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anon requested shelby!reader getting arrested with the rest of them and alfie getting her out, confronting tommy

It was like the floor fell out from under the room as Tommy reeled off the charges. Everyone was suddenly at attention, raising from their seats and swinging around, looking at each other for an understanding they couldn’t find themselves.

You’d perched against the bookcases at the back of the room, wanting as much distance between you and Tommy as possible. You loved your brother but sometimes you couldn’t stand the sight of him and the last couple of months had been especially fraught. This was the last step. You’d get your share and be out of here. Back down to London with Alfie. Let things cool down, let Tommy sort his head out.

That wouldn’t be happening now.

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aggressively theorizes dickbats in r:sob: part II

“Batman showed me you don’t have to play the hand your family dealt you.”

(Robin: Son of Batman 003)

So earlier, fishfingersandjellybabies mentioned how Damian’s dialogue in this scene stood out: Damian pointedly uses Batman instead of Father even though he and Maya are discussing their parentage, and the line itself in referring to family doesn’t really sound like something that would come from Bruce (being… family).

It sounds more like the Batman he’s referring to (presumably the person currently in the cowl) isn’t his father.

And the reference itself sounded very, very, very familiar. So I went digging through some preboot issues.

I am just going to delicately place this page here:

DICK: All of us pick a road – look at what you did a few weeks ago – you turned your back on your own mother. You turned away from evil – you didn’t embrace the Al Ghul playbook even though it was easier – even though it was in your blood. You made a choice to help, Damian, to make a difference, which is always harder.

ALFRED: If I may, we go to someone’s aid because we want to, because we need to, and that is what defines us – that is what defines you, Master Damian, not that your mother is Talia al Ghul and your father is Bruce Wayne. In the end, you make you. No one else.

(Batman and Robin v1 022)

Wings & Embers analysis [2/2]

[Find part 1 here!]

POV switch to Cassian!

“One moment, he’d wanted to throttle her, then he’d read that terror on her face regarding her own past and he’d gone so murderously calm he’d scared even himself, then… then it had all stopped, the eye of a storm with them in it, and there she was.

And in those blue-gray eyes, he could see the thoughts swirling in her as if they were smoke under glass. The cunning mind at work behind that face—the one he hadn’t been able to get out of his head these week.

So he’d just… moved.”

[UGH. If they’re not mates, then idk what that means anymore.]

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Since no one asked

No one sent an ask yet and I have a need for angst right now soooooo WHO WANTS MOTHERFUCKIN HEAD CANONS WHERE S/O GETS GETS HURT SAVING THEIR PALADINS BUTTS!? CUZ I FUDGING DO! 


 - You two were on a galra ship again, trying to get some raw quintessence to see if you could somehow use it to find out how to neutralize galra tech (since it all practically ran on this stuff) 

- The other paladins were outside distracting the galra ship’s army. It was suppose to be an easy ‘in n out’ mission except….. the galra increased security since the last time shiro was there (saving allura) 

- It was an ambush. The first soldier aimed from him but you lunged in front and took blast yourself 

- For shiro, the time slowed 

- He could smell the your flesh sizzling from the heat before your body hits the ground 

- You whimper and his heart drops 


 - Poor space dad has tears streaming down his face as he attacked anyone that DARED to go near you. 

- He picks you up with his human arm and slashes a pathway through the galra security army with the other 

- He HAS to get you into the healing pod. He won’t forgive himself if he doesn’t… 

- he was frantic and running on pure instincts and adrenaline 

- They YANK you from his arms and before he could even react, another tackles him 

- He’s screaming and yelling at them to leave you alone. He can see the fear in your eyes as they drag you away and all he can do is watch 


- Keith is training himself too hard again

 - they had trouble forming volton in their last mission and Keith felt it was his fault (refuses to tell you why)

 - You tired to get him to take a break but he won’t have it


 - NOR BATHED (this stinky precious cinnamon roll) 

- You of people know that this boy is cute but stubborn as hell.

 - You begin to worry about him so you watch him train 

- He decides that’s it’ll be a great idea to fight not one battle simulator robot but SEVEN

 - This is where you hop in. (You can’t let him fight seven alone)

 - He was annoyed at first but after seeing how good you two fought together made him happy


- “Keith! You need a break!”

 - Pretty much pretends he doesn’t hear you 

- The thing about not sleeping for days, it causes fatigue, hallucinations and slows the mind. 

- Keith was doing fairly decently as he fought but then he felt his legs buckle under him

 - You grabbed him from neck of his shirt and flung him away from the last standing battle robot 

- You lost your balance and fell on top of the robot though and had some sort of spear head weapon pierce you between your hip and waist 

- Kieth right: fuck fuck fuck fUCK 



- Irony is a bitch 

- Turns off battle simulator and pretty much sonic sprints to the infirmary whiling carrying you in his arms. 

- He feels your blood seeping through his shirt by the way 

- The whole time he’s saying sorry with a cringing expression on his face and has a hard time looking at you without tears threatening to spill from his eyes 


- This man is kicking SERIOUS GALRA BUTT right now!

 - Him and his lion are more in sync and it shows

 - But has anyone told this boy not to get too cocky?

 - He’s showing off, bending the plan just a LITTLE bit 

- 30% trying to impress you, 70% trying to piss Keith off with his mad piloting skills

- But remember that the galra had a tractor beam?

 - Lance got caught while all the other paladins had to fight against other galra mini ships 

- You saved your boyfriend by FUCKING HEADBUTTING THE TRACTOR BEAM STATION (much like hunk did before)

 - There is a reason why you and lance are perfect for each other 

- Only, your pilot ship isn’t as resistant against blunt hit as hunk’s lion was so it take more than a few hits to make any real damage 



 - But you don’t until both your ship and the tractor beam station are unusable

 - That means oxygen is leaking from the pilot’s space and it’s getting awfully cold for you.

 - What’s gonna kill you first? Lack of oxygen or space version of extreme frost bite?

 - That’s when the glorious blue lion ate your ship and got you out of space’s harsh environment 


 - He takes you to allura as fast as he could (the paladins had to retreat) 

- After that lance doesn’t talk to anyone when you’re in the pod. He doesn’t sleep or eat and feels really shitty overall 


- IF you healed just fine, you will receive a shit load of bear hugs and lance can not stop talking in incomplete Spanish sentences. Most of it is yelling at you to not do that ever again 


- “S/O!!!” He screamed as you felt a knife slash down your torso 

- You two were taking a walk and a supposedly peaceful planet while the allura and coran tended to ship repairs 

- It felt like your guy’s first official date (since it’s really hard finding time and location that are date worthy when you’re in the middle of a galactic war) 

- He was so happy. It felt amazing to hold your hand like this, feel you by his side as you two pretty much enjoying each other’s company while window shopping through an alien market 

- You were laughing at Hunk’s hypothesis of what that space goo you guys eat is really made off (remember that episode from futuruma where they found out what Slurm was made of?) 

Originally posted by fynewnewyork

- however, laughter is caught short when you saw sketchy alien getting ready slash hunk from behind 

- “Hunk look out!” 

- He got out of the way (thank goodness) but that meant the knife meant for him, was directed at you

 - You fell backwards into Hunk’s arms and he panics when he saw just how fast you were bleeding out

 - Hunk had no time to worry about the alien that struck you HE HAS TO TAKE YOU TO THE HEALING PODS 

- you should see that boy run 

- Hunk is a gentle soul but holy shit when his S/o is hurt like this, he’s one scary dude.

 - Hunk’s silent rage is scarier than any galra army 

- Blames himself and kinda wished he hadn’t moved out of the way. At least it wouldn’t be YOU in healing pod 

- The paladins have to stop him from leaving the ship, in fear of what he might do when he’s like this 

- Pidge hid all potentially dangerous objects from hunk 


- first of all, HOW DARE YOU 


- WHY 

- You were with pidge in the control room of a galra ship, trying to take it over and pretty much succeeding.

 - Everything was going as planned until you pushed pidge away from the panel 

- She was was ready to yell at you but before she could, a galra soldier (the one you two thought you had knocked out) used one of his laser gun to shoot the controls panels and fried them. But you, being between him and the target, was caught in the crossfire. 

- pidge was so in shock, she felt like she’s in a nightmare as she watched your body slam against the control panels, smearing it with your blood as you slide down to the floor 

- When the other paladins made their way to the control room. They found the bodies of unconscious galra men (alive) but one electrocuted to the point where their skin was peeling from their flesh. And then there was pidge. She sobbed open mouth wails as she tried to stop the bleeding 

- “Don’t close your eyes, I’m getting you to the heal pod soon just.. don’t… S/O!!” - Don’t leave this child. I drag your ass from the afterlife for pidge.

 Ah~ that fulfills my thirst for angst… for now at least~

An Abundance of Distractions - TFP Optimus Prime X Reader (Sparkmerging)

  Requested by @wetndryxplosion


  Optimus hovers over you. His spark is glowing bright red beneath his chamber, your own thumping against the inner walls of your chest. Optimus kisses you again, deeply, his large hand resting over your spark.

 The mech is quite a lot bigger than you, so his entire body covers yours. At standing height, you only come up to his chest. Not that that’s a terrible sight…

 A huge crash at the door. Alarmed, Optimus breaks away from the kiss, and you both run over to the enterance. You slam on the panels buttons, and the door slides open.

 Bulkhead lays on the floor, a lob ball firmly implanted in Optimus’s door. He plucks it out with ease, and hands it to Wheeljack.

 Bulkhead stutters, scratching at the back of his head and staring at the ground. “Heh..sorry, Optimus.”

 "It is alright, Bulkhead. Just…do take the sport…elsewhere?“

 "Yeah.” Then they leave.

 Optimus turns to you. “Shall we continue..?”

 You smirk. “Yes.”

 Again he climbs atop you, his eyes bright and gentle, and your processor racing with the impending pleasure of a sparkmerge.

 You’re first to retract your armour, your spark jutting out of its chamber and thrusting towards Optimus’s large chest.

  He kisses your forehead, just about to retract his own spark protection when-

  “Optimus?” A grumbly asks. It’s Ratchet.

  The Prime sounds tired as you are forced to stow away your spark and again pause your activities. “Yes, Ratchet?”

 He sends a thin flow of annoyance down the bond you were hoping to strengthen.

 "Have you seen my buffer? I seem to have misplaced it…“

 "No, Ratchet. I am unaware of the location of your buffer.”

 Ratchet groans, dejected. “I’ll keep looking.”

 You hear his pedesteps as he saunters away.

 Optimus immediately kisses you, trying to get back to your activities, but you don’t even get that far.

  A loud, booming frequency comes from outside the door. You think the origin is from one of Miko’s contraptions, but both of you have the responsibility to check it out.

 Optimus sends a larger wave of annoyance and thinning patience down your bond with him. Again he slides open the door, to find Miko strumming endlessly at her guitar while Bee dances.

 You raise your optical ridges. Bee stops, and Miko’s music slowly simmers out, her singing decreasing in volume and quality until there is only silence.

 Optimus doesn’t say anything. He just walks from the room, heading out towards the main part of the base where most of the bots and humans are.

 "What…?“ You ask, following him. Miko and Bee follow suit.

 The Prime clears his throat. “May I have your attention?”

 The room quieted. Everybody turned their helms to the Autobot leader, expecting bad news. Raf stopped typing. Ratchet stopped working at the medbay. Bulkhead dropped the lob ball. Miko hung her head in embarrassment as her speaker gave a loud bust of static.

  “It would be most appreciated,” Optimus said, irritation most evident in his voice, which was loud and clear. “if I could go clear of disruptions for a few hours. Me and my conjunx would like to enjoy some time alone.”

 The intensity in his voice. The loudness. The commanding and authoritative way he spoke, it had your engines roaring embarrassingly loud and your fans running to cool yourself down.

 "Is that understood?“ he had faltered before speaking, because of your outburst of lust. You curse yourself inwardly, forcing your fans to work harder to dim the sound of your loud engines.

  The Autobots nodded, confused at the whole ordeal, but some, like Arcee, understood completely.

 "Thank you-”

 You don’t know what’s gotten into you. You suddenly pull his faceplate down to yours and crash your lips to his. He sends surprise down the bond, trying to keep himself from actually expressing it outwardly.

 You pull him down the corridor and back into his berthroom. You pull him back into the bed, him still on top of you, and both of you immediately retract your spark gear.

  “You should know I thought that was sexy as frag.” You gasp, breathlessly.

 He groans, looking into yours eyes and non-verbally asking for your consent to merge your sparks.

 You nod, and both of you meet halfway to push your sparks together. They finally meet in a flurry of light, and Optimus finally says through the bond: Maybe I should do it more often..

 You smile, gripping Optimus’s face and kissing him. The merging sparks add to the effect, mingling together and sending exotic sensations racking through your systems.

 You can feel all his feelings as strongly as you can feel your own: the love, the feeling of release, the absolute pleasure and happiness he’s feeling.

 The sensation of sparkmerging never ceased to send you over the top.

 His red spark fizzles and crackles again yours, making your scream in utmost pleasure, Optimus yelling out at the same time, until both sparks gradually retract back to their respective owners and leaving both of you breathless.

 "That was well worth the wait,“ he says finally, tugging you closer to his massive chassis. “I love you.”

 "I love you too, Optimus,“ you say. "I can’t wait to do that again.”

anonymous asked:

#14 for rebelcaptain please. With a little smut? (Only if you want to).

14. things you said after you kissed me (with only a little smut, as requested :-)

They’d been exchanging glances across the U-wing, where only Chirrut would have noticed them except, well, he was blind. Bodhi was firmly ensconced in the co-pilot’s chair engaged in a serious conversation about the hazards of imperial protocols with K2, and Baze was doing what Baze did best: cleaning his gun.

The looks had started out innocently enough; hey, thanks for having my back back there, no problem, thanks for having mine, bumpy ride, isn’t it?, can’t wait to hit the ‘fresher when we get back, do you need some help washing your back?, and it escalated quite quickly from there. It got to the point where Jyn was squirming in her seat, and Cassian sat so very still, making sure his balled-up jacket stayed firmly in his lap.

When they finally landed they waited for everyone else to disembark, Cassian making a passing remark about checking the supply reserves, and Jyn pretending to look for something she had misplaced. Bodhi had wanted to stay behind and help Cassian, but Chirrut took him firmly by the arm.

“Don’t worry, the captain and Jyn have this all under control.” And with a knowing look back at the two in question, he turned around and guided Bodhi out of the ship, slamming the panel to close the door behind them. Jyn and Cassian exchanged one last look, before they dropped whatever they were doing and closed the space between them.

They kissed each other like it was the first time, like it was the last time, like they would never have another opportunity, like they had all the time in the world. Cassian held Jyn tight against him, as if she would disappear if he let go. His fingers gripped into the back of her jacket, and he pulled her up and against him. Jyn clung to Cassian’s neck, standing on the tips of her boots, her fingers threading through his hair. It was a push and pull of desire, as they took turns deepening the kiss, and traded moans and hums of pleasure.

It was only a matter of time before it became really intense.

Jyn pressed herself against Cassian, wanting more, and he groaned as she brushed against his arousal. He broke from her lips to kiss a line down her neck, and as he hit her pulse points she moaned, a long, beautiful, airy thing that filled the space of the ship. Cassian lifted the hem of her shirt, and his hands were warm on her stomach, moving up and over her breastband to thumb at her nipples through the fabric. She gasped when one hand moved down, down past her waistband, under her underwear, and cupping her between her legs.

Not to be outdone, she nipped at his earlobe, and a guttural sound escaped his lips. She, too, slipped her hand down his pants, and not wasting any time she rubbed his hardness over the fabric of his underwear. Cassian inhaled sharply, and Jyn’s hand froze.

“We should stop?” she whispered into his neck, and her breath against his skin made him shudder.

“We should stop.” He nodded, breathless.

“Meet you in my quarters?”

“Mine are closer.”

“What are you waiting for then?” With a smirk she pulled away, hitting the panel for the door and sprinting away into the hangar.

send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a mini fic

Have more of the Sheith soulmates AU

Voltron fanfic. Probably rated T for mild language when it’s done. Definitely Shiro x Keith. Situational names/pronouns for Pidge/Katie. Feedback is always welcome. Still pondering titles.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


She left the details to her Druids. They could punish the guards that permitted themselves to be taken down. They could search for the traitorous Ulaz.

She had bigger things to do.

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anonymous asked:

"God help us, we are in the hands of engineers" maybe Shance with a sprinkling of Heith? (Hunk 100% needs a supportive Keith and I feel Shance is just pretty salty)

Oooooh interesting!!! Thank you anon! (shance with a side of heith is a good flavour of fic)

When Lance woke up that morning, minus a Shiro but with the knowledge he’d see him soon, he was expecting nothing less than the normal. Instead, as he slinked through the door with his armour slung over his shoulder, Lance was greeted with pandemonium.

The dining room itself was completely fine, but Pidge was violently attempting to tug a plate of goo out of Shiro’s steely grip whilst screaming bloody murder, Coran was shouting Altean instructions from his hiding place from behind a chair, and Keith and Hunk were perched on the floor by the food goo generator. Soon, Keith was growling at Shiro and Pidge to call off their little war, which only seemed to increase the problem. Hunk, meanwhile, was arms deep in wiring and looked like he’d rather be anywhere but there.

“Lance, kitten, babe,” Shiro called over, “please come and help me get Pidge off my food.” He gave a sharp tug, causing Pidge to nearly tumble off her chair.

“Lance, don’t let him deceive you, this belongs to me!” Pidge steadied herself on her chair again, the narrowed glare at Shiro indicating she was ready to fight back. “God help us, Lance, we’re in the hands of the engineers!”

“Hang on.” He held his hands up in the air, which somehow got them both to turn and look at him. “What’s going on here?”

“The goo generator is broke,” Keith piped up from where he was sat with one arm slung over Keith’s shoulders, “Shiro got the last bowl, and Pidge can’t seem to handle it.”

“I get cranky when I get hungry, you know that Keith!”

Lance was about to reply when Hunk slammed the access panel shut, grabbing a plate and squirting the goo out onto it. “There, it’s fixed,” he confirmed tiredly, “Pidge, chill out?”

Pidge dropped Shiro’s plate petulantly, instead holding her arms out to Hunk and making grabby hands. “Please?”

Instead of passing it to her, Hunk thought for a second, then smirked and passed the plate to Keith. “Thanks for sticking with me, hon!”


As Pidge stormed over to retrieve some food for herself, Lance slipped into a seat next to Shiro. “Some morning, huh?”

“Yup,” Shiro said with a laugh, offering Lance a spoonful of the goo that he happily accepted, “share mine?”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

send me a sentence and some ships or characters, and I’ll write something for you!