nameless 5-page orangebat doujin. this might happen sometime before this. please read the previous one first so this one’d make better sense.

beta’d and editted by curagas (thank you so much Autumn ily)

so this is one of the other 2 doujin i made. enjoy.

(the game mentioned in page 3 is a board game named “ Mr Jack”)

And now I wish to God thatThe earth would turn coldAnd my heart would forget it's made of glass


Aldnoah.Zero (アルドノア・ゼロ)

Some friendly competition between Slaine and Inaho on the covers of Aldnoah.Zero Key Animations ½, illustrated by character designer Masako Matsumoto (松本昌子). The color illustrations are on the plastic dust jacket for the art book, with the sketches underneath!