slammed bikes

anonymous asked:

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How tall are you?- I’m 5′3″ or 160 in cm 

Sexual orientation- Female 

Age I get mistake for?- 16 

Best friend?- @sunflowerlady95 

Story from your childhood?- The time I thought I was hot shit and tried to impress my 4th grade crush while trying to perform tricks on my little mermaid bike. I lost control of the bike and slammed into this metal mailbox and knocked myself out and later on begged my friend not to tell my mom I got hurt and did something stupid. It was a wild ride..

A wish you’ll wish for?- Hm I don’t really have any wishes…maybe just be successful and eventually have my fiancee move in with me (we’re doing ldr) 

 Do you have a crush?- My only crush is my fiancee haha 

Do you work out?- Yes, well recently I have cause I’ll be going to boot camp soon