slammed accord

Welcome to Tram Slam, where underground music meets underground transit!

Party hard until the sun comes up, September 16th, Friday at 8:00. Get Down Underground with the hottest new tracks and mixes from DJ Firelord. No cover fee! No shirt, no shoes, no problem!

Here, at Tram Slam, we only have two rules!

1) Work that body, work that body!
2) Make sure you don’t hurt nobody! So nothing sharp/pointy/that goes BOOM! And no animals that bite, scratch, or may cause an allergic reaction!

People causing trouble can win a free one-way ticket to the Brawl Pub to punch out their rage!

This Slam night: Party Like It’s The End Of The World! (Because It Probably Is!)

Look for an incredibly cool kid near the entrance to point out the way! Once you see the neon lights, you made it!


The Tram Slam is a rave-style party hosted in the Deeprun Tram (Stormwind Entrance), a casual, unofficial event for characters who are interested in the party scene. Please whisper Morétti, Mabellá, Toryanna, or Abràm  in-game for information and/or an invite to the raid group and leave your pets and IC weapons at home.