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Paladins' reactions to their s/o falling asleep on them?

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Lance -

He’ll turn a little red, wrapping his arms around them and letting them rest comfortably against him, but not before planting a lithe kiss on their forehead and wishing them the sweetest of dreams. If anyone makes a little too much noise around them, he’d be ready to fight

Shiro -

This guy would stiffen like a tree, he’d be so scared of waking them up with any kind of movement–but eventually he’d grow tired himself and the next moment they’ll be fast asleep on each other, legs intertwined and a flustered storm on its way once one of them wakes up.

Hunk -

His s/o falling asleep on him would be super endearing for him, and he’d note how adorable they look while they’re resting so peacefully, before pulling them closer and proving to be the world’s best pillow.

Keith -

He wouldn’t necessarily think much of it, seeing as only they were tired and too lazy to lay down in their bed. But when the other paladins catch a glimpse of his s/o laying against him, he’d grow red and bring a finger to his lips, shushing them away aggressively.

Pidge -

Similar to Shiro, they’d freeze and cautiously sling an arm over them, playing with their hair and gazing at their resting soft features. Eventually, after staying put for so long, they fall asleep as well–and it’s up to whatever paladin walks in to drape a blanket over them.