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“ at some point i realized i would never come first. ” for Varlen :o

It’s always the small things that speak the loudest truths. The wandering of a gaze. The flickering of attention. The itch of limber fingers as they yearned for a book with a far more interesting cover. At first, Varlen had dismissed the signs, assuming he was being paranoid. Ridiculous. After all, that’s what was often said of him, and it took a stronger man than he to not be swayed by such prolific rumours. 

But the day he realised the truth, it had stung harder than anything he could have ever imagined.

“I am returning to my homeland. To Tevinter.”

Those words. Thick with conviction; so thick that there was no room between the letters for anything else. No room for doubt. No room for him. They rose to meet Varlen so quickly that he thought he might be crushed by their weight. Instead, he faced sad, quartz-grey eyes, begging for understanding. For approval. For anything.

“… Amatus?”

That word. A word for him, yet suddenly so foreign in a way that had nothing to do with language. Varlen watched, mute and pale, the colour pulled from his skin by a single sentence. He shook, but in an insidious way that concealed itself beneath his skin. His hands remained limp by his sides.

“Come now. Say something, yes?”

Say something. Say what? He’d said so many words over the months they had spent together, and fool that he was, Varlen had assumed some of them had led Dorian to love him. Or at least care about him. Perhaps both were too strong a sentiment for what they had shared. Perhaps he had just been too deep in denial to see it. Too caught up in a moment that wasn’t even there.

Dorian stepped forward after that, reaching out, that familiar hand of his coming to rest on Varlen’s shoulder, the other brushing his cheek. Sweeping back his hair, cupping his face in a show of worry. It was all a show, after all. It had to be. 

He was such a fool

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If it were up to me, I’d take you to a poetry reading as one of our first dates. I want to see what you snap to, I want to see if words can move you as much as they do me. If the emotions in the room not only excite you but inspire you. I want to test the compability with the person on my arm with the words on my mind. I just want to know you, truly know you.

Letter to my future lover.

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aladdin👏🏻plance👏🏻au but it’s... get this... in space. pidge tinkers with robots because she can’t leave and lance is petty theif/space pirate. a whole new world? that’s playing when lance takes pidge around the galaxy for a spin in his spaceship, affectionately named blue. lance steals parts, he’s a junker, but after meeting the princess katie holt he wants to be good enough for her. alternate ending instead of living in a castle they just end up being space pirates together b/c WHY NOT.



A little piece I’ve cobbled together in anticipation of Episode Ignis; there’s just so many little dumb, nitpicky details I wanted to work out but no matter how much effort I’ve exerted, it seems like its just not coming together, so Imma throw in the towel this time. No sense in wasting any more time on fixing something thats not going anywhere.  And while I’m not going to attribute this to art block, I can’t help but notice that my stuff hasn’t been up to snuff as of late. :/ 

In other news, I’ve noticed that I reached a milestone in followers, so I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing a small art giveaway.  Keep your eyes peeled this coming week and a half if interested.