The Kingdoms as High School Students

- strong
- probably lifts
- white and navy blue all year long
- asks teachers to turn on the AC in December
- can quote Frozen
- has a rock collection

- strong but silent
- loyal
- quiet but if you talk about something they’re passionate about they’ll get SUPER excited
- someone who could murder someone while still looking cute
- flower crowns
- if you hurt their friends then rest in peace

- doesn’t want to be here
- probably doesn’t do homework
- grape juice all the time. first day of school teachers freaked because they thought it was wine
- starts matches just to look at the fire
- asks for heat to be on in like August
- doesn’t like school but still happy to socialize

- leaves
- likes school starting just because it’s fall
- slow and steady
- pumpkin spice all year long
- the Mature Kid™
- fast
- first one to class
- doesn’t fight unless they have to but they’ll destroy you
- instrumental music
- wallflower

- Rich Kid™
- always smells like lavenders
- talks teachers into not giving out homework
- very pretty
- most people have had a crush on them at some point
- dresses fancy every day
- always gets out of trouble
- voice carries all the way down the hallway

- Art Kid™
- doodles on EVERYTHING
- everyone knows they’re artistic but nobody knows anything about them??
- will laugh in your face if you ask them to teach you how to art
- dresses completely different every day
- clothes always have paint stains
- Shakespeare
- hums when they walk

- 5.0 GPA
- everyone knows them but most people aren’t their friends
- could probably make a robot with whatever’s in your pocket
- hates group projects
- steampunk aesthetic
- complains about the uselessness of art classes
- probably trying to build a functional lightsaber

- silent
- nobody knows anything about them
- loves mythology
- never surprised
- somehow knows about pop quizzes before class starts
- knows three languages
- likes being alone
- could be standing right next to you but you wouldn’t notice unless they wanted you to

Reação do BTS ao verem a namorada só de sutiã

J-Hope: Ah esse não é o banheiro? *envergonhado* eu posso explicar, é uma historia engraçada…

Jimin: Ei, você! Está linda, Jagiya.


Jungkook: Yaegiya, você já ta preparada e eu já to preparado, agora é só vim.

  1. Rap Monster: Baby, você está maravi…


Suga: O corpo dela é tão lindo, ela é toda linda…pera ela vai perceber, desvia o olhar min yoongi.

V: Yŏboya, você não tem ideia no que estou pensando agora… vem aqui deixa eu te apertar. *corre na sua direção*


Hey Everyone! I have a VERY exciting announcement… I am officially a member of Sara Raasch’s Frost Like Night War Council! 😁🎊🎉💙 Each member represents a Kingdom from the world of Primoria. I am the representative for the Kingdom of Yakim! 📚❤ So you may be thinking: What does this mean? Let me tell you!! First and foremost, I get to read this gorgeous book! Which I am still totally freaking out about! I have already said this so many times but: Thank You Sara!! If you have read the books already in the series: FLN IS SO AMAZING!!! I am only half way through, and It is already killing me in the best way possible 🎊😁🎉❤ This also means that from now on and leading up to the release of Frost Like Night, (Sept. 20th, you should so pre-order😉) the other War Council Members and I will be sharing really cool FLN sneak peaks & other book related things with you all! So when September 20th rolls around, everyone will be ready to read the highly anticipated ending to the Snow Like Ashes trilogy! ❄

This is such an amazing opportunity for me and I am so grateful for it. I want to thank Sara (even though she doesn’t have an instagram.. I told her she should totally make one 😂) for making this possible.
I have been dying to share this with you all and I finally can! I am so excited. Sara has so many wonderful things planned for the future! (A little birdy told me release week will be lots of fun!!! & there may be prizes!!) If you want to stay updated with the war council you can follow me (And the rest of the council!!!) on twitter/insta @kingdomofyakim! 😊

If you haven’t already read Snow Like Ashes and Ice Like Fire, I totally recommend you do! They are two of my favorite young adult fantasy books!
This is how I like to describe it:
Frozen meets the world of Tinkerbell? (minus the fairies)
If you are interested I would check it out!

So have you read the SLA books? What did you think? What is your favorite kingdom? Let me know! I would love to chat!
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