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The Audis from the show. My favorite is the white A4 wagon. The fitment on the sedan was beyond beautiful thou, it claimed the “grounded” crew as its team. They were an amazing set of Audis either way.

important announcement

I’m sorry but California is just too huge and too dank. TRASH THURSDAY is gonna be reincarnated this week as DOUBLE DANK SATURDAY and BODY SLAMMED by STRAYA SUNDAY!!!1

(no, i haven’t been watching vintage 90s-00s wrestling VHSs for the purposes of digitizing home loan commercials offering predatory mortgages what are you talking about????)

Dean Ambrose

Okay guys so it’s time for another rant. This one is about Dean Ambrose. If you want to you can just keep scrolling on past this, I won’t be offended. But after seeing some things on Twitter and Tumblr I need to get some things off my chest.

As most of you probably know Dean Ambrose became a Grand Slam Champion Sunday at SummerSlam. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means he has now held every title available in WWE (except for the Women’s Championship obviously). So he has held the WWE Championship, a Tag Team championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the United States Championship. Not only did he accomplish this, he is the youngest person to ever do it. He joins the likes of Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Big Show, The Miz, Daniel Bryan, and Chris Jericho.

On top of that he is one of the longest reigning US Champions in WWE History. He is a Money In the Bank Winner. He is a 2 time Intercontinental Champion. He is a 5-Time Slammy Award Winner. He is a  Triple Crown and now a Grand Slam Champion.

Mind you he accomplished all this in LESS THAN FIVE YEARS!

I’ve seen a lot of skeptics and naysayers saying that he didn’t deserve an accomplishment of this magnitude. That his name shouldn’t be on the list with the other legends that are on it because he is “lazy”, “overhyped”, “boring”, etc.

Dean Ambrose has been a mainstay in WWE on the main roster since Survivor Series 2012 when he debuted with the Shield. He doesn’t call in sick and he is rarely out for injury. In fact the last time I remember him being gone for a period longer than a week or two was when he filmed 12 Rounds: Lockdown.

As for the lazy part I just don’t see it. Many say it’s because he doesn’t give 100% into his matches. Some say he doesn’t put his heart into his promos. The promo part I attribute to frustration. I’ve seen his promos as Moxley in CZW and they aren’t bad. But WWE has his tongue tied so tight right now that every word he says is from a script someone is shoving in his face. As far as being a lazy wrestler goes I don’t understand where people are coming from. Dean wrestled the most matches of 2015 and 2016 with over 200 matches respectively each year. (He wrestled 204 in 2016, not sure exactly how many in 2015.) On top of that, he is one of the most popular among fans, esepcially kids. I have a friend that works in WWE and he does a lot of the meet and greet type of events. He has told me multiple times that Dean is one of the top three or four most requested Superstars and that in every group there is at least a couple Ambrose shirts. He might not be a John Cena when it comes to popularity with the kids but Dean has fans of all ages and types and I think there is something to be said for that. 

On top of that outside of the ring he is a great representative of the company. I’ve met Dean three times now and I’ve had amazing experiences all three times. I’ve talked to other people who have met him and they all said the same.

I guess what I’m trying to say is if you don’t like a wrestler that’s one thing. You have the right to your opinion. You pay hard earned money to buy a ticket to sit in an arena cheer and boo whoever you want. You have the right to state your opinions about Ambrose, or any other Superstar.  But don’t discredit the accomplishments someone has made just because you ust don’t like them. And this doesn’t just go for Dean. There’s a handful of guys in WWE that have accomplishments that often get overlooked because people “Just don’t like them.”

Rant Over. Thanks for listening guys. Now I’ll get back to pictures and stories and my usual happy posts.


Accents - Denice Frohman

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♘ ~ Edward.

Jean, from a pile of writhing bodies and cartoonish dust, kicking and screaming, ‘Bring it pa! I’ll take YOU TO SUMMER SLAM! THIS SUNDAY! I DIDN’T DEAL WITH HELLISH DRILL SERGEANTS AND DEMONS TO BE PUSHED AROUND BY A COUPLE OF PUNKS!”

Jean is like 21 and he is gonna have a heart attack let him live guys


A doubles delight! Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi are a perfect pairing as they take in the action at Wimbledon

And Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi proved to be the perfect match as they took in the action at the tennis grand slam event on Sunday