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I see we have #truedenier in today! Just what more do people want to believe that JB actually means something to SL!? Graphic sex pictures? I mean come on! She has been around for YEARS! Do you really think she's there to mop his sweaty brow and washed his trucker tee? Honestly, some people need to get a grip

No graphics for me, please. I´m still very content and scarred from the soapy face thank you very much.

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And another one for Bradley and my awesome group from last LBM

Edward Elric // Verloren
Winry Rockbell // Flakes
Roy Mustang // Magoro
Riza Hawkeye // Sally January
Fuhrer King Bradley // Feuerregen

Photos by Sally January, SL-Picture & Andy K. Photography

[ISAC FANACC + PHOTOS] NU’EST Baekho lift Jihoon up by snaking his arms under Jihoon’s armpits and held him by his neck. Jihoon even stretched out his arms.

© sl_wool

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The Catch
  • StarLord: Okay, man. I lost the battle but not the war. *chuckles*.
  • Steve: *shakes StarLord's hand* Whatever you say. *something fell out of his pocket*
  • StarLord: Oops, you dropped something, Old Man. *gets object* Woaah~ Who's this?
  • Steve: My girlfriend. *blushes*
  • StarLord: You? with this? *points at Nat's picture*
  • Steve: As a matter of fact, yes. *grabs picture from SL and keeps the picture safe in his pocket*
  • StarLord: What a catch-
  • Voice: I know.
  • StarLord: *looks around to find Hellicarrier hovering over them* Who are you?
  • Voice: The catch.
  • Steve: Well, see ya. That's my ride. *smiles and grabs rope from hellicarrier*