→ Everything I Need To Know I Learned From a Star Wars Little Golden Book
Don’t get frustrated.  Stay balanced and let the Force flow through you.
Because fear and anger can lead to the dark side.
The dark side may seem… impressive.
But what you will gain will not compare to what will be taken from you.
Once you kneel before the dark side… it only leads to destruction…
…and hopelessness.
But even in the midst of darkness… goodness can be found.
And no one is beyond saving.  Friends are never far away.
Friends and family will stand by you.  And the Force will be with you, always.

(aka, welcome to Star Wars, where even the children’s books make me cry about Anakin Skywalker’s life.)

(from Ultimate Star Wars)

“When Padme’s body slumps seemingly lifeless to the ground, Obi-Wan recognizes the point of no return.”

It kind of quietly kills me that that is the point of no return for Obi-Wan.  Up to this point, Obi-Wan’s interactions with Sith Lords (Maul, Dooku, Sidious) has been overwhelmingly that this path is one of cruelty and corruption and evil, everything his experience tells him would say that anyone declaring themselves a Sith Lord is declaring themselves to be thoroughly morally corrupt.

Up to this point, Obi-Wan has seen Anakin attack the Jedi, seen him swear himself to Palpatine, has seen him murder innocent Jedi children.  And yet that’s not the point of no return yet, because, I think, Obi-Wan recognizes that Anakin is intensely personal loyal, that he can do so many terrible things so long as he’s focused on the people he loves.  That’s always been Anakin, that’s always been something he’s capable of.

But then Anakin attacks Padme.  The one person that Anakin should never have wanted to attack and, yes, that’s the point of no return, that’s the point where Obi-Wan has to admit that there’s nothing that could bring Anakin back, that all that’s left is Darth Vader.  All his experience has already told him that Sith Lords don’t come back, they only grow ever more hateful and cruel, but if anyone could have brought Anakin back, it would have been Padme and the unborn child she carried.

But Vader choked her into unconsciousness despite that she was no physical threat to him, it was pure retaliation for disagreeing with him and “betraying” him, and how could Obi-Wan think there was anything of Anakin left in there? Even after killing the younglings, Obi-Wan was willing to consider that some part of him was still Anakin, but after that… how could he have thought that this person before him was anything but a thoroughly corrupt and twisted version of what was once the person they loved?