slam van

We didn’t kiss. Maybe it would all have been different if we had; if she’d planted her feet straight through the ground and stayed there long enough for me to taste the bubblegum on her mouth one last time. Maybe she would have remembered something important and stayed. Instead, she just smiled, her golden hair dry and shining while water soaked through my clothes and clung to my eyelashes. Her dress was clinging to her thighs, and I watched the yellow sunflowers mold themselves onto her legs.

“See you soon,” she said, looking at me one last time before turning on her heels. It was more of a goodbye than I’d ever gotten before, and I was struck still with it. I knew that, beyond anything, I would never see her again, that she had packed up the last of us in her boxes and moved on, but I wanted to believe that she meant it.

She slammed the van door shut behind her and they pulled away, the U-Haul rumbling behind them—a faithful dog full of memories. She didn’t look back until they got to the end of the street, where her entire body turned to look at me through the rain-streaked window of the trunk. She puffed out a breath, fogging up a small circle of the window, and pressed her mouth to it, then she was gone. A cloud of smoke trailed after her the way most things did, and then nothing but the wet sound of tires on the soaked street.

I wondered if she ever wished the rain could touch her. If the rain was ever sad that it couldn’t.

—  excerpt from “Halo”, a short story by Caitlyn Siehl
Ride to Slavery

10:00AM The little bitch on the bicycle wasn’t paying attention as I drove by and flipped me the bird as I went by. I slowed down and asked her what her problem was and she said, “You nearly hit me, asshole.” I told her I wasn’t anywhere near her and she came right back, “Just open your fucking eyes next time, moron.” I knew how deserted the road was so I grabbed one of the ziplock bags I carry when hunting with a rag soaked in cohlorform and then slammed my van to the right and knocked her off her bike. I hit the breaks, got out, opening the side door as I went. She wasn’t even up yet and I threw her bike in the van. She got up and asked what the fuck I thought I was doing. I punched her right in the stomach and put the rag over her face. She was out in seconds.

11:00 PM I heard the little bitch waking up. I’d put her in the basement area under the main barn. I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do with her yet. I let her scream for a while, before I paid her a little visit and silenced her with a slap to the face before putting a helmet on her and cutting her clothes off. The helmet was so she’d start to learn and understand the complete loss of identity she was going to suffer as a slave. I put a little bengay, mixed with tiger balm and hot sauce on her cunt, to make her squirm.

12:00 PM I hit her with the cattle prod a few times and she absolutely howled, it was music. I also decided to get her aquianted early with her new life of pain and caned her now extremely sensitive cunt. She struggled and screamed like mad, and tried desperately to get away. I leisurely rubbed my new property. She was going to be fun.

1:30 PM I get her out of the chair and strap her into a strait jacket and put her in a standing cage with a helmet over her head. She can’t see a thing and can hear very little. I randomly walked up and hit her cunt with a small shock wand. The way she screamed and bucked in an effort to get away was like an erotic dance. I pulled her out after a while and straped her into a frame that gives me unrestrained access to her now very sore cunt. I caned her feet and ripped multiple orgams out of her before I whipped her cunt with a single tale. She twisted as much as her bondage allowed which wasn’t much and I could see the begging in her eyes. Her mind was slowly, but very surely moving in the exact direction I wanted it to and instincitvely I think she knew it and was trying desperately to resist.

4:00 PM Given her continued resistance I decide it’s time to truly introduce my new toy to just how much pain it can suffer in very little time. What followed was a three hour marathon of various positions, pain, and suffering, all designed to confuse her mind and overload her senses. She started strapped onto her back, helpless as I sadistically apply an electrified probe to her tits and cunt. Then I bolted her neck and limbs to a pipe and caned her feet before making her stand painfully so I could cane her helplessly exposed ass, and finger her raw cunt to multiple orgams. I laughed at her efforts to stay on her toes and off sore soles, and I loved the way she tried to twist away from my invading fingers. All through this I continually repeated the mantra of how worthless she is. That she’ was just a slave. A thing. A toy for my amusement and pleasure and nothing else. She was constantly shaking her head but the words were getting to her, as was the torture and constant stimulation she was being forced to endure.

7:30 PM By now her cunt was sopping wet despite her efforts to resist. Her body was completely betraying her and I knew it was playing heavily on her mind. She was starting to wonder how she could win if even her own body was fighting against her will. I decide to keep working on those feelings of helplessness and straped her into another frame and blindfolded her as I decided to start her sex training in earnest. I stuck my cock in her mouth and she just sat there gagging slightly but otherwise motionless, with the exception of trying desperately to break free of her bonds. I ignored her struggles and told her even with the ring gag in her mouth I expected her to start sucking. She didn’t at first but after a few shocks with the probe up her ass and whipping her cunt she finally started working with gusto. She wasn’t a great cock sucker yet, and once I shifted to fucking her I realized she had a lot to learn about squeezing her master’s cock with her cunt but she’d learn. If I had any mercy I’d figure her cunt had taken a lot of abuse today and she was probably in quite a bit of pain as I fucked her, but I don’t, instead I whipped her tits for her lack of performance and explained a slave must always perform perfectly, or else.
She’s struggled even harder at my words, still trying to fight her way out of her destiny. I just commented about how pathetic her efforts were as I savegely pinched her nipples and got a final blow job before letting my load splash all over her face. It was another demonstration of her complete helplessness and made to continue her utterly demoralization. I saw the exact look I was searching for in her face for a moment before it was replaced with anger and also more than just a little spirit. I was sure she still thought she’d be rescued or would escape. It was going to be great crushing that spirit and watching that hope completely dissolve along with her will.

10:00 PM I wanted to stick with the lesson of complete helplessness so bolted a gag around her head and bound her wrists to the back of it and her nipples to the front. She stood fully exposed as I proceeded to whip her at my leisure. Each snap of the single tale across her body brought an agonizing scream from her and after an hour she was covered in welts and I could hear begging, but I ignore it as I finally let her down. She was exhausted and could barely stand so I bound her into a kneeling position on an elevated board. Her head and wrists are locked in a kind of stock and her legs were forced doubled and spread wide. She realized how completely exposed she was and started screaming when I approached with she recognized as a piercing kit. I put the kit down and walked behind her, shoving a probe up her ass. She started crying again and I grabbed one of her nipples viciously and gave her a quick shock before I told her to shut up. Her gaze briefly went to the controller I held up and the message, “or else” was clear; she was immediatelly silent. She was learning. I proceeded to pierce her nipples and clit then attached a to the new tit piercings and caned her ass. She was being as quiet as possible, the threat of the probe still on her mind and I smiled.

12:00 AM It had been a long day and my little fuck cunt was exhausted. I locked her in one of my special boxes for the night. It of course had clamps on her tits so a computer could send random shocks as I shaved her head as the final humiliation of the night. Having hair is a luxury a person enjoys, and a fuck slut enjoyed no luxuries. She wept uncontrollably when I told her that. I simply smiled again as she was shorn like an animal and then shaved bald. I loved the look that’s filling her eyes now. She’s terrified and beyond rational thought. She’s a wild animal, and I’m going to enjoy taming her. I continued to explain, in graphic detail, what her life was going to be. She screamed as the reality that this was just the first day of her new life crashes down on her. I left the computer running and melted some wax on her head before mounting a burning candle on the soft wax. I told her if the candle fell off she’d probably burn down the barn and die. If it fell off and she was still alive in the morning she’d just wish she was dead. She continued crying as I left. She’d have a long and exhausting night while I slept soundly. I needed some rest. After all, I had long day planned for her tomorrow.

Present Day
9:00AM the alarm goes off, and my new alarm clock immediatelly snaps up as quickly as her bondage allows and starts searching for my cock. It’s difficult with her arms incased in a leather pouch and the head fully covered in a tight helmet. I’ve found it’s possible to make a helmet extra tight with the absence of hair and so have been keeping her bald. The daily shaving just demoralizes her more.
She finally makes it onto the bed and her search is successful as she starts sucking my cock, just like she’s been taught. She was a bit slow at first but a couple mornings with an electrical probe in her ass and cunt that woke her up with a nice strong current taught her to move quickly. She begged almost constantly for freedom, promising to do anything I wanted if I’d just let her go. I told her she was doing exactly what I wanted, and besides, I’d already proven to her that she didn’t have a choice. I’d do what I wanted without her consent. She was a slave and had no rights and I’d keep teaching her that lesson until she learned it. It was amazing how quick after that the little cunt’s will crumbled. That first night of rape and torture, followed by a day of exactly the same is what really got her, that and the electrical shock up her ass, cunt, and on her tits. She was begging by the second day for the chance to do anything to not experience that again. She had started to fully accept this was the course of her life and she actually called me “Master”. I took her at her word, even though I enjoyed using that torture quite often. She’s absolutely and phobically terrified of electric shock now.

9:15 AM I love fucking this tight little cunt. She, or rather “it”, now works my cock with her muscles as good as any whore I’ve ever had. Almost like her life depended on it, in fact. After I’m done here I’ll flip her over and fuck her in her ass again. She still struggles a little when I do that and I love overpowering her so completely. I figure I’ve only got a few more weeks before even that fight’s out of her. Once that happens I’ll start the real training to completely eradicate any vestiges of the person she used to be and then sell her off.

Before I do I’ll ask her how sorry she is she was so mouthy. Bet she’ll be REAL sorry she ever met me by then. In fact, before she’s fully broken and can’t imagine being anything else but a slave I’m sure not a day will go by that she won’t wish for the chance to go back to that fateful day. Unfortunately for her that wish would never be fulfilled. She would spend the rest of her life as a sex slave and would live knowing that perfect submission and utter obedience was the only thing acceptable from a her. She would perform as a perfect slave and to the utmost best of her abilities, her masters would always make sure of that. 

We Lived

for the supercat slam: alternate universe


Lara Lor-Van watches time pass by as her niece procrastinates.

So, maybe there’s something going on that Lara should have noticed earlier.

It’s not that she didn’t see that Kara was dealing something, it was simply the fact that she was a bit busy helping Kal-El with his newly-developed powers, though in retrospect it might have been easier to have her around to support then. After all, it wasn’t just Lara who had to get used to super-strength, super-speed, super-senses, freeze-breath and what Kara liked to call ‘solar flare’. Lily is a great help, but she isn’t Kryptonian, no matter how much advice she gives to their little boy.

Kara runs a flower shop in the centre of Metropolis and recently had been complaining about Perry White, editor in chief of the Daily Planet, on behalf of one of her regular customers – Perry White’s senior assistant slash second-best reporter, who had to buy flowers for him for his wife on the regular. Apparently he was a flirt and liked to take advantage of the interns lobbied in his direction, causing his wife to get pissy, for good reason. Kara’s regular customer, Cat Grant, thankfully never let herself be one of said advantaged employees.

Both Kara and Cat are each young twenty-somethings and had Lara any idea that Kara preferred women beforehand, she would have probably paid closer attention when that Kara wilfully admitted she had a crush.

As it is, Lara now has to deal with a crying Kara who had been rejected by Cat on the grounds of having a girlfriend already.

“Lois isn’t even nice to her! They fight all the time- she goes on about her all the time, I- I didn’t even realise they were together!” Lara listens to her niece rant, running her hand through Lillian’s hair. Her partner is listening just as Lara is and most likely has far more grasp on the circumstances than she does – Lily’s good at that, nevermind that it’s her own culture.

“Lois isn’t in love with her, Kara, just wait it out a few more weeks and see what happens – my sister is a brat,” Lillian advises, “If they stay together, I’ll be surprised.”

“Aunt Lois’ ability to stay with her partners is astronomically low,” Alexander even pipes up, not looking away from his advanced mathematics homework. Kara sniffs, wiping her eyes.

“But- but what if they stay together.”

“I doubt it,” Lillian and Alexander say as one, leaving Lara with a fleeting reminder of Astra and Alura, just for a moment. Lillian goes on to comfort her almost-niece, Kara coming over so sit down between Lara and the sofa-arm, curling up with a cushion in her lap. Lillian twist a hand up for Kara to hold, despite knowing Kara would do better to hold Lara’s – it’s another reason for Lara to love her partner, the woman who dragged her from a pit of darkness in the face of losing her planet and husband, with only her son and niece left as reminders. You left your husband for me, she thinks, treasuring the smiling human even more as Kara lets out a little laugh.

Later, Lois Lane and Cat Grant break up. Lara’s covering a shift in the flower shop, arranging a bouquet with gentle brushes of her fingers when Cat strides in, sunglasses hiding reddened eyes.

“Where’s Kara?” She sways a little as she comes to a stop and Lara straightens, pushing up the sleeves of her jumper like she’s seen on television, standing firmly in place. Cat seems to recognise the posture, matching her. “What is it?”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Catherine Grant, the one who turned down my niece,” Lara says with a shade of derision, narrowing her eyes, “Kara isn’t here. Do you need to buy Mrs White another apology bouquet?”

“No – I’m done with the Daily Planet. My loan finally came through. I’m heading to National City and I don’t know when I’m coming back. I- I had to say goodbye. I’ve been putting it off. I had my going-away party last night.”

“Oh,” Lara blinks, slightly taken-aback. Kara…Kara will be devastated. “You should have come sooner. To explain. Kara can’t come here to meet you – she’s looking after her cousins.”

“Your children?” Cat frowns lightly. “You look a little young to have…”

“One is my partners, but Kal-El is older, he’s ten,” Lara reveal reluctantly, “I am thirty-three.”

“Oh,” Cat echoes her earlier reaction, a silence following before Cat finally continues. “Would it be too much to ask for an address?”

Immediately, Lara wants to say no – their apartment is the only safe place their little family has, where Kal-El, Lara and Kara can all use their powers without fear that anyone will see. But Cat would have to know eventually, if Kara wanted to try having a relationship with her – she might already know because while Lara loves her niece, Kara isn’t at all subtle about using her powers in the flower-shop or even out in Metropolis. She whizzes about, practically flying, lifting heavy loads without ever seeming tired.

Also, the food. Their calorie intake every day is gastronomical, but rather than eat twice her weights worth every morning and night like the rest of them do, she snacks over the entire day. If Lara wasn’t sure she’d continue to do it anyway, even with six human’s worth of food at key points in the day, she’d force her to stop, if only for their secret and the mental health of those who actually bother to notice Kara’s always eating.

Shaking her head slightly, Lara gives an apologetic look, before finally deciding. “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

Cat leaves Metropolis and starts up her radio show. Lara takes the initiative and pays an extra monthly fee to get long-range so they can listen to her once a day, every afternoon from four till five. When her TV show starts to air, she switches from radio to television and they sit down before dinner to watch, Alexander and Kal-El doing their homework on the coffee table. At some point, a few years later, Alexander’s sister, Lena, joins them, a tiny girl with dark hair and sad eyes that light up in wonder when Kal-El flies up into the air to tidy a spider in the ceiling corner into a glass jar to take outside.

Kara pines. It’s sad to watch.

Somewhere around the millennium, however, there are new things to focus on. Kara moves out into the apartment above her flower-shop, studying part-time at Metropolis University to become a photographer, eventually advertising dual service as a wedding florist and wedding photographer, turning her apartment and the other two apartments above it into a gallery slash photography studio slash office. Lara is the one to help her renovate the attic into a new apartment, using the human architecture degree and builders’ diplomas she’d earned over her twenty years on earth to put in airy, slanted floor-to-ceiling windows and install a private bathroom.

Lara and Lillian themselves manage to get a townhouse around the same time Kal-El gets an internship at the Daily Planet, first payless and then paid as he proves himself up to the task, despite only having education in journalism via biweekly night-school. He even makes a friend, who he sends to Kara for an apprenticeship in photography. In Lara’s opinion, it’s the best idea he’s had since telling Alexander he should go to Oxford rather than Yale, reducing the fees they’d have to pay by literal thousands. James Olsen – Jimmy to everyone but Kara – is one of the most honest, caring boys Lara has ever met and she even forgives Kal-El for not telling them that James was his boyfriend, just because James told her it was fine.

Then Batman shows up in Metropolis and Lara is lucky that she’s Kryptonian, because otherwise she would have been killed by the explosions that subsequently wreaked havoc on their neighbourhood for over two months, before Batman caught the unlucky sucker.

Lena terrified and Lillian paranoid – after all, Lionel Luthor had been a close friend of Joseph ‘Firebug’ Rigger before his deployment – Lara orders her family to depart from Metropolis. Unfortunately, that is when the aliens start to attack their city and both Kal-El and Kara feel the pull to help. Lara, Lena and Lillian leave, but they all still worry. At least they know Alexander is safe in England, but more than once, Lara is reduced to tears by Kal-El and Kara’s many close calls and apparent deaths. Lillian is not much better, but she’s a doctor and knows her way around Kryptonian biology better than even Lara, who had studied it for close to a year in the Science Quarter when she went through the traditional year in each Guild as a teenager.

Lillian always knows whether different events can kill them and always has faith they’ll survive – Lara simply worries all the time.

Eventually, Kara moves away, following them to National City. She sets up a new building for her florist-photography business, leaving the deed and ownership of her first shop to James, who Kal-El moves into the attic apartment with.

“They’re fine in Metropolis, mom,” Kara assures her, “It’s Kal-El’s city – you know that he’ll keep it safe and in any case, if Superwoman is suddenly in National City, then maybe the attacks won’t be so centralised.”

“You promise to always have him on speed-dial?” Lara checks over her watch, flipping up the cover to view the crest of El in panic-button, panic-radio form. “You’ve made sure this works properly?”

“It’s works perfectly,” Kara assures her, “Not only did Alexander look over it once Kalex had produced it, but I went to Australia and Kal-El could still hear mine.” It does a lot to assure Lara that her son and niece would always be in contact.

Then, of course, Cat Grant comes swanning back into their lives, hiring Lena as a part-time babysitter for her five-year old son, Carter, in conjunction with another college-student, Alex Danvers. Kara is as smitten as always and the Queen of All Media looks properly at her now…

Except, that was always the way Cat looked at her.

Lara watches them dance around each other for a while, developing a routine that reminds Lara more of herself and Lillian than a set of best friends. Even Lena and Maggie’s relationship is far more paralleling than Lena and Alex’s – and Lena and Maggie have only been together for two months, at this point, Maggie busy with police academy. Kara brings Cat coffee, laser-hot and exactly how she likes it – sometimes, Cat even brings Kara her favourite, too, to Kara’s surprise every time, because she never thinks that Cat actually knows her favourite coffee order – and delivers her lunch to her office in the CatCo building, over twenty minutes from where Kara’s shop is based.

Cat in turn…Lara doesn’t know, most likely doesn’t even see it properly. Cat lives a different kind of life to anyone else’s she’s seen, except perhaps Alura – and Alura too, showed her love in ways Lara never comprehended. Though, to be quite fair, Lara and Jor-El were one of very few couples on Krypton that actually loved each other. To Lara’s knowledge, Alura and Zor-El were only best friends, even if they loved each other deeply as that, as friends.

Cat and Kara are not best friends.

Often, actually, they argue. It’s a companionable kind of arguing, but still argue – like how Superwoman should do more to earn the people’s trust and some likeability if the fire department doesn’t appreciate how she comes swanning in to do their job for them or that it wouldn’t be conducive to go through all the checks to see children in hospital, as it could lead to her secret identity being revealed.

Oh yes, Cat knows Kara is Superwoman. She’s also aware that the majority of Kara’s immediate family are aliens, too. Lara was horrified the day Kara came to visit with Cat and Carter in tow, just in time for the blonde to see Lara put out a minor electric fire from a toaster that Alexander had been fiddling with last time he was in the US, the week before, with freeze breath.

“Just kiss already,” however, is apparently too obvious a thing to say, even ten years later. Unfortunately, Lara said it and she refuses to take it back. Lillian just shakes her head before continuing to let Carter quiz her and Alex on their jobs in the DEO while never answering his questions directly.

Cat and Kara are together by the end of the day and engaged before the month is out. Lara just wonders if that was all it would have taken twenty-seven years ago.