“Starscream’s Lullaby” is an AU inspired by the plot in The Lion King 2, but mainly by the song “My Lullaby”. I made some re-draws of parts of the song, and as you can see I’ve changed the lyrics to fit the Transformers universe better. Also feat. my own Thundercracker and Skywarp Prime-designs.

AU lore explanation under the cut!

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how skywarper and i met

since ive been asked this a lot, i decided to make a fuckin post about it lmao also @megatronforever since i saw youre reply just now…

@skywarper originally followed me on tumblr around July 26th 2016 (haha one year ago to the day Im writing this) and i made a vague post about them because I saw that they’re Starscream kin or whatever and im Megatron uhhh here i dug into The Archive to find it:

in case its a bit hard to read, the last one says “food and sleep is a good common ground i spend about half my day doing that. you seem cool tho im glad to know you either way”

I never actually responded to their last reply because I got a bit socially awkward and honestly felt pretty bad ghsgshghshg but we continued contact since then as really good friends and it grew from there.

They then started spamming their blog with megastar content (here’s one of the many things they reblogged – also this one too) and so I vagued somewhere saying something like “a Starscream kin followed me (megatron) and all theyre posting is megastar. im not too sure how to take that” but I forget exactly where i vagued it (I think it was in a PM to a few friend HhH). It Was A Sign.

so thats literally how we started talking. a fucking vague post i made about them and eventually sending each other ask memes and then using tumblr IM to talk hsghrhrshgsrg


A whole buncha G1 stickers, my friends!

These will be available at the table I share with the endlessly wonderful, sweetest @larrydraws at TFNation in the Forge! :D Come ‘n say hi!

Started to watch G1 with my friend, and it was amazing how incompetent everyone was, so we started to dub it as ‘gay baby fights - the series’ 

This was actually part of a bigger picture, but then I felt like I prooobaablyyy won’t finish a picture including several bots kicking each others around with their puny limbs, so here, have the seeker trio just in case the rest of that masterpiece never sees the daylight lmao