Okay, let me tell you what I love about this update aside from shipping shenans. A lot of people can talk about how much of a self-absorbed, sourpuss tossbag Jake is, but in reality, he’s just a kid! Wowzas! A kid like most of us! What a concept! And like any kid, he’s still growing up and making mistakes. He’s still realizing all his faults, getting his priorities straight, all his wants and what the idea of adventure really is to him. Even if it took him awhile, he finally realizes that he’s gone way in over his head, feeling the impact of his actions and destroyed friendships as he’s threatened by a life of baby-making enslavement. It’s all starting to come to him even if it is late in the game, but that’s a page for ya, and being a page, his greatest potential is unlocked when it all clicks after a long hard road. Maybe nows the time for his redemption in terms of  both usefulness and getting straight with his pals, all hoping! If there was anytime to root for the underdog, I feel that time is now.

Hey you

Friend with the world crashing down on your shoulders

I can’t guarantee all will be well with all the hell you have today

I can’t guarantee that the fight for your well-being will get any easier

But I do know that the sun will rise for you as it will for me and anyone else

There’s some hope and healing to be found in a tomorrow

“We need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken.”


HopeA Different Message

A lot of my friends have been asking to see this “speech” after I spent a great deal talking about it before finally delivering it to my entire church this last Sunday, so here it is, finally up online on my church’s Vimeo account as well as my own blog. Pardon the intro at the beginning for it’s meant to be viewed at my church’s website.

I suppose posting this serves not only as the big revelation of who I am, but it’s also my public proclamation as a Christian to all who see this post. Please feel free to let out your stunned gasps and finger-pointing, but before you get to the cursing and denouncing of all I believe in via apostrophe or my askbox, please hear me out.

For the past three years, I’ve been preparing to give a sermon like this before my entire church in an event called The Senior Takeover, whereupon my church(New Song Community Church) gives a few high school seniors the reigns of the pulpit for a weekend every year. I was selected to give the last message of the weekend and honored I was to do so. I took two weeks writing and rewriting this, leading to a total of three rewrites, five revisions and six practices. The sermon was given June 2nd, the day after my prom. Running on four hours of sleep, I was able to stand and deliver.

I wanted to make a message for those who felt hopeless and imperfect in the world that makes them feel just those, much like my fellow Tumblrites I’ve come to know and love in the past two years I’ve been on this site. Seeing as hope itself was something near and dear to me, being able to share it with others is crucial. That being said, it’s safe to say there’s a bit of everything for everyone here(or at least I tried to make it so). From the devout Christian to the faltering one to the hypocritical Christian to those seeking a beacon of hope to those completely new to the whole church-God-Jesus-thing. Heck, thanks to you guys, I even(yes, I’m not lying) tossed in references to Dangan Ronpa, John Green and the Lion King if geekdom allusions suit your fancy.I also played a clip from The Avengers and wore a Sburb shirt earlier on in the service(the green shirt I referred to at the beginning of the video).

I essentially represented everything I was and everything that meant something to me up on that stage and it became the crowning achievement in my entire four years of high school.

Now, I know that a lot of you are of a different belief system or don’t really have one at all and I get that. I get that your views of Christianity are affected by the posts you see on Tumblr of depictions of attacks on the LGBT community, their hypocrisies, contradictions and overall hateful views on everything you love and are. I get you. That’s why I dedicate this message to you guys. Here, I hope it becomes evident that Christians aren’t always sensationalist critics of lifestyles who believe they are better than everyone, but rather better people than they were before they dedicated their lives to something that really helped them. Church is supposed to be a hospital for the broken, not a club for saints. A lot of Christians are far from perfect and I assure you a lot of them don’t condescend over others blindly without taking to account their own imperfections, a far cry from militant organizations and churches with a Christian label on it.

So for those of you watching with skeptic eyes, feel free to take this with a grain of salt, but add a little spoonful of sugar along with it. Don’t see this as me reasoning why you have to believe in the same things as I do and follow the same things as I do, but as a sort spectating of the non-perverted nature of Christianity. If you stand firm with your beliefs or lack thereof post-viewing, I respect your right to do so, for tis the beauty of the First Amendment. I thank you for the fact that you’ve chosen to read this commentary and/or watch my message for however amount of time and I sincerely hope that you have a good day/night.

Open hearts and open minds about you, I present to you a message of hope. Please mind the running time of nearly 24 minutes, my often times whispered words, stuttering and the fact that I’m a complete bawling mess at the very end.

Also the fact that I did this long as butts commentary that is probably clogging your dash.