Trolling in fandoms

I have found a parallel universe in Outlander meets Twilight and I can say one thing, bitterness and jealousy will forever play hand in hand. I am not as deep rooted a shipper as some of the lovely ladies I’ve met and conversed with in the Outlander fandom, I stumbled across quite late, merely through fascination about the show as I had read the first few books many years ago and was delighted, but hestitant they were going to adapt it for television…but I have to admit I love it now and the hardie support it has generated from all over the world - kudos to you all, slainte if I wasn’t working lol.

BUT what has and what will remain the same and this is why it’s a parallel universe for me, are the trolls; the narcissistic and sadistic nature of women, who will try and cyberbully, lie and belittle those, who not only find the show a source of joy, but also see something in the leads that’s way more than attraction. The difference for me is in Twilight the leads were very young when they took on such an enormous franchise (21 and 17) the demographic was aimed at a younger audience, but that didn’t stop much older joining in due to the book readers of the community (twilight moms)

The most rabid, let’s just say haters of even a suggestion that Robert Pattinson would even look twice at Kristen Stewart ranged from very young teens (crushing on Rob) to more mature mothers (obsessing over Rob) the similarities in this fandom are quiet startling…it’s almost as if the obsessed have moved across and attached themselves onto another hot ‘British’ actor and are now trolling him they way they trolled Rob. OR maybe they are trolling both (a certain 'I have a Tony source who tells me everything’ springs to mind)

While there are fans out there, unfortunately there will always be those who are not. I don’t know if it happens in other fandoms, I’ve been in a few in my time and certainly I believed the most rabid were from the twilight community, but I’m having second doubts, because this one us getting just as silly. I often questioned when I had a blog, 'why do you care if they are dating or not. What impact does it have in your life?’ Because basically it shouldn’t. Regardless of whether the two actors, who are playing a couple or not, it shouldn’t hamper your enjoyment of the show. There have been a few shows I have watched in the past, where the on screen couple are not an off screen couple (i had a major shipping crush for Harm and Mac in JAG) but that didn’t put me of enjoying the show and neither should it if they are. Because it’s not OUR lives it’s theirs and if they choose to be together in real life, what does it matter? The only people it seems to matter to are those fixated, fascinated, obsessed or have a crush on the male lead and it’s always, because the demographic of these shows are women.

Sam Heughan is a very attractive man, but his alluring presence stems from his closeness he has for his co star. He’s a Scottish nugget, I’ve seen interviews of him in the past when he was younger (local interviews as I lived there) and he’s always come across as a charismatic person, very genuine. But age has made him more responsive and add to that his genuine sense of peace when he’s being interviewed around his co star were he lights up. When you have studied Body Language you can straight away tick off the foretelling nuances a person gives towards another person. The first place I always look are the eyes, the hands and then the postering. Micro expressions cannot be guarded or forced, they are the little truths your body gives when you let your guard down (whistles and bells I like,to call them) I saw it in twilight and I see it here in Outlander. You may disagree and that’s your prerogative, but don’t confuse your refusal of seeing what’s there with an alternative belief. And if you are one of those, who would rather believe in someone’s narrative based on 'sourced’ theories, then truly you are blind and have yet to see the light. No friend, work colleague or friend of a friend will give out information that can be used against their 'famous’ friend unless it’s,for more of an insidious gain. Since 2007, the dawn of Social Media has allowed celebrities the knowledge that nothing is safe and everyone assumes your life is played out through the media. Those, who do not wish their private lives to be displayed on the front cover of every trashy supermarket magazine or website, keep it private and their friends won’t say a thing either (nice try purvliar, but you are either being fooled *highly likely it’s not hard given your reputation* or you enjoy the attention too much with your lies *most likely as you are known for your fan fiction*) so anyone who says they have a source, I suggest you take their information with a huge cup of salt…a source is used in the media, when they have mined fan accounts or got an online tip on their site from either a disgruntled fan or an obsessed wannabe. None of it is true, but if they can get you to click on their site, then it means cash in their pockets for a fabricated story.

Oh and BTW, those celebrities who refuse to play the media’s little game and prefer to throw shade at what the media does to sell your photograph to the highest bidder V’s…those who want that 'kill shot’ that will prove their ship exists…be mindful, because one photo is never enough. One gushing story is never enough and photos aka cockroaches never let up hounding the 'couple’ for a photo to go with their narrative. Sam and Cait are safe for now, they have side stepped and confused their way around the media nicely. If they do indeed come out by their own means or others, the tiny happy place you now have will change and the rabid need to dismiss them will get worse as more will try and excuse the relationship as PR and still try and link them with other people, disrespecting the relationship they have. Been there, done that and I’m still watching the vitriol. Forewarned is forearmed.

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