic tradition directly mentions Hades as being the father of Melinoe. The story mentions Melinoe's contraception upon the fictional sland Nysion when Hades engaged in a tryst with Persephone, thus explaining why Melinoe's appearence represented light and darkness.

it is possible that people mistook Hades for being zeus bc he’s kinda considered the Zeus of the underworld and people just assumed the light part was Zeus while the darkness was persephone while the original story was Hades and persephone that got twisted around



Japan, land of the rising sun; their pantheon consists of many gods and goddesses, more commonly known as “Kami”, or “highly placed being.” The rank of Kami was bestowed on natural objects and beings such as mountains, rivers, animals, as well as esteemed ancestors. While Kami appear in many forms and usually have human qualities, they are powerful beings who control aspects of nature. Of the two types of Kami, the heavenly Kami are superior than their earthly counterparts and only reside in heaven, hence, they must use messengers to keep them up to date on earth and in the underworld. The main myths that accompany these religious traditions are that of the creation of the world, the founding of the Japanese Islands, and those of magical creatures, humans, and deities.

In the beginning of Heaven and Earth there were five Heavenly Deities in the plain of High Heaven, each born without sire and each disappearing thereafter. Following them were born the gods and goddesses of the Seven Divine Generations, the last of which were Izanagi - He Who Invites - and Izanami - She Who Invites. These two drew forth the first Island with a jeweled spear, and upon this island were married and gave birth to the remaining slands and deities until - while giving birth to Kagu-tsuchi, the god of fire - Izanami’s insides were burned. Izanami died shortly after, and her husband, having entered the underworld in a failed attempt to bring back his wife, cleansed himself and in doing so gave birth to Amaterasu (washed from his left eye), Tsukiyomi (from his right), and Susano-o (from his nose).

Sometime later Susano-o, God of Summer Storms, was visiting his sister Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun, when he saw the manner in which the goddess of food produced their meals. He flew into a rage, destroying his sister’s rice fields and looms, and attacking one of her servants. For this he was banished to earth, where he slew a great serpent only to find a sword deep in it’s belly. At this same time his sister hid herself in a cave, depriving the earth of her warmth and light until all the other gods tricked her out using a mirror to convince her they’d found a new sun.

Amaterasu is still known as one of the most famous Kami, eventually passing down this sword, mirror, and a magatama gem to her grandson, whose great grandson in turn was the first emperor of Japan. Shinto myths usually tell of how Amaterasu’s descendants unified the Japanese people into one nation, and the three treasures are still enshrined in Japan to this day, were Amaterasu and her family continue to be venerated in contemporary Japanese mythology, a blend of Shinto, “the way of the gods,” Buddha, and lesser spirits such as Kappa and Tanuki.

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