has anyone else noticed the very serious discrepancies between luke skywalker’s hair in episodes 5 and 6?? okay let me explain

here we have a very boy-next-door haircut. lots of little wispy bits. it leans toward dirty blonde. but then episode 6 happens and eVERYTHING CHANGES.

now luke’s hair is cut in more of a bowl shape. there are no more wispy bits because newly minted jedi knights ain’t got time for no wispy bits, i guess, which is a true shame. i no longer want to touch it as much as i did in episode 5. also, it’s darker. or is that just luke’s sudden obsession with wearing black? 

pretty sure i have thought about these extremely important changes to luke skywalker’s hair for, like, the entirety of my teenage years. thoughts??

Help Me Help You
  • Qui-Gon:And that’s how you do it, my Padawan! *said proudly*
  • Obi-Wan:Master, that’s 100% against the Jedi Code!!
  • -times goes by…-
  • Obi-Wan:For the 100000000 times Anakin, DON’T BREAK THE RULES!
  • Anakin:*not really paying attention, too busy fantasizing about Padmé*
  • -times goes by…-
  • Anakin:That’s how you do that, simple, right? *smirks*
  • Ahsoka:Yea, I love breaking rules with you, Master! :)))

Anakin’s costume conceptual designs
Dermot Power, Iain McCaig
Art of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

The design on the right was a key ref for the Inquisitor Kanan design that I did for bedlamsbard ‘s Devil’s Backbone, mainly for the approach to hybridising the established traditional Jedi look with the Vader silhouette.

Story Time

Part of my Bail lives AU, directly after Reunion. Bail learns about what happened during the for years of his imprisonment, and works out why Han is nervous.

It takes them a while until they are able to settle down and hold a real conversation. After the introductions there is a brief moment of silence, until they exchange slightly awkward greetings and start talking about rather random and unimportant things, all of them nervous and unsure. At one point Carlist gets called to High Command (and who even is High Command these days? Leia mentioned Mon, but the rest? Is Garm Bel Iblis still there, and what about Ackbar?), but returns rather quickly with a couple drinks.

Finally, they all sit down around the bed. Solo and Luke had gone to fetch some chairs, and with something to drink and the snacks Leia organized they finally can get down to some real talking.

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