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One more sleep

First of all: to the anon with that best friends prompt, I’m working on it but my brain has too many good ideas and I can’t decide, but I will write this. Might just take a while.

Now to this little one here: there’s this beautiful Christmas song by Leona Lewis called “One more sleep” that I love dearly and I always wanted to write a fanfic about it. So in the next days before Christmas, I’ll write a little drabble about it and add it to this post. I hope you enjoy this!

Five more nights of sleeping on my own/five more nights until you’re next to me

Sleeping got a lot harder since Matteo left to visit his family in Italy. For the first time this year, they were separated for more than a couple days so of course Luna hadn’t been aware of how used she was to having her boyfriend around. Here and now, the bed lacked his presence, his warmth and it nearly tore her apart. Snuggling with him usually kept her nightmares away. Without him, she woke up again at least once a night.

In the dream she just woke up from, more old memories came up, twisted and recolored by her brain to the point they no longer remained happy. A sensation of heartbreak in her veins, and she reminded herself that Matteo would be back in a couple days.

However, sleep didn’t return. No matter how she turned, the emptiness next to her crept into her bones. Giving up, Luna pushed the blanket away and sat down in front of the bedroom window. It was a clear night, with a nearly full moon surrounded by stars sprinkled all over the sky. Unconsciously, her hand wandered to her necklace – or at least to where it was supposed to be. Hoping it relived Matteo’s homesickness, she had given it to him for the trip.

Her phone lit up, indicating a new message. She almost tripped on her way to the drawer next to the bed. The time difference in mind, there was a chance Matteo was awake as well.

Everyone’s fighting right now because of some stupid thing that happened years ago and I’m really jealous of your pillow. Love you.

The text increased her worry, but at the same time it was the best thing that happened all day. When you’re back, you can be my pillow. Love you more.

The minute it took him to answer felt like an hour. Shouldn’t you be asleep? Or are you having nightmares again?

Yes, but I’ll be fine when you’re back.

This time he answered sooner. That’s five more nights, right? You can do this.

Matteo was right. Only five more nights…


[ keke ] group gift winter 2017 by [ keke ] by Kean Kelly ☚
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i hope aaron actually dates alex! i wish he would fall in love with him and get married and have babies like he wants and forget about robert.. sigh

well, let´s not go crazy nonnie ;)


finally i  finished these! I started to sketch them out in November 26 and slowly finished each one day by day (there was a week i could not work on them due to art block)
Approximate time taken to complete these: about 4 weeks and 4 hours

First row: Circus baby, Ballora, Funtime Foxy
Second:Futime Freddy, Bonbon(puppet Bonnie) Ennard
Third row: Bidybab, Minireena, FNAFSL Technician

All human designs are by me
FNAF and FNAF Sister location games belong to Scott Cawthon

Free to use please credit me if you use them!
(click on each image for higher resolution ^-^)


Body/ head / appliers

Maitreya Body mesh lara

Catwa Catya bento head

Mudskin Mia skin applier 

Michan Nagisa doll kit lashes 

Clothing / Accessories

Pink Cream Pie Annie Ugly Sweater- NEW!!

Pink Cream Pie Cady Boots Fatpack - NEW!!

Blueberry Tink jeans 

Wasabi Pills Ginny hair 

Inevitable Madness Gift Wrap Nails NEW!! 

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John B could be filming scenes for Robert’s “dream” or whatever. If it’s A Christmas Carol sl they’re going with, I see Katie being his ghost of Christmas past and Larry being his ghost of Christmas future (because Robert is going to end up just like Larry in the future if he carries on). Then again, it could be Larry who puts him the hospital.

Anything is possible! Christmas miracle!!