sl skin

The ingredient that could be the cause of your breakouts

SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a chemical found in many personal hygiene products such as shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, body washes and toothpaste. 

It is mainly used in products to create a lather. However it is a known skin irritant. Yet it’s used in products designed for the skin and in some at as high as a 30% strength. And as we have learnt acne and acne prone skin is sensative skin, irritants such as SLS is not going to do our tender skin any favours.

I found that i kept getting whiteheads right in the corner of mouth, and I always seem to have dry lips too, I never considered my toothpaste could have been the cause for either. However since swapping to an SLS free tooth paste my lips are not as dry and I have not had one of those pimples in the corner of my mouth come.

If you have a lot of acne or blemishes along your hairline, perhaps try a SLS free shampoo.

There are a lot of SLS free toothpastes on the market, Sensodyne (most but not all versions) being one of the more well known brands.

Shampoo without SLS is a little more hard to find. I use a aloe vera and tea tree natural shampoo by Dr Organics that I bought from a health store called Holland and Barratt here in the UK. 

It’s just something to consider. I’m not saying SLS is breaking us all out, some people’s skin may not react at all, it’s just something to look out for.

The lovely Fnaf fandom: *draw purple guy super handsome, albeit creepy, in many creatively different ways*

Me, being gross: 

How many wrinkles can I make? How leathery can I make his skin? How gross is the literally hollowed out man zombie going to be? How broken are his teeth? What bones aren’t broken? What…..

Late (M)

requested: CEO Yoongi.

warnings: smut, pwp.

You were late. The train seemed to slow with that thought, the clock slowly ticking by as more passengers stepped on. You sighed checking your watch once more, your boss was going to kill you. By this time now you’d be sat at your desk, his coffee ready for him to pick up from your desk as he came sauntering in. A part of you wished you were there to see his reaction when he finds your desk empty, but then again no, you really didn’t want to see that.

Your relationship with Min Yoongi was a very complicated thing. The man, you were convinced hated you but on the odd occasion he’d blind you with his smile and even compliment you but most days you found, he was just an asshole.

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Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_IU # Palette II_104 @KUSTOM9
Ears: VCO ~ Sera’s Ear . RARE
Hair: *barberyumyum*T01.3(black)
Bangs: *barberyumyum*T01.10(bangs Atype)
Shirt: miwa’s airship -Red flavor Top #2 (Maitreya) @TheArcade
Collar: Caboodle - Playful Neko Collar - Black
Glasses: *(OO)*YUKI_Yume Glasses 01 @KUSTOM9

it’s been two minutes and I’ve already drawn a human funtime foxy~

[[before anyone asks, no this isn’t scarlett (my mangle), this is a different fox, despite the fact that yeah it’s just mangle fixed up…anyways, I’ve named her Ruby]]

my stance on rigged avatars

I was contacted this evening by a friend and respected modder in the Furry avatar community. She had some genuine concerns and approached me with some feedback she had received from some associates of hers. I’ve had this conversation with dozens of people over the last year and they all ask the same thing. Why doesn’t kzk rig?

This conversation best sums up why.

I did ask Kiu’s permission to share these logs for prosperity and she opted to keep her name on the record.


[19:02] Kiupie ( May I suggest your put in your profile that you don’t rig avatar parts?
[19:02] Kiupie ( or put it on the avatar features? ._.
[19:03] Kat (sylver.bu): i haven’t updated the features list on the vendor but yeah it’ll say ‘unrigged’.
[19:03] Kat (sylver.bu): its pretty common knowledge at this point that we don’t really rig anything.
[19:03] Kiupie ( Sorry if I’m a whistle blower but some people are still complaining you don’t rig parts D:
[19:04] Kat (sylver.bu): and im supposed to care why?
[19:04] Kat (sylver.bu): they can get glad in the same prims they got mad in.
[19:04] Kiupie ( Well, it’s a group chat of a mod shop
[19:04] Kiupie ( and it could harm your business
[19:05] Kat (sylver.bu): im not at all concerned.
[19:05] Kat (sylver.bu): i’m a first party avatar maker.
[19:05] Kat (sylver.bu): they’re a third party modder.
[19:05] Kat (sylver.bu): they’d be the ones losing money by not modding my works, not the other way around.
[19:05] Kat (sylver.bu): honestly i don’t care either way. I mean, if they make mods, awesome.
[19:05] Kat (sylver.bu): but im not going to lose any sleep if a modder gets butthurt because i don’t rig or share my PSDs.
[19:06] Kat (sylver.bu): besides i dont see why rigging matters. all my UV unwraps for the parts that matter are basically unified as one uv tile with minimal seams.
[19:07] Kat (sylver.bu): if they can’t figure out how to texture that, then perhaps they should take a good hard look at their skills as a modder, not my lack of rigging. I’ve made it as easy as humanly possible to modify my mesh works. There’s less seams than the default Sl skins and people have been making those for literally a decade.
[19:07] Kiupie ( no, they aren’t complaining texture wise–just that you should rig them together
[19:08] Kat (sylver.bu): i find it ironic that MODDERS, people who profit off the adaptability and dynamic nature of furry artists, are insisting i rig something which litearlly removes any and all possibility of legitimately modding something.
[19:08] Kiupie ( Yeah, they call BS on that D:
[19:08] Kat (sylver.bu): rigging is a giant 'fuck you’ to legit modders- people who tear shit apart and cobble together amazing frankensteins from 10 different avs from half a dozen different brands.
[19:09] Kat (sylver.bu): they can call BS all they want.
[19:09] Kat (sylver.bu): Rigged mesh is restrictive, limited and takes away all ability to truly customize an avatar.
[19:09] Kat (sylver.bu): slapping on a new coat of paint doesn’t make it anything different.
[19:09] Kat (sylver.bu): no matter how many colors you paint a kemono
[19:09] Kat (sylver.bu): its still a fucking kemono.
[19:09] Kat (sylver.bu): I can spot one from a mile away. they all look the FUCKING SAME.
[19:09] Kat (sylver.bu): I will not reduce my avatars to that.
[19:09] Kat (sylver.bu): so go ahead, let them bitch.
[19:10] Kat (sylver.bu): they’re only bolstering my belief that rigged mesh is the downfall of avatar modding.
[19:10] Kiupie ( heh, ok. Again, I’m just a whistle blower and I’m sick of them bad mouthing other creators.
[19:10] Kat (sylver.bu): go look at a club. look at all the avatars there. they’re all rigged, but you’re gunna see the same 4 avs over and over, but with different textures.
[19:10] Kat (sylver.bu): 5 years ago? you could go to a club and see a whole variety of amazing mods, all cobbled from scratch.
[19:11] Kat (sylver.bu): you could stare at an av for 20 minutes and not realize where a part came from.
[19:11] Kat (sylver.bu): then be amazed at how folks managed to pull it off.
[19:11] Kat (sylver.bu): can i please post this to my blog? I’ll redact your name.
[19:11] Kiupie ( I miss seeing that–all bunch of different avatars
[19:11] Kat (sylver.bu): exactly.
[19:11] Kiupie ( You can include my name, I don’t mind
[19:11] Kat (sylver.bu): well you said you were a whistleblower so i didn’t want you to get any blowback from this.
[19:12] Kat (sylver.bu): but thanks. this conversation basically covers all my points for why i dont rig.

[19:19] Kiupie ( No problem! I’m glad you didn’t get annoyed with yet another complaint about not rigging xD
[19:20] Kat (sylver.bu): i used to but
[19:20] Kat (sylver.bu): eventually you just snap
[19:20] Kat (sylver.bu): and lose the ability to give a fuck XD
[19:20] Kat (sylver.bu): besides, when you really step back and think about it.
[19:20] Kat (sylver.bu): my argument is perfectly valid.
[19:20] Kiupie ( Yeah, I totally learned that the hard way, heh
[19:21] Kat (sylver.bu): honestlly 90% of modders these day’s aren’t real modders.
[19:21] Kat (sylver.bu): they’re spoiled little kiddos who got their grubby paws on some PSDs from the brands that share em, they swapped two colors, added a pawprint, then put it up for sale as 'new’.
[19:21] Kat (sylver.bu): its not their work.
[19:21] Kat (sylver.bu): its not their textures.
[19:21] Kat (sylver.bu): its not their shadows, or fur.
[19:22] Kat (sylver.bu): its someone elses.
[19:22] Kat (sylver.bu): someone else composited those files. someone else spent weeks shading an avatar.
[19:22] Kiupie ( And it doesn’t show the true style of the artist
[19:22] Kat (sylver.bu): they just came along, dropped a paintbucket on a psd and uploaded it.
[19:22] Kat (sylver.bu): they can’t call themselves modders until they’ve retextured an avatar from the ground up.
[19:23] Kat (sylver.bu): they cna’t clal themselves modders until they’ve ripped apart a dozen avatars to create something no one’s ever seen before.
[19:23] Kat (sylver.bu): </micdrop>
[19:23] Kiupie ( claps