slab square

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Dark, how did you find Naga or end up keeping her? You two seem to really enjoy each others company and I find that very nice, so I was just curious. Also, Naga is lovely, both in a beautiful and dangerous way.

“Someone ended up mentioning to me that they thought it was cute that I had a tiny dark tim as a sidekick of mine.”

Dark’s face scrunched up, wrinkling the edges of his nose in displeasure.

“Can you image? A floating, dripping box at my side? How unsightly, how unoriginal. No, I thought to myself that I deserved something far more regal than some slab of square wood. I ended up assigning a poll to decide the species and name for my creature. Once it was decided, I chose Cobra, and ended up combining two names, Naga Crowley. I just call her Naga, of course. It wasn’t hard to create her, I simply willed her into existence. She would not survive in physical world, she’s merely a mirage of the subconscious mind as I am. She was created the same way everything else you see before you is. Made purely by the thoughts of the mind, and could easily be destroyed in that same fashion if it was seen fit.”

Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tetrapylon, a massive ancient Roman monument that marked a junction of thoroughfares, includes four square structures, each comprising four pillars. Each pillar supports a massive square slab of rocks intricately carved at their edges.

The bridge of the russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov (top) vs her sister ship’s, the chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning.

While similarly packed, the chinese electronics are superior, and it’s said the antennas for the PESA radar on the russian vessel (the square slabs above and behind the bridge) are actually inoperational and filled with concrete for stability’s sake.