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'Never say or do something you'll regret.' It's one of my life rules. EVERYTHING I do and say has purpose and I try to always obey that. So when I do eventually fuck up (because I'm human) and someone calls me out on it, I'm usually receptive and accept whatever comes. This person is free to say what they like, but they're also accountable for what they say. You were being slandered and you decided to try and put a stop to it by defending yourself - and I do hope they stop. (LadyBuvelle ♥)

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As a long-time roleplayer, I understand your points about portraying a muse however you wish do, and I do understand that they shouldn't have made those posts about you, truly, I do. However, those posts were on their personal blog which they use to privately vent when they don't have another means of doing so. Being publicly called out on expressing their feelings in their safe space is unbelievably cruel and petty. You could have given this up and let this go just as easily as they could have.

[[I also happen to have a personal blog, however if they wanted it private, they could have password protected the blog. Private means unseen and out of sight, not where something can trickle down the grape vine and into the hands of the people the shit-talking is towards.

And it is incredibly cruel and petty of her to shit post about members of the community publicly where individuals are linked to this and see this from the community to see. Neither of us are exactly in the wrong, nor in the right.

And as mentioned before, I hadn’t raised my hand once in the months since the event. In fact, I avoided it like the plague because it was wrong, but my aversion to it and lack of action has done nothing. When things like ultimatums are being made and given to friends and what not simply for interacting with me, and etc etc, then it’s no longer ok. 

If you don’t agree with the topic, you’re not inclined to be part of it. 

The problem inlies here that it wasn’t private. It was public. It was where it could be seen, and it was, and it was handed to me after others had seen it and brought it up to me. 

The user posted it in a place where members who follow me also see it.

That is not ok. I stand by my words.]]