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Snow Drop

Created for Voltron Whump Week

Prompt: Day 2- Hypothermia

Summary: A storm rages and Pidge fights to get an injured Lance to safety.

Notes: I blame Star Trek V for what happened here. Please excuse mistakes. 

Warnings for injuries, a little bit of blood and the onset of hypothermia (obviously).

Snow Drop

The storm had come on quickly. Faster than they had thought possible. Lance and Pidge had just been doing a little surveillance on an icy planet, checking out the remnants of a little Galra outpost. Their other team members were surveying the rest of the planet when the storm kicked up out of nowhere and disrupted their communication.

The last thing Shiro said, before the com went out, was to get to their Lions. So in the sudden blizzard, Pidge and Lance made their way back to Green and Blue. Pidge was walking behind Lance, letting him cut a path in the building snow. Their progress was slow. The planet was mainly ice and they had landed the lions amongst the craggy cliffs and fissures that stretched out for several miles before them. They had thought that the icy cliffs provided them with perfect cover in case the Galra decided to show up after all. However, now that they were trekking back with low visibility, it turned out to be a mistake.

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