slammed sunday

important announcement

I’m sorry but California is just too huge and too dank. TRASH THURSDAY is gonna be reincarnated this week as DOUBLE DANK SATURDAY and BODY SLAMMED by STRAYA SUNDAY!!!1

(no, i haven’t been watching vintage 90s-00s wrestling VHSs for the purposes of digitizing home loan commercials offering predatory mortgages what are you talking about????)


For this is what i drooled over. I spent most of my time staring at these. This car is next up on my list. I will be making a play for one here shortly. These particular ones are beautiful and very well done. The white hatch on the latter half of this post is my favorite and is GORGEOUS! Can never really go wrong with white and gold! Im taking notes, mine will look this good one day… Until then I can stare at these!


After a battle of four hours and 32 minutes Novak managed to beat Gilles Simon 6-3 6-7(1) 6-4 4-6 6-3 on Sunday and reached the quarter finals of the Australian Open (27th straight Grand Slam quarter final).

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Slam Poem Sunday - Haunted by Zev Verdoner

“I think I am haunted. I think I am a contagious specter.”

You can find another poem by Zev here.

I’m the only bartender/waitress on Sundays and there is only one cook, and we got slammed this Sunday for about 3 hours straight. I finally have time to start cleaning off tables and I’m checking on the bar ever 10 minutes or so.
Not soon enough for one guy, he grabs the TV remote and just turns the volume up the whole way to get my attention.
Fuck you dude, an “excuse me” would have sufficed.


Novak beat Andy Murray 6-3 6-3 5-7 5-7 6-1 and reached the final at Roland Garros for the third time in his career on Saturday. Even though the match had to be interruped due to thunderstorms on Friday, Novak managed to stay calm and win the fifth set.

Novak improved to a 28-0 winning streak, to 41-2 in 2015 and to 51-2 since Shanghai last year.

Novak is looking to win his first Roland Garros title and to accomplish the Career Grand Slam on Sunday.

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