• Hunk: Oh. My. God.
  • Lance: Hey Hunk!
  • Hunk: What are you doing here?
  • Lance: I’m back!
  • Hunk: Like back as in today?
  • Lance: Back as in back.
  • Hunk: Too bad you didn’t die at Garrison.
  • Lance: Too bad you didn’t catch a flesh eating disease.
  • Hunk: Too bad you didn’t join a murder cult.
  • Lance: Too bad you didn’t lose all your limbs in a freak space goo machine accident.
  • Hunk: God, it’s good to see you.
Youngmin’s postcard


I am trainee Im Youngmin.

I think I’m the prettiest when I smile and that my eyes are the prettiest, nation’s producers, see for yourselves! Pretty right??

I ask for your interest and support.


I am trainee Im Youngmin!!

I am always doing my best to show a good and cool side. 

I’m working hard so please watch over me.

Again, I’m the prettiest when I smile, Im Youngmin!

Translation: @its_hanie



Good morning💗

Leaving New Mexico today…

My weird idea turned out to be really fun!Grateful I have friends who are just as weird and always willing to try. I LOVE sandboarding and will definitely do it again– and againandagainandagain!

Happy Sunday

tygermama  asked:

re: Blue Juice - Obi Wan dreaded the day Anakin found out about his slacker-surfer phase.

Hahahahahaha OH MY GOD. Yes. 

Shortly after getting back from Mandalore, questioning his place in the universe and the Order, Obi-Wan went through a brief period where he slacked off and spent most of his time hanging out on the lawn in front of the Jedi Temple, playing hacky sack and letting his hair get super long and getting baked. (Qui-Gon had a hard time pretending he wasn’t a fan of this phase.) 

He thought he’d destroyed all the pictures of him from those times, but much to Anakin’s delight, he was wrong.