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“You alright.”

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Rey Dooku is another parentage theory I'm hearing. Is there a reason people want Rey to be descended from a dark sider other than Anakin?

People like the idea of a dark sider descended from the light (Kylo) going up against/paired up with a light sider descended from the dark (Rey). 

Which I guess would make sense if Kylo’s mother was truly aligned with the light side of the Force (while Force-sensitive and obviously of good moral standing, Leia isn’t trained and therefore is technically neutral in terms of Force alignment) and if his grandfather wasn’t entirely clouded in that whole, you know. Darth Vader thing. 

Now, if Kylo was Luke’s son, I could moreso see this working, since in terms of the Force, Luke represents all that is good and pure, and someone like Dooku (and potentially his children after him) represents all that is evil and selfish. But, since Kylo is Leia’s, and Leia isn’t trained as a Jedi, the reverse parallels just don’t work as well as they could. 

The thing with The Phantom Menace.  It’s the worst Star Wars film, by far, but it still establishes the point of the Jedi.

The doors slide open to reveal Darth Maul looking like an utter fucking demon. I mean, honestly, even as a kid I was stunned by horrifying he looked there. Scarier and more sinister than Vader, almost. 

And Jin and Obi Wan are like: “We’ll handle this.” *take off their cloaks in a suitably dramatic manner*  

And Padme and everyone else fled the other way.  

Because ultimately they all knew: “Yeah, you guys will handle this, won’t you?”

Which they did.

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There was technical difficulties in Denver so Mike sang JBH a capella