Aiden jealous *woop woop* *dirty*

You walked to school with Isaac, Aiden doesn’t like Isaac but you don’t care you think he is nice so you walk with him to school everyday and Aiden knows this. You walked into school laughing with Isaac. You bumped into Aiden and he turned around mad it was really noticeable 

“Come with me!” Aiden dragged you into an empty classroom. He locked the door and pushed on the floor climbing on top of you. Soon clothes were off all clothes no one dressed in that room. He slammed into you without any warning you closed your eyes and screamed.

“Be quite!” Aiden said covering your mouth. He kept slamming into you making you feel good. He put his leg on top of shoulder and went in deeper

“mmm” you moaned quite biting your lip as Aiden removed his hand.  He slammed into harder and deeper. Aiden was always rough but not this rough. After a while he switched so he was laying on the floor telling you to ride him. And thats what you did. You bit your lip holding back all your moans. After a while he switched again making him on top again. His chest was on yours and he was slamming into you. You were about to cun and he knew

“Are you ganna cum for me baby?”

“Y-yes” you moaned

“You know you’re only mine right?” He asked slamning harder

“Yes!” You moaned loud

“Ok baby cum.” You came and so did he you layed there breathless.

“I’m sorry I got so jealous.” Aiden said panting

“Its ok I’m more worried about the teacher trying to get into his classroom.” You said he looked at you with wide eyes.

*Sorry it tool like 5 years!! Hope you liked it sorry it was short! Sorry for any spelling mistakes :* Love you