EXO Mafia Reaction: When their fiancee runs away

||| Anon asked:  Hi there ! Can I get a BTS and EXO mafia reaction when their fiancee runs away? |||

BTS Reaction

Park Chanyeol

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He was keeping track of not only you but all off your devices, so he knew you were planing to escape.

*Snatching your phone from your hand* “Jagi, I think we need to talk.”

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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One night you woke up to Minseok sitting in the corner of your room.

“So you’re finally awake. It’s time to stop playing these silly games and come back home with me.”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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When one day he came back after work and saw you missing, he couldn’t believe you betrayed him like that.

“That girl… She couldn’t have gone far.” he thought getting into his car.

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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He would be angry af. He was at work when his men called him and told that they lost sight of you. He trashed his office before storming out to go find you.

“Aish, she’s nothing but trouble.”

Kris/Wu Yifan

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After he told you, he’s in the mafia, he expected all kind of reactions but definitely not this. Trying to control his anger, he gathered all his men and told them to bring you back using any means possible.

“She has to be back home by evening, you understand?”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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After not seeing him for a few weeks and thinking you finally escaped, he came in and sat down at the opposite side of the table at the restaurant you were having dinner at.

“I gave you enough time to change your mind and come back on your own, seeing as you have no plans of doing it, I will take you myself.”

Kai/Kim Jongin

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He would be pissed.

“I tell her my secrets and this is how she repays me.”

Byun Baekhyun

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He was searching for you for a whole week so when he finally saw you in another city he slammed you into an alley wall between the buildings.

“Naughty girl, so this is were you were hiding.”


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He knew exactly were you’re going so decided to watch from a distance and see what you will come up with. In a few days he lost interest though and decided to just approach you.

“Had your fun? Now it’s time to go home.”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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A few months later you were about to go out of your new apartment when you opened the door and saw Yixing. 

“You’re pretty good at this, it took me longer than expected to find you.” he said throwing you over his shoulder and descending down the stairs to the car.

Suho/Kim Junmyeon 

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He found you the same day in one of the train stations.

“I didn’t propose to you so you would leave me the next day, you should now understand that there is no escape, I have eyes all over the country.”

Oh Sehun

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You were packing your things not expecting him to be back home so soon. You didn’t even hear him approach you from behind.

“Going somewhere? You know you can’t do that. We are engaged now.”

A/N: Hope you enjoyed!! I wrote this as if the member is the gang leader. BTS reaction coming up next. Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

day 9: 30 days of autism

Day 9.      Talk about special interests.  Do you have a special interest?  What is it?  Feel free to infodump.

the specialist interests that are most at the forefront of the mind in here is psychiatry but that one sucks so we hate it, but there’s also wham city which is FUN and i like it i wish i could do what they do. i would love to be able to develop that kind of rapport with my audience and create that beautiful surreal mix of horror and comedy and i just saw dottie 4 ever and long donovan 4 ever and that was GOOD what a fish waht a world of waves and water and it was sad RIP long donovan but but but that’s the end of them poor fish by eby eby 

there’s also been a lot of binding of isaac and soonwe amy hit 1400 hours and then it’ll be 1500 hours and we still sucka dn we’re all tstying to get the hang of thigns sometimes but other times it’s just impossible so we rest reset reset reset reset and we tried greed mode but no thanks and greedier is bad too 

longer term special intersts like team fortress 2 and antiquity are taking a hold because they’re big and i’m so TIRED i HATE LOTS OF THINGS what’s the opposite of special interest special HATREST i’m 

wham city / AB Video Solutions is a troupe of media makers that include alan resnick, cricket arrison, ben o’brien, robby rackleff, and dina kelberman and 

they are known for such things as adult swim infomercials like Unedited Footage of a Bear (featuring an advertisement for a drug named CLARIDRYL which is a spoof off of drugs such as tylenol and claritin but it turns out that it’s bad and scary and the mom in the commercial meets her doppelganger who beats her up and tries to take over her house and it’s very scary with loud music) 

and This House Has People In It (a weird multimedia project that straddles several different websites and essentially features a very weird family who do weird things like spit on clay pizza and scream when they are on the phone but the main video has the daughter whose name is madison and she falls through the floor onto a mattress and the lights pop out and we just learned that the pink man is played by cricket arrison which is very cool) it is in THIS universe that we have LYNKS DISEASSE but that is in other palces too but LYNKS DISEASE is you don’t want to get it but you do want to get rid of it watch the

scultor’s clayground on youtube it’s !!! the sculptor talking about lynks and clay and he shows you ohow to make the good sculpture 

and they also made The Mirror (a water hygiene focused cult’s instructional videos that teaches you how to make bone sculptures and how to do intergalactic telepathy) this one is new 

and Live Forever As You Are Now (a digital technology made by alan resnick who teaches you how to live forever and get to know yourself and make a digital avatar versin of yourself and his digital version is named teddy who has a beautiful wife) 

and alan resnick (on his own? unsure) made a youtube project by youtube user alantutorial which is very sad but it’s also very surreal and weird and it features the strange life of alan tutorial as he navigates the world around him which is very cruel and unforgiving to the point where no one can pick up the blue chair 

i think cricket arrison is very very pretty and in the mirror i saw her acting a lot and realized that she was very good atnd then i learned that she was the pink man and was also credited as DONNA in uniedted footage of a bear and i like her a lot. 

wham city is on tour right now but the closest they get to us is atlanta which is far far far away so we will not get the chance to see them but that is OKAY

aaaaand i’m done we have everything that we see right here on the internet thank you for reading GOODBYE

Gadget Vs. Infinite

Gadget’s body was alight in crackling, red sparks as he flew across the battered remains of the city and slammed hard against a piece of concrete. There was a painful thud as he fell to the ground, his orange fur bloodied and disarrayed. He let out a cough, but that was all he permitted; he refused to make any other indication that he was in pain. 

“Infinite” - the “Infinite” he knew - would never do this to him. His stubborn resolve to not acknowledge the harsh reality that he was hurting him kept him from staying down and he shakily rose to his feet once more. This was a mistake in Infinite’s eyes, which glowed an unnatural gold as glared down at the wounded fox.

“You’re fun,” Infinite said in amusement. “Most perish after the first hit.”

Gadget held back a groan as he tried to stand up straighter, his broken rib punishing him with a sharp pang. Infinite was eerily quiet as he watched the fox slowly rise. 

“… Please,” Gadget said hoarsely as he reached out a shaking hand, his palm upright and welcoming. His eyes glistened and the hint of a smile graced his chapped and bloodied lips.

Infinite said nothing. He flung a hand out and sent yet another blast of energy at Gagdet, this one hitting him square in the chest. He couldn’t help the cry of pain that escaped his throat as he landed hard in the dirt. He spasmed for a moment before closing his eyes and lied limply for a long moment. 

Satisfied, Infinite turned away to attend to more important and pressing matters. As he left, his hovering form moving silently through the air, he began to hum that sad, melancholy tune. It dripped with nothing but evil and hatred. 

A small, broken voice drifted up from the ground behind him. Infinite stopped and listened as that small voice hummed along, as if that small voice knew the song. Something in him stirred. 

He turned back around and glared hard at Gadget, who’d once again gotten back up onto his feet and was still humming that song, his eyes staring defiantly into Infinite’s.

“Stop,” Infinite commanded coldly. Gadget continued, louder; as loud as he could, even if it hurt. And it did - oh, it did, but he’d somehow breached Infinite’s stone-cold fortress and he was not about to give that up, no matter how small that nick in his armor was. 

“Don’t you remember?” Gadget said, tears brimming at the edges of his eyes. “When you were scared?”

Infinite’s eyes widened and he felt himself slipping. Something dreadful and cold - colder than him, even - was gnawing at him from deep inside. 

“I said stop,” he said again, although this time his voice had the smallest hint of a shake to it.

“I sung this to you!” Gadget yelled. “I hummed this to you!

“Enough!” Infinite said as he picked up Gadget using his telekinesis and threw him against the concrete. Again. And again. And again.

But still, Gadget refused to stay down. Infinite resorted to holding him down, tightly and painfully on the ground, using his powers. Somehow, against all odds and the telekinesis, Gadget managed to lift his arm and hold out his hand in that same warm, welcoming gesture. 

“Why do you keep doing that?!” Infinite roared. “What do you want?!” And his voice wavered just a little bit.

“I want my friend back,” Gadget managed to squeak out under the immense pressure on his chest. He didn’t know if he was hallucinating, but he swore that he felt the pressure on his chest lessen just a tad.  “He was so alone and afraid…

and he still is.”


En mi edificio, hay grietas en las paredes
Diez pisos sesenta casas cientos de grietas
Gente que se va a dormir a otras casas
Pero diez pisos sesenta casas cientos de grietas pero que siguen en pie.

Hay grietas en otras casas otros edificios
45 grados de inclinación que dan hasta el piso
Gente que se va a dormir a otras casas
Porque si no se van, las casas se van a dormir sobre ellos.

Mi escuela está incrustada en roca volcánica.
Es un nido de subsuelo seguro, inmovible.
Sé que no se me cae encima el techo,
Pero no quita que se me haya caído encima el mundo.

Hay escuelas que no están incrustadas en nada.
Hay niños que murieron en un edificio que debería ser un espacio seguro.
Hay niñas que en vez de llenarse de conocimiento,
Se llenaron de polvo y se cubrieron de escombros.

Hay un país, en América del norte;
Tiene grietas en su geografía, reposado en tres placas tectónicas.
Tiene grietas en su economía, nadie sabe qué se gasta en qué.
Tiene grietas entre su gente, nadie parece ser tan iguales como en la Constitución.
Tiene sismos a cada rato y desaparecidos a cada rato y muertas a cada rato.

Pero también tiene indignados.
Tiene voluntarios.
Tiene gente queriente y pudiente que no se rinde.
Gente que las grietas no lo espantan.
Gente que los escombros no le pesan.
Gente que el cansancio no le gana.

Hay un México que siempre se levanta.
Hoy. Mañana.
Desde hace tres años.
Desde hace tres décadas.

Green meets Blue

MariChat May 25th: Akumatized Chat


Summary: Marinette tries and fails to protect her identity.

I apologize for the Ooc-ness is this.

“Why are you dating him?” Chat asked, his voice sounding distinctly bitter.

Marinette blinked at the boy in confusion. He showed up without any fanfare and then demanded to know why she was going on a date. How did he even know about it?

“Is there any reason you need to know?” She asked flatly.

His expression flickered into something angry for a moment before fading back to something more neutral. “Just tell me.” His own voice flat.

She frowned. “No. It’s not your business who I date.” With that said she went back to drawing out her designs.

Chat lips thinned into a line. “Dating him for the pretty face, eh?” He asked dryly

She tensed up and spun around to face him again. “Shut up.” She growled.

His eyes flashed. Seems like he hit a nerve. “I didn’t really take you for that kind of girl.”

Marinette grit her teeth. “I always took you for a good for nothing mangy cat.” She retorted.

Chat frowned. “Is that what you really think of me…?” He looked almost hurt.

“Yes.” She snapped and once again tried to return to her work, though instead she ended up glaring at it.

Chat’s eyes darkened further. “Very well then.” He shook his head and left.

Marinette grimaced and looked to where he had been standing. “Good job Marinette.” She muttered self-depreciatingly.

The window to Chat’s bathroom cracked when he slammed it shut. He became Adrien as he walked into his room. Plagg almost immediately started wedeling him for cheese. To silence him Adrien tore his ring off and tossed it to the floor. It hit the ground with a clatter of ringing noises as it rolled under his bed.

He sat down at his desk and flipped on the screens. When he saw Ladybug plastered across them he screamed and smashed his hands down on his desk. His fist’s throbbed with pain as he seethed.

A black butterfly floated through his window and landed on one of his fists.

“Greetings, Heartbreaker. In return-”

“Yes. I agree.” Adrien hissed.

Hawkmoth chuckled. “Very well, go and get me Chat Noir and Ladybug’s Miraculous! Heartbreaker!”

Black energy consumed Adrien’s body and left behind a black leather suited boy with a dark red cracked heart in the middle of his chest.

The boy, Heartbreaker, clenched his fist in front of him. His fist glowed darkly. “I’ll show the world how it feels to have your heart ripped apart!” He slammed his fist into the desk again. This time the desk simply broke apart.

He grinned at his power. “First things first though, Marinette, your little boy toy-” He chuckled darkly. “-is going to get a visit.”

Marinette woke with a start and noticed her phone blowing up with notifications. She blinked the sleep out of her eyes as she grabbed it and unlocked it.

She groaned when she realized they were from the Ladyblog.

“What is it Marinette?” Tikki asked from the little nest of fabrics she used as a bed.

“An akuma.” Marinette slowly sat up. “It’s one in the morning and there’s a freaking akuma.”

Tikki looked at her in concern. “There’s never been one this late before.”

Marinette shook her head. “We’ve been lucky so far.” She stood fully and went to get dressed.

“I hope Chat realizes that there’s an akuma.” Tikki murmured.

“Let’s hope he gets notifications like I do.” Marinette said.

Finished getting dressed, Marinette quickly transformed and headed to where the reports were saying the akuma was.

Ladybug surveyed the destruction with trepidation.

The couple of people that had apparently been around when the akuma had shown himself lie on the ground crying. If that wasn’t creepy enough the ground had shards of glowing red and black crystal scattered on it.

Alya was trying to console a woman on the ground. Ladybug only realized it was the girl’s mother when she got closer.

“Maman, things are going to be alright. I promise.” Alya said soothingly. Her mother just shook her head and continued to cry.

“Alya, do you know what the akuma’s power is? Or where it went?” Ladybug asked softly.

Alya looked up with relief. “Thank god your here.” She shook her head as if to clear it. “I don’t know where he went,” She look apologetic. “But his powers…” Alya shuddered.

Ladybug frowned. “Are you alright? You look pale.”

Alya nodded. “I’m fine. He’s called Heartbreaker and can do what the name implies.” She then gestured to the crystals. “Those are what remains afterwards.”

Ladybug paled as she looked at the huge amount of crystal lying on the street. “Are all of those…?”

Alya swallowed and closed her eyes. “All of them.” She confirmed.

Ladybug shook herself. “Okay then.” She turned determined eyes on Alya. “I’m going to fix this. Try to get somewhere safe, alright?”

Alya nodded and went to prod her mother into going inside the nearest building.

Ladybug frowned, where could a guy called Heartbreaker be?

Heartbreaker grinned maliciously as he left the bakery. The tears he could still hear from behind him made him feel powerful. He had looked around for Marinette and she hadn’t been there so he took the price of her missing out on her poor ignorant parents.

He smiled crookedly as he gazed forward. “So there you are, Ladybug.” He tilted his head and held out his arms like he wanted a hug. “Miss me?” He jeered.

Ladybug was looking straight through him. She could hear the cry’s from where she stood. She grit tears of her own back, took a deep breath, and turned to face Heartbreaker.

“Miss you?” She shook her head in disgust. “I don’t even know you.”

His smile thinned. “Oh but you do-” She cut him off by flinging her yoyo in an arc around him.

He chuckled as he dodged to the side. “So predictable little bug.”

She growled and pulled her yoyo back. “Lucky Charm!” She yelled and threw her yoyo in the air. The charm dropped into her hands.

“Really.” She stated flatly. “What in the world am I supposed to do with a bar of chocolate?!” She yelled in frustration.

Heartbreaker laughed. “Chocolate, oh that’s rich.” He laughed harder.

She ignored him and looked around for a way to use her charm.

He smirked and waited patiently with his arms folded across his chest.

She glared at him and huffed. “I’ll just do this the old fashioned way.” She moved towards him and flung her yoyo forward again.

He smirked and flicked the yoyo back at her.

Ladybug rubbed her head. “You… you hit me in the head with my own yoyo.” She glared at him.

“You’re so easy to predict, My Lady.” He smirked and blew on his fingernails.

Ladybug froze. “What did you just call me?”

“You still haven’t figured it out?” He laughed cruelly. “How purrfect.”

Ladybug shook her head. “There’s no way…”

“That I’m Chat Noir?” He smirked. “Sorry to bust your bubble, Princess, but I’m the real deal.”

“P-princess?” She stuttered out, dread filling her. “Y-you’ve never c-called me that-”

“Come on Marinette.” He placed his head in his hand, his fingers covered his left eye, and smirked. “You’re not fooling anybody.” Another crooked grin.

Ladybug stared at him in terror. “Was… did I cause this?”

He glared at her. “Yes, you did.” He stalked towards her. “And now you’re going to feel the same thing I did when you ripped my heart to pieces.”

Ladybug dodged backwards as he lunged at her. She quickly threw her yoyo out and swung onto the rooftop behind her.

Heartbreaker glared at her.

“All I did was date someone why…?”

Heartbreaker snarled. “You turned me down so you could go out with some pretty boy!”

Ladybug shook her head. “You never even asked me out!”

At her words Heartbreaker’s chest seemed to glow darker. “How dare you…!” He snarled

Ladybug watched, terrified, as red streaks came from all over the city and slammed into Heartbreaker’s chest. They finally came to a stop just as two streaks came from her parent’s bakery.

Ladybug gaped. “Did you just absorb all those people hearts?”

He glared at her. “Why do you care…?” He blinked and then smiled victoriously.

“Of course I care!” She frowned. “You care too, Chat.”

He chuckled. “It’s Heartbreaker and-” He pointed at her. “-I seemed to have distracted you long enough.”

Ladybug’s hand went to her earing. Her eyes widened when she realized she was too late.

A flash and Marinette stood where Ladybug had been. Tikki floated down into Marinette’s waiting palms. “Sorry Tikki.” She murmured to the sleeping Kwami. “It looks like I’ve failed.”

“That you have.” She looked up and startled when she realized he was already on the roof.

She needed a way to distract him. “So why did you absorb those hearts? Some sort of powerup?” she prodded.

“Something like that.” He moved forward and Marinette moved back until her back hit a chimney. “I think it’s time I make you suffer for making me feel this way.”

Marinette squeaked when his hand gripped her throat. “How about you tell me what I did first!”

He hummed. “I already told you. You turned me down and then went out with some brat instead.”

“But I didn’t…” She froze at his slowly angering expression. “I don’t remember that. Please tell me.” She begged softly.

He considered her for a moment. “I suppose I can. I have all the power after all, but first.” He grasped her ear with his other hand and pulled out her earing. He then repeated the task on her other ear. “There, no more Ladybug.”

Marinette couldn’t hold back her tears. She had lost.

“Oh come on. Don’t you want to know where you went wrong?” He seemed almost gentle now.

The girl nodded.

“It was probably because you made me fall for you.” He chuckled at her forlorn expression. “Really though, it was because you turned me down last week like it was nothing and then had the guts to ask out some random kid instead of me.”

She blinked in confusion. “How could I have asked you out if I already turned you down?”

He looked condescendingly at her. “You turned me down as Adrien, Marinette, not Chat.”

“Oh.” She said softly.

“I thought that you had a crush on Adrien and it would have been simpler to date as ourselves. Yet you had no hesitation in dismissing me and my feelings.”

“I was trying to get over you. Adrien you.” She grimaced and tried to take deeper breaths as his hand had loosened a bit. “I didn’t think Chat had feelings for me at all.” She shook her head slightly. “If I had known…” She bit her lip. “I’m sorry Chat.”

He blinked at her in surprise and the heart on his chest pulsed red. “You’re sorry? Wait are you saying that if I confessed to you as Chat…?” He didn’t seem to be able to continue.

She looked him in the eye. “I had, have, feelings for both sides of you.” His grip on her neck loosened further. “I shouldn’t have tried to get over Adrien you by dating some random guy.” He let go of her. “I-” She took a deep breath. “-love you.” She pulled him towards her and kissed him square on the lips.

He froze and the heart on his chest seemed to pulse rapidly before glowing brighter than ever as he started kissing her back.

Marinette’s eyes widened when his akumatized state collapsed and the akuma came flying out of his chest.

Adrien’s confused eyes stared back at her.

Wasting no time Marinette grabbed her earrings from Adrien and put them back on. She transformed and purified the akuma and was surprised by the Lucky Charm sitting on the ground from earlier. One Miraculous Ladybug later and she could feel the soreness leave her neck.

She turned to see Adrien sobbing quietly into his knees.

She pulled him into a hug. “Shh. I forgive you.” Adrien just shook his head. “Fine.” She smiled at him. “I love you, Adrien, Chat.”

He looked up at her in surprise and she took the moment to reconnect their lips.

Everything else would eventually need to be dealt with, but for now Ladybug was just glad that Adrien was alright.


Chapter Four → “Tired”

SUMMARY: You were held captive by Hydra for years and had only just escaped when the Avengers find you. You’re beyond terrified of everyone and everything around you, but the thing the terrifies you the most is yourself. The things you can do with your “abilities” are beyond what anyone could possibly imagine.

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3  

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You were seated on the couch with Wanda next to you. She hadn’t let go of your hand since she entered your mind and you were grateful for that. The rest of the Avengers were standing in various places throughout the room, all of them staring at you. You subconsciously rubbed at your chest, willing your heart rate to slow down.

“Can you s-sit down,” You asked quietly, “Y-you’re making me nervous.”

Steve smiled softly and plopped down into the chair across from you. The others followed suit, but left the couch to you and Wanda.

“Alright, (Y/N),” The man named Tony began. You were told that he was the man in the metal suit that you had thrown “like a frisbee.” (Steve’s words, not yours.) “We have a file on you, but we thought you could tell us more about yourself. I, personally, would like to know more about your powers because Helen said she had never seen anything so strange–”

“Okay, Tony, just let her start wherever she wants.” Steve interrupted, afraid that Tony would offend you.

All eyes were on you and you felt your body tense. Wanda squeezed your hand. Your eyes flickered to hers and she smiled sweetly at you.

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Coming Home- Part 2

Part 1

Prompt: Peter returns home to find that the girl he is in love with is dating someone else

Peter slowly got out of bed, taking his time to get dressed. He hadn’t talked to Y/N at all over the weekend and he missed her. He knew that she was probably hanging out with Luke, not even thinking about him. Grabbing a pair of jeans from his closet he put them on, making sure to roll the ankles. He took a green sweater and a red and white plaid shirt on before pulling on a pair of black sneakers. Glancing in the mirror, he saw his hair was sticking up and quickly tried to matte it down. Taking a deep breath, he grabbed his backpack from his desk chair and walked towards the kitchen.

The kitchen smelled like pancakes and Peter knew that this was May’s way of trying to calm him down. She smiled as she entered, taking the syrup out of the cabinet and placing it next to his plate.

“Everything is going to be ok,” she said, reassuringly. “You need to tell her how you feel or else she will never know.”

“She doesn’t feel the same way, May,” Peter said, taking a bite of his pancakes.

“She does Peter. I see it when the two of you are together. Like I said just talk to her.”

Peter finished the rest of his pancakes in silence, while May got ready for work. When he was done he placed his dirty plate in the sink and left for school. Even though he had his headphones in, he drowned the music out with his thoughts. He had no idea how he was going to talk to her. She probably hated him.

When he arrived, he immediately walked over to his locker, grabbing the textbooks that he would need for his morning classes. He heard Y/N’s laughter coming from her locker across the hall and he turned around to see her surrounded by a group of her girl friends. Her eyes caught his before she quickly looked away. He watched as she walked down the hallway, giving Ned a small wave as she passed him.

“Y/N told me what happened,” Ned said, approaching Peter.

Peter rolled his eyes, annoyed that Y/N would tell Ned, although he knew that she would’ve told him. The three of them told eachother everything. Peter was surprised that Ned hadn’t told him that he talked to Y/N sooner.

“Rumor has it she broke up with Luke,” Ned continued, shrugging.

Peter glanced up at him, surprise written on his face. “Really?”

“Yea but you didn’t hear it from me,” Ned replied, holding his arms up in defense. “I also know she is hurting more than she lets on. And I know it’s not from breaking up with Luke….”

Peter gave him a small shove as he closed his locker, walking towards his first class, Ned besides him as they walked into the room. He glanced over at the desk where Y/N normally sat only to see it vacant. Y/N had changed seats and moved towards the back of the room next to one of her other friends. Her eyes stayed on the ground as Peter and Ned took their seats three rows in front of her.

The rest of the day dragged by as Y/N did an excellent job avoiding Peter. By the end of the day Peter had grown frustrated. All he wanted to do was talk to her and she was making it impossible.  

The final bell rang and instead of running out of the room like he normally did Peter slowly walked out and towards his locker. Talking to Y/N was more important than being Spiderman. He needed his friends more than he needed to save the city.

He slammed his locker shut and turned around to leave before spotting Y/N alone at her locker. Now was his chance. He stood with his back against his locker, arms crossed over his chest, waiting for her to turn around. When she noticed him she rolled her eyes and headed towards the main door. Peter raced after her, coming to a stop in front of her.

“Y/N, wait!” he said, holding his arms out in front of him. “I just want to talk!”

“I’m not in the mood Peter,” Y/N replied, trying to walk past him.

“Y/N please! You don’t have to say anything. Just listen! Please!” he cried, his voice cracking.

Y/N stopped and looked over at him, her eyes watery. “No Peter, you listen to me! You’re my best friend and best friends are supposed to be happy for each other. I was happy when you went to Germany and did all this great stuff and what do I get in return. My best friend bitching about my boyfriend! It hurt Peter! Do you even understand how much you hurt me?!”

Peter took a step away from her, hurt showing on his face. He didn’t want to hurt her. That was the last thing he ever wanted to do.

“I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything about Luke. If he makes you happy, then it makes me happy. I’m sorry for being a dick.”

Y/N walked over to the row of lockers and sat down on the floor, leaning her back against them. She pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around her legs. She looked over at Peter, who joined her on the floor, his long legs sticking out in front of him. Tears were rolling down her cheek and she wiped them away with the back of her hands.

“You left me Peter,” she said quietly. “You didn’t even say good bye. What if something had happened to you?”

Peter leaned his head against the lockers, closing his eyes. He let out a sigh, frustrated with himself. This was not how he had pictured the conversation going.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. You have to understand it all happened so fast. Mr. Stark showing up and asking me to go to Germany with him that night. I wanted to say goodbye but there was no time. I should have texted or called you when I was leaving but I was just excited that Mr. Stark had even asked for my help.”

Y/N leaned her head on his shoulder, wiping her final tears away. Peter placed his arm around her shoulders, holding her close. His hand moved along her arm, soothing her.

“Why were you so mad that I was dating Luke?” Y/N asked, quietly.

Because I wanted it to be me, Peter thought. “I don’t know. I just- I thought- I don’t know,” Peter stuttered.

“I know Peter,” Y/N simply said.

Peter scrunched his face, glancing down at her. “Know what?”

“How you feel about me….” Y/N said, playing with her shoe lace.


Y/N laughed. “Yea,” Y/N sighed before continuing. “I did it to make you jealous. You made me so mad when you left and I wanted to get you back. It was stupid. I shouldn’t have used Luke. I’m sorry Pete.”

“You wanted to make me jealous?”

Y/N nodded. “Well it defiantly worked and I promise next time I have to leave the country, I’ll tell you right away.”

Y/N laughed and wrapped her arms around Peter’s waist, giving him a hug.

“So uh, do you maybe wanna go on a date…with me?” Peter asked, nervously.

“I thought you would never ask!” Y/N said, laughing.