slade building

My Attemp on Writing a Fanfic...

Felicity sat in front of the computer looking puzzled as she remember what Moira Queen had said the other day.

“ I see the way you look at him … You wouldn’t want him to hate you.”

She began playing with her bracelet nervously as the image of Oliver’s angry face flashed back to her. She hated seeing him hurt, but she had to tell him, because he meant too much to her. She snapped out of her thoughts quickly as she heard footsteps approaching.

“Felicity…” she heard the familiar deep voice behind her.

She spun around to face him, “I’m sorry…”

Oliver titled his head a bit to the side and stared at her questionably, but then nodded his head as he understood what she meant. 

“Thank you… you did the right thing by telling me.” He smiled sadly and walked to the training mat.

Felicity watched him, the way his hands were into soft fists, not the kind of fist a person makes when they are angry, No. The fists he makes when he’s nervous about something or is holding something from escaping his lips.

Except she didn’t ask, instead she let it go and turned back to the computer screen. She just listened to the sound of punches as he hit the dummy continuously and listened to the sound of his breathing. 


Oliver smiled at Sara as she approached the Foundry.

“Hi Ollie,” she said as she moved closer to peck him on the lips.

Felicity had gone home for a few hours to take a shower and get into some more comfortable clothes. Diggle was with Lyla at home. Oliver and Sara were alone and ever since what happened the other night, they seem to not be able to keep their hands off each other.

He walked near Felicity’s computers and clicked on her iTunes, which apparently is a “music thing”, and clicked on a random romantic song. As it begin to play he stood their listening to the beautiful taste in music Felicity had and he became completely in love with the song.

He turned and walked slowly closer to Sara before picking her up and pressing soft kisses down her neck. She smiled down at him and connected her lips with his. He sat her on table and played with the hem of her tank before stripping it off her body and over her head.

The music must of been too loud because they hadn’t heard Felicity coming down the stairs.

Felicity looked dazed at what she was seeing right in front of her eyes. She couldn’t react nor even blink, and without noticing she somehow had bumped something over as her hand came atop of the table.

Oliver and Sara quickly turned their heads to look at her and Oliver quickly moved further from Sara awkwardly, “Fel…”

Just before he could finish, Felicity had finally gotten herself back together and was able to control her body, “… I’m so sorry for… interrupting this, I should have knocked… but then again, none of us usually knock… since something like this is never occurring down here… and we don’t usually have to be cautious when we come in… and I’ll just get going now…sorry again… ” and then she quickly left without looking back.

She ran to her car as quickly as possible and turned on the engine. After driving for ten minutes she noticed a black van had been behind her from the very start of the drive… and she soon realized she was being followed. She panicked and tried to calm herself down. “They are obviously not following you Felicity… why would they be following you of all people!” she thought to herself to try and calm the fear that was rising through her body.

She looked back for a brief second only to turn her eyes back to the road and notice a huge, muscular figure blocking her view of the road. She quickly hit the breaks and watched as the figure came to her side and knocked on the window.

The guy was huge, well-built, and very tall. He wore an eye patch on his left eye and stared at her oddly before knocking once more on her window.

She moved the window down slowly, and remember the few things Dig had taught her if she was in such a situation.

“Felicity Smoak?…” The man asked with a fake smile on his dark face.

She stared back at him in fear. A random man knew her name. How was she not supposed to be at least a bit scared?!

“… Ye–s, Yes, I’m Felicity…”

He stared at her with his one showing eye, “I need you to get out of the car and let me take over the driving… and before you ask questions and deny my offer… I should probably introduce myself. I’m Slade… I’m assuming Oliver, or in this case, Arrow has told you about me from the island?” Felicity quickly nodded in fear.

“Unless you want him hurt, you do as I say for now on!” He stuck his hand inside the window and unlocked her door and opened to let her out.

She did as she was told and moved to the passenger side with him behind her.

He got into the driver seat and started the engine as he drove swiftly through the road. “I’ve been watching you… I’ve seen the way he looks at you, it’s the same way I looked at Shado… before the "incident”… He looked angrily at the road before his expression softened again, “I’m not going to hurt you Felicity… No! Not at all. I’m just gonna need you… to pretend to be my lover.”

She stared at him confused before finally having the courage to say something, “He doesn’t look at me any sort… of way… and…” she gulped before continuing, “… your lover?”

“I had to go through the pain and watch him be with the woman I loved… so now, it’s my turn to get revenge and do the same to him.” He explained slowly.

A tear rolled down her cheek and she wiped it quickly before turning to him, “Except… you have the wrong woman, I’m not the one he loves… nor will I ever be,” she said as she looked down at her lap.

He laughed for the first time and slapped the wheel lightly, “Like I said, I’ve been watching you two, and trust me, I’ve picked the right woman.” he made a stop at what looked like an abandoned building and switched off the engine and faced her.

“I know that you love him, but the way you’re gonna prove that is by pretending to be my lover…” He grabbed a strand of her blonde hair and stroked it softly, “…and you have to agree, because if not, well I don’t think you want to know what will happen to poor Oliver.”

She whipped her head away from him, making him let go of her golden hair, “… So, if I do this, you won’t do any harm to Oliver?” she asked nervously.

“No harm to him, his heart.”

After that line, she agreed. She knew that Oliver did not have any feelings for her whatsoever, and that the man beside her was in denial, so going along with this would mean she would be keeping Oliver safe, so she went along with it and walked into the creepy, dark building with Slade following right behind incase she tried to escape.

“This way,” he said as he walked her to a room that looked like a huge office.

“We start with our story… We met at Berry Cafe, but you don’t know the real me… I introduced myself to you as David Grey, and…” he went on with his story as Felicity looked up at the ceiling and repeated the same words over and over in her head.

“It is all for Olliver’s safety… It is all for Oliver’s safety… It is all for Oliver’s safety.”


I have no clue where I went with this… But hope you like my first fanfic EVER on Tumblr.

Please let me know if you liked it and if I should continue and post it on AO3?