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We all know that Hoth was a simmering mess of hormones and stress and I would pay good money for a soap opera about them. Here are some things which Definitely Happened: 

  • There’s a betting pool going on who takes Luke’s virginity. The favourites are Han and Leia, but Wedge Antilles has pretty good odds, and there’s a small contingent of aliens who are convinced it will be Chewie (after all, who could resist that Wookie musk? Headcanon: most alien races consider humans soft and gross. Most alien races find Wookies absurdly attractive. Han Solo isn’t the ladykiller; Chewie is.)
  • Leia and Han scream at each other in every corner of the base. Everyone is desperate for them to fuck. They do not. The sexual tension is so thick that it could be cut into blocks and sold as wall insulation. More than once they are ‘accidentally’ locked in a supply cupboard in the vain hope that claustrophobia will act as the catalyst that enables their frustration to spark into true love – or at least nasty raunchy cupboard sex. It does not. All that happens is that the offender has legally changed their name to escape the Wrath of Organa. 
  • Someone paints a shirtless Han Solo on their X Wing. Leia is furious. Han is delighted: both at the highly flattering portrait (he has an eight-pack, he is shredded) and at Leia’s fury (you’re jealous princess/no I am not/you’re jealous, hey I can pose like that for you if you –). Hoth’s winter had nothing on the chilly silence that followed that suggestion. 
  • Luke and Leia both have very graphic dreams about Han Solo. Han Solo has very graphic dreams about the twins –  individually, together, he’s thirty fucking years old, why is his brain doing this to him.(Later on they will, individually, realise that due to Luke and Leia’s Force-bond they probably created a circle of Han Solo Sex Dreams: Leia had them, so Luke sensed her lust for Han which intensified his own lust for Han, which led to Luke having Han Solo sex dreams, which led to Leia lusting – and so on, and so on. For the sake of their sanity, they never share this revelation which each other.)
  • Luke is SO COLD. All the time. WHY DOES NO ONE APPRECIATE HOW COLD HE IS. He comes from a desert world. Of course he’s cold! What is all this white stuff? It was pretty for the first fve seconds but holy fucking Force it is so cold it burns and what the hell is going on with that? He bundles himself up in so many layers that he waddles rather than walks. Fearsome Last of the Jedi indeed.
  • Luke tapes a knife to a cleaning droid (disc-shaped things that swish around the base, sucking up dirt) and names it Stabby. Why, says Leia. Luke, the boy from Tatooine, shining and happy despite everything says why not. Why not indeed. Stabby is very fond of chasing Han. Han wants desperately to shoot the fucking thing– but then he sees big-eyed Luke and sharp-toothed Leia cooing over it and, well. A little bit of light stabbing is nothing, compared to those two smiling. 

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Hi radi, I've just been introduced to your Skywalkers Are Eldritch Horrors AU and I love it. I also find it hilarious that idiot humans keep coming along and thinking "yeah I wanna put my dick in it" and just like. No. No, don't. Don't you value your dick? (But the story is much better since they apparently don't.)

hahahahaha look the Skywalkers are wonderterrors that the galaxy bends around and they are power and fury and every strange thing; but they are beautiful and kind and d r a m a t i c and charismatic and they make the cleverest of men (and women!) into drooling morons. Look: Anakin has more teeth than there are stars in certain clusters, and wings that don’t exist in some dimensions, and claws that may or may not be carved from kyber, and his True Form seems to shift species from one heartbeat to the next, and whenever he walks through a town all the dogs howl like the world is ready to end –

but his smile is sharp and feral, and his hair falls in cherubic curls, just long enough to get a good handful of; he’s muscular and lean, quick and strong, and yes his eyes are yellow in certain lights, but my God they are lovely. Like a forest fire. And aren’t humans basically moths? Pulled into light that is very bad for us. And Anakin is so brave and absurd, and wildness parcelled up in six two of beautiful boy, and when he smiles at you, you feel that the entire world doesn’t matter: all that matters is Anakin Skywalker, and his approval. 

And Luke! Luke has eyes bigger and bluer than any ocean, than any sky that ever was, and yes sure he has wings of molten gold that run with blood some (not all!) the time, and he has dizzying patches of dark in his luminous flesh; if you look at the wrong part of him it feels like you are falling – but oh he is so good, and kind, and gentle. And reckless. And giddy. And Leia, Leia is just as big-eyed, but her teeth and tongue are sharper, and she shouts at you but you feel that you are the best thing in the universe, the brightest. You’d follow her to hell, and she’d follow to you, because loyalty goes both ways. 

….so yes. Sure: the Skywalkers inspire primal terror. But so does skydiving and people do that anyway. People are idiots when it comes to beautiful monsters. Life would be so dull if they weren’t.

  • Kylo Ren: Starting today, I'm going to be a Sith Lord and make the First Order proud!
  • General Hux: Lol
  • Captain Phasma: Lol
  • Supreme Leader Snoke: Lol
  • First Order Stormtroopers: Lol
  • Rey: Lolol
  • Poe Dameron: Lol what?
  • Finn: Lmfao
  • BB-8: Beep Boop

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what do each of the skywalkers look like, in their other forms? do they look very similar to each other, or really different? also, what's their relationship with the force like?

so: the Skywalkers are sort of beyond human comprehension. You can’t really describe precisely what they look like, because their appearance tends to shift based on who is looking at them, their mood, the alignment of the stars. If we were to stick all of their Other Forms next to each other, and stick you in front of them you would claw your eyes out and collapse into howling insanity. 

….if we could somehow insulate you from that then you might note, perhaps, that one was all chilly white-gold majesty, and that was brilliant yellow-gold with lots of wings dripping with blood (sort of, it might be blood, it might be light) and then something that is roiling starry darkness and brilliant swathes of light, and something that is bright white, so bright it hurts; and then they all tangle up together, and you cannot be sure how many there are, or if the ones you saw were real in the first place, or anything, really. 


Odd Duck Part ll

For @izadorablog…a sequel to the soulmate imagine here, enjoy!

You were laughing loudly as you and Luke strolled through the Ewok camp. The two of you had decided to get to know one another after finding out the two of you were soulmates. That way, you could both ease into the relationship that would occur. He had just told you about his first encounter with your neighbors.

“Teebo tried to sacrifice you guys?” you asked between chuckles.
Luke smirked. “Yeah. Thankfully, they seemed to really like C3PO.”
You nodded. “Considering they don’t have droids…” you trailed off with a smile.
Luke chuckled. “Yeah, I suppose that makes sense.”

Your laughter quieted as you continued to walk in the quiet of the night. Off in the distance, fireworks were set off in celebration. You slipped your hand into Luke’s, making him smile.

“It’s a little strange, isn’t it?” you asked him.
“What’s that?”
“We met but a few hours ago, but it feels like I’ve known you my whole life.”
He raised his gaze to meet yours. “You know, I used to wonder if the soulmate thing was real. Then Han and Leia met. Of course, no one told me until after Cloud City.”
You smirked. “I’d take that over what I had.”
“And what was that?”
“Well,” you drawled, “my people have a gathering every year to find their soulmate. My family is notorious for finding their soulmate on the first one they go to. Even my cousin, who skipped the first one he was able to go to, met his soulmate the first time he did go. And I was the only one who hadn’t.”
He cocked his head to the side. “Was it that important?”
“To my family, yeah,” you explained, “Me? Not so much. For awhile anyway. After a few years of being looked at differently, it starts to get a little under your skin.”

Luke frowned for a moment. The two of you stopped in front of a vacant hut at the end of a rope bridge. He smiled and lifted your gaze to his. You genuinely returned his smile.

“I’m glad you’re not like your family,” he told you.
You chuckled. “Yeah. I’m glad too. Besides,” you continued with a teasing tone, “my soulmate’s the Jedi who took down the Empire.”
Luke humbly lowered his head. “It wasn’t all me.”
You grinned. “Oh, and he’s modest.”

The two of you laughed. Luke grabbed your free hand as well, intertwining your fingers. The two of you stared into each other’s eyes, the spark still surrounding you. Luke rubbed his thumbs over your knuckles soothingly. A small blush tinted his cheeks.

“So…did we want to try this?” he quietly queried.
You lowered your gaze with a smile. “Yeah. I think we could.”

Luke beamed with joy. You gave him a sweet peck on his cheek before he pulled you into his chest. You rested your head against his chest and closed your eyes.  

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For @izadorablog…part 2 to this imagine. Enjoy!

“Luke,” Y/N’s voice came through the comms, “Why aren’t you following?”
His eyes widened. “Hey Y/N. How’s your day going?”
He could hear the smirk in her voice. “That doesn’t answer my question.”
Luke sighed. “You know when I was stranded on Hoth?”
“Just yesterday, yeah.”
“…I saw your father. He was telling me to go the Dagobah system to train with a Yoda.”

The pilot was met with silence. In her own X-Wing, Y/N was tracing the hilt of her father’s weapon. She bit her lip to keep from crying.

“Y/N?” he asked.
“Yeah,” she croaked, “I’m still here…I saw him too.”
“What?” was his reaction.
“A couple days before you were trapped,” she explained, “I thought it was a dream. But, he told me the same thing he told you.”
“To find Yoda?”
“Yeah…I’m going with you.”
“Y/N, are you sure?”
She sucked in a breath. “He came to both me and you. He obviously wants us to meet train, and I’m not about to leave you alone. I’m not losing you too, Luke.”

Luke smirked to himself. The pair weren’t dating, but he was glad to hear he wasn’t the only one having stronger feelings. He didn’t want to base everything after one kiss. No matter how nice it had been. R2D2 pulled him from his thoughts. He chuckled.

“Yeah R2, she’s coming with.”

Y/N laughed as she heard the droid beeping with happiness. Luke adjusted a few things before entering hyperdrive. Y/N did the same a second later.

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Sometimes I wonder if R/eylos have seen the original trilogy. Some of them must have but a great deal of them talk about Luke, Han and Leia as though they are 3 completely different people. Leia isn’t as demonized by them (yet, let’s just wait until episode 8 comes out lol) but Han and Luke are portrayed as abusive, horrible people that mistreated Kylo his whole life.

Do you… do you… even fucking know who Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are….what they stand for…. what the fuck is this… I am so offended right now…