skyward word


I thought of this while I was taking a shower and I was like hey I should draw it so instead of sleeping I drew this. Yeah, not the best decision I’ve made.

I do actually have an actual story with plot in my mind, and while I do know that a good story can convince people to ship the pairing (and I would love to see more shit for this pairing man) I’m never gonna write it out cause 1.) I’m dumb, 2.) holy shit words, and 3.) I’m a shit writer so it’s just going to be disappointing. So I just draw these random, seemingly disconnected comics with bits of dialogue I thought up cause that’s all I’m good at.

Skyward (SNK, jeanmarco, 710 words, Marco Bodt Appreciation Week, Day 1)

For easy reading on AO3:

Marco likes to climb trees, look up at the stars through decades-old branches spreading far and wide, shimmy up past the birds’ nests and knots in the trunk.

His youngest sisters says: Why do you look at the sky so much, Marco?

His oldest sister says: Get down here and help me peel these potatoes.

But both of them are kind, and both of them pat his shoulder with a smile.

Jinae is a warm place, no matter how cold the snow is when it falls nor when water freezes in the porcelain bowl on the vanity.

Marco learns, spring after spring, that birds that fall out of the nest are usually abandoned; but sometimes, they might be replaced.


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If you look carefully at the pillar in the background, we see what appears to be the Goddess, wielding a blade, which would make the Goddess Sword the same sword that the Goddess is shown to wield in the intro video, alongside the harp that’s most likely the same harp that Zelda and Link play later in the game. 

It’s not a huge leap of the imagination or anything, it’s just nice to have it semi-confirmed. 

Also: the Goddess is depicted with wings. I’d say it’s more than likely that, whoever the Goddess is, she’s the inspiration for the wings present in thee Skyloftian Crest, which will eventually become the Hylian Crest, with the addition of the Triforce.

Oh, and there’re some interesting, unfamiliar characters carved into the Goddess Sword’s pedestal.