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So YEAH if purple guy is the dad then this kid and the older brother of that kid must be related to the girl. 

So here’s what I came up with, we’ve got the cameras in sister location that are hidden in one of the kids rooms from fnaf 4, the golden freddy doll that talks from fnaf 4 and the possessed robot from sister location…am I missing anything? 

So anyway, the mother probably divorced purple guy and took the oldest son with her and left the youngest ones with him. (Or maybe they’re some other woman’s kids idk.) The little brother visits their mom the most because he probably didn’t like his father’s work, but the daughter doesn’t like being around the older brother so she mostly stays with her father. 

Purple guy must’ve only cared about his own kids just not anyone else’s. He didn’t want his daughter going anywhere near Baby because he knew what she could do to her if not careful. Daughter sneaks away when he’s not looking and then get’s killed by her own father’s creation. 

This probably left purple guy devastated and made him lose his mind a little after that. Then for some reason, the mother starts allowing her oldest son visit them but this probably made purple guy worse since he can be a brat.

Plus getting his little brother killed on his birthday wasn’t very helpful either.

I think the little brother found out what his father was really doing with the animatronics which is why he cries so much, he must’ve thought his dad was going to kill them both and put them into those suits.  

So, but before the little brother died, Purple guy probably tried to get rid of Ennard because he knew his daughter was trapped inside him. BUT she never left, she stayed. In Sister Location she says; “Everything is Okay, I‘am still here.’

The Golden Freddy Doll in fnaf 4 said ‘I’am Still here.’ I will put you back together.’

Here are my questions; What happened to her after FNAF 4? Did she leave? Whatever happened to their older brother? Why did purple guy start making machines that killed kids?

In fifty years, I don’t know how I’ll explain to my grandchildren that the scariest game ever made had me playing a character named Eggs Benedict who enjoys casual bongo music, romantic vampire soap operas and exotic butters.


GO LIVE: Gerard Way - “Kid Nothing” (unreleased track)

I have been looking for this head for AGES! This is VCO mesh elf head it’s a retired gatcha. (I currently have heads 2 and 10 I am also looking for two of the rares, sad elf and sleep elf if anyone has them and doesn’t want them I would LOVE to buy them from you) It is a beautiful head, the detail in blushing and sculpt is wonderful, The lip shape is PRECIOUS and the ears are adorable! I love almost everything about it other than the fact that I can not change the eyes and the mouth doesn’t move at all but I don’t REALLY care about that stuff anyway. I love how sweet and innocent the expression is, at the same time it looks distant and a little sad. I love everything about it! Reminds me of a little porcelain doll!

Oh Arrow....REALLY?

So, not only does the show continue with this lie. You have Thea Queen say it’s cool to keep lying to Felicity. Ms. ‘I HATE MY MOTHER FOR LYING ABOUT THE IDENTITY OF MY FATHER’ Thea Queen. Ms. ‘I WANT TO LEARN TO PROTECT MYSELF SO LET ME RUN TO MY FATHER WHO IS EVIL’ Thea Queen. I..I can’t with this show. I hate that they used Thea to continue to justify this bs SL. I am not even remotely worried about them as a couple but this is some bullshit. Every frickin’ year, Arrow does this 'dark period’ where Oliver becomes Ollie and he does STUPID SHIT. Three years in and it’s becoming an old bag. There were so many ways to write this stupid kid SL without lying and yet, THIS is the choice they made. They must do better.

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