“Soon, my Monster Allergy series comes back to France ! And yes, there is gonna be new adventures of Zick, Elena and Bombo ! The series, actually, comes back with new original épisodes for France”.

Under that, she présents a new cover of a compil that will come out for the moment in Italy, and next France. It’s a picture of Bombo, go check it out !

In another topic, am I the only one who would like to see Monster Allergy take a more adult turn (not talking about sex, tho, nnahh) ? It is 14 years old, and if you started to read it like me at 12, us fans would be like me in their 20’s, so it would be cool. But Barbara talked about Bombo being part of the new adventures, meaning he isn’t really dead ? It would have been soo interesting I think if they really had killed off a main character !

And unrelated to upside, in the early comics, I Wonder if most of the town and people at Zick’s school thinks he has some kind of skyzophrenia, as we know Patty, Matty and their parents, and maybe other are aware he claims seeing monsters ? I would have loved to see more of adults’ reactions to Zick’s seeing monsters, not just from bullies.