A whole buncha G1 stickers, my friends!

These will be available at the table I share with the endlessly wonderful, sweetest @larrydraws at TFNation in the Forge! :D Come ‘n say hi!


The Trash Jet Trio

(…also, what the hell kinda metal is Starscream made of so that he’s 2ft shorter than both Skywarp and TC but also over twice as heavy as them? According to this he’s the same weight as Optimus Prime. I’m guessing that this is a mistake or someone’s been eating their feelings because that’s totally how robots work.)

Started to watch G1 with my friend, and it was amazing how incompetent everyone was, so we started to dub it as ‘gay baby fights - the series’ 

This was actually part of a bigger picture, but then I felt like I prooobaablyyy won’t finish a picture including several bots kicking each others around with their puny limbs, so here, have the seeker trio just in case the rest of that masterpiece never sees the daylight lmao