sl tutorial


Hey here’s a quick tip/guide (sorta) to making picks a lil more interesting/have a different tone or color to them

i like to make my own gradients because i can add more to them but you can do the same with a program that makes/has a gradient system to it

I use sai but you can do this in pretty much any program that has dif. blend modes and layers

this is pretty quick so the picture isnt perfect sorry

1.) finish the drawing and merge the layers together/select the parts you want colored with a tool like a magic wand/layer selection tool like this

it will make it so the gradient only goes in that area (or you can make the layer the gradient goes on clip to the first layer if its possible on your program)

2.) make a new layer and make your -unblended-gradient. the colors you chose will determine the colors of the finished product so chose wisely. start with a base color and then build up from that until you reach the lightest part (usually white)make sure it follows the shading path of your drawing or it will look a lil funky like the example i provided above

like this. add on until you are satisfied with your color selection!

3.) Blend your finished gradient with a a brush that is capable of blending colors together (i used my brush tool at maximum blend for this)

4.) change the gradient’s blend mode to something that will show the layer beneath it.

for this example i changed to mode to Overlay at 100%

but you can change the mode/opacity to whatever you see fit

bonus! here’s the finished drawing i made to show how I did this vs. the version that was made before-hand. pretty neat how the light source changes an image so much!


So, I decided to do a tutorial?? I suck at explaining, but hey, why not.

Gotta do the sketch!! I always do those things with light, so I won’t get confused later! Also, i realised that Yenndo is a bit too… You know. He isn’t that colorful so it would be difficult to see that the colors change on him, so I added little Minireena to show how the colors are affected by other colors.

You should also do the color palette and make it half not visible?? What? Um, that thing where you make the layer less visible? The layer shouldn’t be at 100-80%, but you can make it 80-40% if you want!

Now, do the coloring and basic shadows! It’s pretty simple, you just take the colors and do whatever!

Make the shadows and colors look softer and more realistic and add extra light from their GLOWING eyessssss, ye. It’s optional, because duh, human eyes don’t glow in the dark.

After that, make the light from the eyes softer. so that they would look more realistic, because human skin isn’t as shiny as metal, plastic or glass. This is also optional.

PEW! Now the color palette and the sketch are gone! Add light and shadows to make it look better, BUT! We aren’t done yet!

Make the main layers invisible (except for the light and dark stuff because we need them) and draw some basic shapes, I decided to do wires, because why not. If you don’t want to do the background, then it’s totally okay! I don’t like drawing background too, but for the sake of making this look better and not as empty, I’m just using some easy tricks to save some time.

 Copy the background layer and play with it! Mirror it, move it around and don’t make it stand out too much, or it’ll look weird.

Tada! It looks messy, but that’s probably because I’m bad at digital art :/

Anyway, hope it helped you with shading or coloring!