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Amalgamated constructs, or corpse dragons, are a class of demonic units valued for their physical malleability and human level intelligence. They are utilized in standard military operations by most countries, typically supporting human squadrons.

Like most constructs, they consist of colonies of microscopic demons, but their binding core is the cadaver of a drowned magician. Although their deployment in warfare is controversial and has been condemned by the United Nations since 1956, the practice is still technically legal.

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Among all the other “art” on this blog, I’ve been doing these dragon comics off and on for several months now. Mainly cos they’re fun to draw, and I’m a D&D/fantasy monster tragic with my head still in the 20th Century. I figured you guys would get sick of the slack wyrm sooner or later, but he still seems pretty resilient. That’s why now I’ve decided to put him to the test. I’m gunna do 2 comics a week for August. I want to see if I can make him a regular thing, or if you guys get sick of him and teach me a harsh lesson. If he’s more popular at the end of the month than the start, I’ll start doing him as a proper, regular comic. Anyhow, let’s see what happens!

Behind The Scenes (5/???)

Author’s note: This point is where my plot actually begins. I’m sorry about really not so great previous parts, but I kind of felt I had to write it all. if this is the first part you are seeing, I don’t think you should be too lost… I hope you all still give this a chance and that you’ll enjoy my series. Sorry for any grammatical errors. 

Word count: 2527

Summary: After being dumped by Jungkook, Rap Monster pulls you back into the members’ lives.

Other parts: HERE

This GIF is mine. I made it based off of this scenario series.

A few days had gone by and you hadn’t heard from Jungkook nor the rest of BTS. You were happy about this. You were done with them. Jungkook had just used you and the rest of the guys were not as they seemed. You still respected them as idols, but most of them just weren’t what you expected. You took V’s advice and tried not to waste your feelings over Jungkook or BTS in general.

Another week had gone by when you got a text from Suga. He wanted to know if you could come by the dorm because he needed to talk to you. You wanted to tell him no. He was probably only going to complain about how stressed he was like he always does. You really wanted to ignore his message completely, but you began to feel guiltier the longer you went without replying. You played with the idea of replying with “Who is this? I don’t know this number.” or with “Sorry I can’t I’m busy”, but even in your hypothetical situations you felt bad. You told him that you were already on your way to the dorm. You completely regretted doing so after you sent it. You had finally had a break from them, but you brought yourself back.


At the dorm you were greeted by Jin. He looked rather happy to see you and gladly let you in when you told him that Suga walked to talk to you. As you walked into the living room you saw Jungkook and some girl walking towards the door. You purposely avoided making eye contact, despite the fact that he didn’t even notice you come in.

Jin called for Suga and Suga opened his bed room door. He looked really drunk and was holding an empty beer in his hand. He motions you to follow him into the kitchen. You wait for him by the kitchen entrance will he is practically inside the fridge in search of more beer.

As you wait, you see Jhope standing outside of Rap Monster’s room. You are able hear both of them talking to each other. They were talking a bit loud and you were able to pick up some of what they are saying.

You didn’t really plan on eavesdropping on their conversation, until you over heard Jhope ask “C’mon can’t I have some more pills?” This caught your attention and you start tuning everything else out to try and hear what they are talking about. Rap monster told him, “Nah, I can’t. I’m all out and haven’t gotten a new load yet. Plus, you haven’t been doing what you’re supposed to be doing. I can’t reward you for doing nothing.” Jhope only continued to beg for more pills.

You are so engulfed in trying to understand what they were talking about, that you didn’t sense Suga standing behind you. He tapped you on the shoulder, causing you to let out a scream. Rap Monster and Jhope looked over to you two and saw your body facing them. They quickly ended their conversation and went into their separate rooms.

Suga told you to follow him to his room. He laid down on the bed and you walked over to the desk chair and asked him what he wanted to talk to you about. As usual, he began complaining about how stressed he was. He confessed that he had a lot of trouble getting the new choreography down. Jhope was going too fast and no one else in the group wanted help him out. He said that he was having writers block too. He was so busy during the tour that he didn’t have enough time to write down any ideas that came to him. Now that their tour is over, he can’t seem to think of anything. He couldn’t take the fact that he had to had to pick up the slack from Rap Monster and how he was the only one writing the music now. He mentioned that with the few things he was able to write, the rest of the group hasn’t bothered to practice and remember. They were too busy with their other work to take the time to practice the lyrics. He was scared that he was letting army down again.

His wording caught your attention. What did he mean by “other work”? Aren’t learning the lyrics and practicing the choreography the only work they have to focus on. What other things could they possibly be focusing on? Why is Suga the only one writing the music now? What is rap monster doing that he isn’t doing his part in composing?

You left your train of thought to ask Suga what he meant by “other work”, only to find him now asleep. You knew the drill. You went over to him and turned him on his side. Then you left to go find Jin and let him know.

You opened the door to find Rap monster leaning over you. It was as if he was originally leaning on the door. You got scared and an “oh shit” escaped your lips. You ended up scaring him back. He gave a small chuckle and apologized for scaring you. “Sorry about that. I was just gonna go inside the room the ask Yoongi something.”

“Oh. Well Suga is kind of knocked out now. I was just gonna try to find Jin and let him know. I was going to stay with him longer, but it’s getting late now and I should be going home.”

You directed your eyes from him, to the living room and then to the kitchen in hopes of spotting Jin. All you could see was V sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Tae!” Rap monster called out, his eyes still on you. V obediently walked up next to him and asked if him if he had to take you home again. Rap monster said, “No, I want you to go get Jin to come and take care of Yoongi. Don’t worry, I’ll take Y/n home this time.”

“No. That’s okay. I can get home one my own.”

Like V, he was persistent that he take you home. “Like you said earlier, it’s already pretty late. A girl shouldn’t be walking around alone at this time at night.”

You were really tired and just wanted to leave already, so you let Rap Monster escort you home. One the ride to your place, Rap Monster was more talkative than V had been. He was trying to start a conversation and asked if you could tell him a bit about yourself. You told him that you were a college student, but you were actually taking a year off of school and you mentioned that you were also looking for a job.

“Have you said or written anything about us have you? If you have, please be honest. I won’t be too mad or anything, I just don’t want to be getting any surprises.”

“No! I respect you guys. I understand that things are hard enough for you all without any unnessacery media attention. Even though things with Jungkook and I are over, I am not the type of person that would do anything to hurt him or the rest of you guys.”

“Thanks Y/n. I was scared that you’d be some type of crazy fan and would just leak everything about us. I really appreciate the fact that you haven’t said anything about us.”

Throughout your whole conversation you had noticed that he kept looking around and looking out for street names and other things. You asked him why he was doing that and he confessed that he had never been to this area before and was trying to keep track of where he was at. You got a little upset and lightly got after him, “You didn’t have to make sure I went home, especially since you don’t know the area! What if you ended up getting lost?”. He laughed it off and told you not to worry. He will be able to find his way back, it’s not too complicated.

He got off with you and walked you all the way up to your apartment door. At your door, he stopped you and asked you if you could come by the dorm tomorrow, after they get back from practice. He was going to talk to you today, but well its late and it’s kind of a long topic. You thought about it for a bit, and you told him you’d stop by.


The next day you stop by the dorm and as usual Jin was the one to greet you. You told him that Rap Monster had wanted to talk to you. He told you that his room was at the end of the hall, then he goes back into the kitchen. As you pass the bedrooms, you can hear V laughing in his room, Jimin listening to some loud music, and you can hear Jungkook and a girl talking in his room.

You knock on Rap Monster’s door and you hear him tell you to come in. You walked in to him working at his desk. It looked like he was trying to put a song together.

“Hey Y/n. if you want you can take a seat on the bed.” He suggested as you turned to face you. He looked at you for a bit, trying to get his thought together. Then finally he asked, “Y/n, are you interested in becoming my personal assistant?”.

“But isn’t the manager technically like your personal assistant?” you asked feeling confused. You thought that their manager was someone that would take care of their stuff so that all they had to focus on was dancing, singing, and writing.

“Um, well not exactly. Our manager should only be focusing on setting up events for us, taking us to photoshoots, setting up practices times and other stuff like that. I myself have some other things I have to do. Being a leader is a lot of work now I can’t handle it. Sometimes the manager is nice enough to help, but I feel bad because I know it’s not his job to do those things. And the other members have other things of their own sometimes and all our responsibilities seem to fall on the other. All this extra stuff takes away from out BTS duties.”

“What exactly would I have to do as your assistant?”

“It’ll mostly be errands for me. Mostly picking up and dropping off packages and letters to certain people. But you’ll also do smaller things, like getting food for the all of us and yourself too. Also taking us or picking us up from certain places that the manager doesn’t do, because it’s not BTS related.”

He noticed that this didn’t seem too fun for you so he mentioned some other things. “But if you take the job, you get to go wherever we go! If we go to the studio, you get to come along. If we go to a photoshoot, you get to go with us. Even when we go on tour, you get to come with us! Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about paying for tagging along. Expenses like that are going to be covered for you too.”

This part didn’t seem too bad. It would be fun to get to travel and to see what it’s like to be a kpop idol, without having to be a kpop idol. You were curious though. “Why are you asking me? Shouldn’t you be asking some kind of professional personal assistant, or request someone from the company to be your assistant?”

He told you that you seemed like a trust worthy person. In the past, other idols that had “professional” personal assistant had scandals that were leaked by their assistants. The fact that you haven’t said anything about Jungkook or Suga really impressed him. Since you’ve been over a lot it seems like all the guys are used to seeing you here at the dorm. The only other person here this often is their manager.

You gave him a “you gotta be kidding me” look. He chuckled at you and further explained what he meant by that. “Look, I know about what went down between you and Jungkook, but in all honesty, he handles the situation with you better than with other girls. In all those viral clips of him getting terrifyingly nervous with other girls, it all because he already slept with them and he don’t know how to handle it so he gets hilariously awkward. Obviously Yoongi is comfortable with you, half of the time that you’ve been here was because he was talking with you.”

That all seemed to make sense, but you brought up the fact that Jimin is rather harsh toward you and the Jhope hasn’t even spoken to you.

He explained some more. “Hoseok is actually a really shy person, he is only loud and playful with people that he knows. The only other time he is loud with new people is when he is on camera and is in his “idol zone”. Jimin is kind of the same way, but obviously harsher about it. Eventually he will get used to you and stop being so mean. He was even like that with Jin and Jhope when they first meet. He didn’t start being nice to them until a few months before debuting.”. In one last attempt to win you over, he told you that the job will pay well and that the more you can to for him and the guys, the more he will pay you.

You thought about it to yourself for a bit. The job seemed doable and you did need the money. It would be really cool to travel plus you wouldn’t have to pay for it. But that means you will have to see and deal with Jungkook and Jimin. Was all that really worth it? The thought of them made you want to say no, but then you thought of Suga. You remembered how he told how stressed he was because the other members had too much on their own plates and couldn’t do what they were supposed to do. You figured that if you take the job, you could get some stress off the Rap Monster and the guys and they would have more time to use to practice. This in turn would take stress off of Suga, and he would stop using you as a human dairy.

“…I’ll take the job!” you smiled. 

He gave a smile of relief and told you he’d let the manger know, so that you could get an ID that you will be let you in where ever they go. You won’t have to start until he can get you that ID.

He gave you and extra key to the dorm. He told you that when you start working, you can use this key to get in without having to get one of the members to let you in. Then he called V to take you home.

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