I had to hurry with uploading this ‘cause work is calling! I hope you like it. xD

Want a Tom Hardy drawing? Send a request here: It can be one of his characters or just a outfit/style of his you like. If it it is a character that’s already been drawn you can request again but please send a idea of what you want in the ask.

Something DON related from Watson’s and my roleplay. He gets caught by the cops and this time, is sentenced to work off his debts to them as a cop under Roma and Arjun’s watch. The ankle brace is a tracker that helps them keep a eye on him. Shocking thing is, it’s all in his plan to be under their force. So he’s kind of cool with it. He doesn’t like going into work everyday like a police officer, but he’ll do whatever he has to.

Once again I was trying to draw with the new inked style. I actually drew this one before the photoshoot one, but I still like this one a little better.