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Zayn Malik’s Ex, Geneva Lane, Slags Him Off Following Perrie Edwards Split: ‘He’s A Massive C***’

Yikes, as if the whole Zayn Malik/ Perrie Edwards split wasn’t enough drama for one day, the former One Direction babe’s ex, Geneva Lane, has now waded into the entire thing with a few choice words to say.

And, erm, not a single one of those words are pretty.


Geneva dated Zayn way back in 2010, when they were both taking part on The X Factor but before that whole Rebecca Ferguson thing kicked off, and now that it has been confirmed by Pez herself that she and the 22 year old have ‘consciously uncoupled’ Geneva has let rip.

Taking to her Twitter page, the singer retweeted a news story about their split, commenting: “Lol… Saw that coming. Dunno how she didn’t realise sooner what massive c*** he is.”

And no, we can’t say for certain which naughty ‘C-word’ she meant…

She later added: “She deserves so much better than to be treated how she has for so long. So many lies and so much deceit. 

“So wrong. She will come out strong.“

Ooft that’s got to hurt… Maybe he’s changed in the five years since you dated him, babes?

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Perrie broke her silence on the split in an American interview this morning, where she insisted that she was doing fine as her Little Mix bandmates rallied around her.

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Zayn has since tweeted: “High for this … Weekend tune on a Tuesday ha“, but has made no reference to the news.

And given his track record, we won’t be surprised if he stays schtum on the matter for a long ‘ol time.