from now on im gonna start all of my multiparagraph theory posts i tack onto gifsets with “Slamma Jamma! Sit down from all around, another cool sweet trivia truthfact from me to you - your hip happenin knowledge maestro….”

Stitch! by Brawny Bro

(Based on a true booze story.) An out of the country cartoon about an out of this world character. It’s Righteous time!

*drinks some smirnoff* Hellur, everybody. I’m taking over for my friend while he’s busy with a monkey. Surely I, with my vast knowledge of cartoons, can make this entertaining as well as kick my friend’s ass. *burrp* Anyway, let us dive into the first Disney anime ever that etches from the original movie, and let’s see if that and the other, and original, Lilo & Stitch cartoon. *swigs another sake bomb* Good god, hit it.

STORY TIME! Hey-O, kongo bongo, look out down below! Here he comes, Banana Slamma! Okinawa’s hero! We find Lilo being all grown up, family and everything, forcing our alien hero Stitch to relocate to Japan because he went down with the ship. Don’t worry, fella, you’ll find another mate one day. Speaking of which, he crashes onto an Okinawan island and meets Yuna, basically Lilo except literally kicks more ass and is equally unearthly charming.

"She’ll have to do since Star Butterfly won’t cume ‘til March!” HEY-O!

I’m on a roll today, but don’t get off your ass yet, there’s more. We have the all the aliens from the original Lilo & Stitch, including Jumba, Pleakley, Hamsterveal, and the 625 experiments from the original show. However, we have more characters that- OK, I’ll just stop and assume everything here is exactly like the original Lilo & Stitch toon except I think it’s turning japanese. I don’t know, I assume this from the dub. I mean c’mon, it’s not like it’s gonna be Lilo and Stitch all over again now that Yuna is our new hero.

"You got to be shittin’ me."

OK, OK enough with the comparing. However, this is just Lilo & Stitch with japanese people; ooh. The only difference from this is that there’s an ultimate legend where finding the Philosopher’s stone’s miscarriage, Stitch can have one wish as long as he commits enough good deeds for the community. *guzzles a keg* umm Fuck, we have to learn in this, do we? The bad here is one thing and it is sooo obvious: Stitch… itself. C’mon, how can he talk fluent English with such an awful voice? It just doesn’t feel right. It feels unclean, sorry but I need this.

"That picture just connects to me here, somehow."

*chugs ten shots* Ah, let’s *urp* continue. Admittingly watching this, it’s on a level of Disney Junior simple. For what its worth, I like it. Stitch is still his usual asshole/heroic self. Yuna, being the Ned Flanders of the society, is an nice and spiritual young lass when she ain’t shoving her ideology down my throat. There are some moments in plenty of episodes that hit the money, and it’s hilarious in a kids like way. Call it a Disney Junior cartoon, and I’m sure the Disney nuts will like it more. I recommend watching season one only, ‘cause that was certainly all I needed to see. And may I remind ya that MADhouse, the studio behind Metropolis, Trigun, and the Marvel animes, made the first two seasons. Because when I think of Madhouse, I feel nice knowing they have this:

and this:

and nice lovable things such as this:

can now add this to their success bank:

Genius, pure unmutilated genius.

If you’re into a little fun, cute, and cheery Disney anime, I say *chokes down your secret vodka cache* watch this here and you might take a little liking to it. I mean, just because Lilo isn’t around anymore, doesn’t mean this show can’t live up with their own saving graces. Now if you excuse me, ma chariot awaits!

OK then. I’m Julien the Bro, love and peace, and my god I got a headache from this. Well, as long as nothing like this is gonna happen to me again.

Somebody just put my childhood out my misery!

Special thanks to the-little-douche-bag for making my boss crack the whip on me.

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Thinking about the donkey kong country cartoon fucks me up. Like somewhere there is a human being who thought the phrase “banana slamma” would be the next big thing with kids.