Trio play gig while hanging from a wire 1,000ft above a French gorge

Climber Mich Kemeter and a group of friends attached a hammock to a highline 300 metres above the River Verdon so they could play music while enjoying the views. 

Armin Holzer performed on his didgeridoo while Niccolo Zarattini played guitar for Mich and his girlfriend Karine while hanging from the rope with just one safety line.

See the La Siesta TTTM Parachute Hammock here


Aside from pitching in the odd penny, most people tend to avoid huge, dark, seemingly bottomless pits. Romanian daredevil Flaviu Cernescu seeks them out, unicycles around the rim, casts a slackline across the diameter, and spends the rest of the day balancing over it. This pitch-black and fathomless concrete pit is a reservoir drain at Lake Iovanu, Romania. Created to flush away excess water the the lake rises, it’s over 200 ft deep, but the longer we look at these photos, the deeper it seems.

Flaviu described his day spent walking around, back and forth across, and simply dangling over the gaping hole as a ‘mesmerising’ experience:

‘It was a combination of fear, wonder and excitement; I totally forgot myself,’ he said. ‘I’ve done technically harder lines but this one was the most psychedelic. The sound of water dripping inside played over the silent sounds of nature all around creating a surreal soundscape.’

Visit for more hair-raising photos of Flaviu and the depthless drain and, if your palms aren’t sweaty enough already, video footage as well.