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Black Sheep

Eggsy X Reader

Summary: You’re Charlie’s little sister, but you’re the black sheep of the family. SO when Valentine ropes in your family, you aren’t exactly on board.

Word Count:1369

A/N: So I had to look up Charlie’s last name, according to the comic book the movie was based on, Charlie’s last name is Hesketh, so that’s what we’re using

Thank you to both @writingwithadinosaur and @whenallsaidanddone for beta reading for me!

Also, there are several people that I tried to tag, but Tumblr wouldn’t let me, you’re tags are struck through.

Originally posted by danniejgrayson

Your brother was a filthy wanker, you’d known that most of your life, what you hadn’t known was the extent of his douchebaggery. You sure as fuck knew now.

Pacing the confines of your cell did little to quell your anger; if anything, it angered you more. Charlie and your father were, no doubt, somewhere nearby sipping champagne and toasting the impending deaths of millions of people while you paced, unable to do anything about it.

Chester King, an old family friend, had approached you brother about joining the Kingsman just months ago, but that’d gone tits up when the Kingsman had realized just how much of a pansy ass Charlie was. You assumed the organization was unaware that your father and Charlie discussed it so freely that you were privy to a good few of it’s secrets, not just it’s existence. Like the fact that it’s leader was in on Valentine’s murder spree. Fuck, you needed to get out of here.

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