choochoomotherslagger replied to your post: “Wait- your birthday was the 9th!? THAT WAS DAYS AGO!! WHY DIDNT YOU…”:


 | He may not know exactly what a lot of human expletives mean, but there’s no mistaking the sentiment behind them. Especially in this case. |

{{ Astrotrain, before you panic I would like to state for the record that you are under no obligation to- }}

{{ ….nevermind. }}

| Que drawn out exvent and face scrub. Slaggit Train he was going to say you weren’t under any obligation to get or make him anything, mostly because he himself forgot and felt celebrating his creation day now would be kind of moot at this point. But since you went and did the thing- |

“…. nice cake. Where did you find the gemstones… and the hats?“

thesuspiciousorange  asked:

Wide Awake -Wheeljackingit (you don't have anon on, slaggit)

Ratchet’s took a shaky in-vent and looked at Wheeljack “can’t believe I’m about to do this..” he muttered grumpily and leaned over. Taking Wheeljack by the helm and planting a kiss right on the faceplate where a mouth would’ve been.

enmused  asked:

Oh my gosh what have you done!!?? I'm crying over here and I literally can't breathe. The cubs! THECUBS FRAGGIT!! whyyyy??? And then GAMBIT!! NOOOO!!! Why do you have to do this to us and poor Jynx??? She's already half dead and then you torture her even more??? I just want everyone to be happy and alive slaggit! Also, in reference to Gambit have you listened to Walk Away by 5 Finger Death Punch? Spot on i tell you, spot on. *Dies from feels*

//I’m sorry.

We’ll get to the happy.  I promise.  Eventually.  

If it helps any, I have cuteness and healing planned.  Soon.  Like starting next chapter.

(And technically the mech one is still alive.  Sunstreaker has him.  If that helps at all?)

Anyway, holy crap!  That song is so freaking spot on.  Yes!  I love it!  Gambit, so, so, so very much Gambit!

A lot can go wrong when you live in an area infested with destruction and decay, where in some spots the surface was so weak one step upon it would cause it all to cave in, making everything fall into a pit. Including yourself.

Other times, you could get sick with an illness that affects your vocalizer and makes you unable to speak. And there’s no medic around to help you get over it quicker.
Such was the fate for this snow-slinging Decepticon. No yodels shall fill the dead airspace of the land today, tomorrow, or the next few cycles. It will take time for it to go away, and in the meantime Snowcat has been rendered mute.