Dusty Rusty got a whole new exhaust yesterday, from the turbo all the way back. I found a GenuineSaab 3" downpipe and a full 2.5" cat-back BSR SaabSport exhaust on the SaabCentral classifieds last week and bolted it up yesterday. The sound is very subtle and actually quieter than I expected, but I really like it. As for performance, holy cow this thing makes a difference. The turbo spool up is much more linear, and it continues to charge hard through higher RPMs. Previously, it would feel like boost would plateau at 4800 RPM, but now it just keeps building. It’s finally letting the Viggen turbo breathe. I have a stage 3 ECU coming from JZW later in the week, so I’m super excited to see what it can do with a proper tune. #Saab #saaaaaaaaaaaaaab #saab900 #ng900 #slaab #dustyrusty #genuinesaab