HERE IT IS! Finally! My Vader/Anakin fanvideo to No Strings from the Avengers: Age Of Ultron soundtrack has arrived!

please forgive the low quality - i have extremely slow internet and this was the only way it would upload :/… I’ll try to post a better version one day. Also tumblr is making certain parts of the video flicker… not sure why. I’ll try to fix it, but for now, here you go :)

feel free to cry, throw a book at me, or both. I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.

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Can you share more headcanons for genderqueer Anakin?

Yes!!! <3 <3

I think Anakin is feminine gender queer

Padme was the first one to help Anakin express them self in a femmy way. 

Padme taught Anakin makeup. 

They wear makeup all the time. Even if it’s just concealer and mascara. (but doesn’t like covering their scar.) 

Anakin still likes “boy clothes” but come on, Jedi robes, especially theirs, are very gender neutral so they like them a lot for that reason. Also their TCW robes is a literal dress part of my reaching/canon evidence. 

Anakin loves being called Ani because of the femininity of it. (I mean, they did program Threepio to call them Master Ani) Also there is the fact that their mom calls them Ani and Padme calls them Ani that they like it a lot but I really dislike that Star Wars poster that is like “If you were called Ani you’d go to the dark side too” bullshit. Anakin doesn’t give a shit about your gender roles. They liked their nickname a lot. 

I think Anakin likes using they/them pronouns but he/him is fine since they are nervous about trying to explain it to their master and everyone else. (but if they talked to Shaak Ti who is genderless in her own right (but uses she/her) like they would have an easier time but this is Anakin we are talking about and they have issues going to people when they need help) 

Really loves pretty dresses, but always wears their Jedi boots. 

Like they aren’t cross dressing, they are their dresses. 

Oh! Here’s a good one, I think their non-binary-ness has a lot to do with being The Chosen One. They are separated from the gender binary because of this. Like literally born this way. 

If that makes sense?? Idk I am mostly thinking out loud here. 

I mean, no one needs a reason for being off the gender binary, but they like feel comforted for having a reason. 

Idk do es anyone else have any more??? 


The Nightclub in Attack Of The Clones.

What a fantastic scene, created through a great set, splendid lighting and competent staging.

This was one of the biggest sets built for the three Prequel Films, being home of Cameo Appearances by Anthony Daniels and Ahmed Best. The completed set was resplendent with neon signs, flashing lights, tubes filled with glowing, gelatinous liquids, and backlit panels illuminated through custom-built strips of forty-watt, golf-ball-sized bulbs. Seven thousand bulbs were ultimately used on the set to create the appropriate ambient lighting.
(Source: Mythmaking - Behind the Scenes of Attack Of The Clones)

“That set filled Stage Three, which was hundred and twenty feet square. It was the cantina scene times twenty, with all these amazing characters running around in masks and costumes”.

Gavin Boquet, Production Designer

George Lucas nicely utilized the spacious set’s possibilities by creating the illusion that it was Anakin who was being traced by the armed assassin. Ultimetely, it turned out Obi-Wan was the real target, who saved himself with a move similiar to the one he would make decades later in the Catina Scene of A New Hope.

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what sign do u think anakin would be, had he been born under our stars?

hello there :)

okay so i’ve been researching a lot and looked at a lot of stuff about the signs and after hours i came to the conclusion that anakin would definately have been a scorpio.

okay, so why is he a scorpio? in the following paragraphs i will explain to you why i think he is, presenting 14 reasons that i think will support my assumption (i will also add links to gifs etc that i think will fit my explanations, they will be marked as x). this post will be mostly based on tumblr posts. the authors of these posts will be credited under “sources”. please notice that this is in no way official and that it is just my opinion which i, in no way, claim to be a given fact!

sooo let’s begin.
1. lies the signs are telling you
scorpio: i told you everything
alright, so we know that anakin can be very reserved when it comes to telling people about his problems (especially to obi-wan and sometimes even to padme because i guess he doesn’t want to burden her with his problems x).
anakin doesn’t lie about what he is thinking and/or feeling but sometimes he tries to divert the attention to a different subject or he gently tries to avoid the question as we can see in the scene i presented as an example.

2. strenghts and weaknesses of the signs
scorpio: strenght - passionate, weakness - suspicious
as we all know, anakin is a very passionate person especially when it comes to padme x x x but as we can see multiple times throughout the prequels he is also very suspicious, especially when he’s afraid that things (power, recognition as a jedi) or people (padme/shmi) might be taken away or are being withhold from him x x x or when he feels like he is being betrayed x or has been lied to about something extremely important by someone he cares about a lot x x.
this extremely suspicious side of anakin is the result of being overly passionate, making him care way more about what is important to him than others might care about what they love, which results in him getting jealous and anxious very easily.

3. the zodiac signs in one word
scorpio: complex
complex. if i had to use just one word to describe anakin’s character, that would be it. this word describes every single aspect of anakin perfectly. if you have watched the prequels more than once and try to understand the characters you will find that there isn’t a more interesting and complex character than anakin skywalker. it is very hard to explain what exactly is complex about him because as i said before, EVERYTHING about him is. so if you don’t understand why he is complex yet, watch the prequels again, pay close attention to hayden christensen’s portrayal of the character, which was more than outstanding, because the closer you look, the more you can see just how much he gets the character. also you can read metas etc. about him that were written by fans who have studied anakin for years. so yeah, just take your time and get to know the complex wonder of a character called anakin skywalker.

4. how the signs show you that they love you
scorpio: look at you
okay, this is THE MOST ACCURATE description of how anakin behaves when he is in love. and i think everyone who has watched the prequels, especially attack of the clones noticed that. anakin stares and looks and tries his little “seductively staring” thing numerous times on padme x x (who isn’t such a big fan of it x but falls for him anyway x) and in revenge of the sith you can see just how much he loves her by the way he looks at her x x.
we can conclude: aotc anakin is the king of creepy “i think i’m being veeery seductive, notice me mylady” stares x (here’s another little gem for you x) while rots anakin is the king of “oh my god i love you so much, i am so lucky to have you, never leave me” looks.

5. pros and cons of each zodiac sign
scorpio: pros - passionate/observant/dynamic:
so because we’ve already been through the passionate aspect i’m going to talk about the other two.
being observant is very important when being a jedi as you have to be able to know what people are going to do next, whether or not something weird is going on or just to be able to protect people by eliminating danger before any damage can be done. to do that you must always observe anything and anyone. furthermore being observant is very helpful when it comes to war and strategies, which anakin experiences first-hand in the clone wars.
anakin also is a very dynamic person, which makes him such a good pilot x x, as being dynamic also comes with good reflexes. being dynamic and energetic is also a trait that is very important for fighting x x x (and getting out of tight spaces x) and is a basic trait for a jedi, especially a warrior x.

cons - jealous/manipulative/unyielding:
here it is. jealousy. the one feeling that completed his transition from anakin skywalker to darth vader. the one trait that made him involuntarily kill his wife, made his former brother an enemy x x x and that cost him and arm, two legs and his beautiful hair and skin x. jealousy is what resulted from his die-hard love for padme and his striving for recognition, power and a life greater than any jedi’s. jealousy is what destroyed anakin skywalker.
anakin skywalker was never manipulative, yet vader was. when anakin is about to leave for mustafar he kind of manipulates her to believe everything he said, especially with his “have faith my love. everything will soon be set right” x quote that, when you listen carefully, already has a manipulative undertone.
then on mustafar, anakin/vader tries to keep her from asking more questions about his methods and therefore tries to manipulate her into overthrowing the chancellor and ruling the galaxy together so they wouldn’t have to hide their love anymore x.
yet again, a trait that anakin does not possess (at least not dominantly) is being unyielding. even though anakin definitely sticks to his basic set of beliefs and what he was taught, he also tries to understand people’s thoughts and feelings. furthermore he acknowledges and admits when what he did was wrong x x x. vader on the other hand thinks that his opinion it the only one that is right, the only one that counts x: “if you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy” x.

6. ways the signs show anger
scorpio: dirty looks (as in villainous)
alright so if you ever wonder if anakin is angry and he’s just hiding it, don’t you worry because if he was he would show you x x. no really he can’t hide it ONE BIT, like u sure you’re even trying? x

7. negative sign traits
scorpio: obsessive
just like jealousy, obsession is a negative side-effect of being too passionate about certain things and/or people resulting in anakin getting more and more obsessed with power, recognition and love throughout revenge of the sith x x. his obession with power though also results from never wanting to fail someone ever again like he thinks he did his mother when he could not save her x x x.

8. the signs as parents
scorpio: the parent who buys the best food, rents the best movies, gives their kids money
yeah i think that would be pretty much anakin as a dad. he would take them to all the fast-food restaurants that padme wouldn’t allow them to go to. also i am convinced that he has the best taste in movies so that’s always good. aaand of course anakin would buy the kids all of the stuff they want when padme isn’t looking.

9. the signs as bitches
scorpio: hottest bitch
true true true true. words of wisdom. anakin is the ultimate bae x. baenakin x. anakin is the hottest bitch. also his hair game is always on point x x x x. JUST LOOK AT MY PRETTY LITTLE TINY TRASH SON x. thIS IS TOO MCUH x. NOOOPE x. #1 most handsome trash son award x!!!

10. the signs as flowers
scorpio: atropa belladonna/deadly nightshade
“The foliage and berries are extremely toxic. It has a long history of use as a medicine, cosmetic, and poison. Before the Middle Ages, it was used as an anesthetic for surgery; the ancient Romans used it as a poison […] and it was used to make poison-tipped arrows. The genus name Atropa comes from Atropos, one of the three Fates in Greek mythology, and the name “bella donna” is derived from Italian and means “beautiful lady” because the herb was used in eye-drops by women to dilate the pupils of the eyes to make them appear seductive.”

i think this is the perfect flower when thinking about anakin. beautiful but toxic when not being handled with caution. also like the flower, anakin has been used for war and fighting. he was the poison on the tip of the arrow, he led several troops ans therefore was right at the front. in the war, anakin was being used as the perfect deadly weapon.
atropos was the oldest of the three fates and she was known as “inflexible” or “inevitable”. as anakin’s fate was a “prophecy”, it was also inevitable. no one could have changed his fate as it always had to happen like the prophecy foretold. and it did. no matter what he would have done, he would always have ended up were he eventually did and that’s why i think atropos is so perfect for anakin.
also bella donna suits him perfectly because he is the most beautiful cinnamon roll in the universe, as explained in 9, even though he really doesn’t need to dilate the pupils of his eyes because everyone is already being seduced just by looking at him.

11. the signs as children
scorpio: did every dare and was the best at sports
oh yes! if you watched the clone wars mini-series you know that this is 1000% true. the bug incident x, ya know. also he did take part in podracing x, which is dangerous as hell but he just didn’t give a fuck bc you gotta live hardcore to be hardcore! (i guess he took it a bit too far tho x)
was the best at sports - YES, considering how he is constantly praised for being one of the best jedi warriors of all time. also he is so damn athletic. “hey look at me just casually carrying a full grown man on my back, no problem x. just look at how he jumps right out of the elevator. through the ceiling x like what are you, a freaking kangaroo????? x. oh okay now that’s just showing off x! (and of course x)

12. fears the signs have
scorpio: being rejected
as mentioned several time in this analysis, anakin is extremely afraid of being rejected, of not being recognized and of going back to what he was before. a slave who had nothing, who wasn’t important. when he is only reluctantly made a member of the council but is not granted the rank of a master, he is furious x. why is he being treated as less important than everyone else, what did he do wrong?why is he still being treated like an annoying vermin that no one wants to have to deal with? was he never really able to escape slavery? NO! that can’t be it! this is unacceptable! he demands to be treated like an equal human being and he is right to do so. he deserves to be heard and to be accepted because if he isn’t then he is not more than he was before, someone who didn’t matter, someone who was inferior to everyone else, someone who will never have anything, someone who is being looked at like filth.

13. the signs as disney characters
scorpio: esméralda (the hunchback of notre-dame)
okay, for everyone who hasn’t seen hunchback, you’re probably wondering why anakin is like her.
first of all she is a fearless romani with a heart of gold and is very capable of defending herself. furthermore she is quite passionate and demands justice, she also is a smart, snarky, resourceful action girl.

so, as we talked about in 12. anakin is not completely fearless because he has a lot to lose, BUT when it comes to defending the ones he cares about he will do anything in his power to do so and to me that is what fearless means.
even though anakin is being portrayed as a heartless killer by some parts of the fandom, that is not true AT ALL. the reason why he became darth vader was JUST BECAUSE he had a heart x. he was the most human of the jedi and he cared more about the ones he loved than anyone in the entire jedi order and that is what eventually led to his downfall. anakin had a heart of pure gold x x x x x and that’s why he hurt so much everytime something happened x. here are some extremely good metas/analysis on why anakin was not evil:
here is one regarding the temple assault and murder of the children x, here’s one why anakin WAS a hero x and oh look, it’s an extremely sad one x.

alright, moving on. is anakin able to defend himself? does this question really need an answer? if so then just look at 5-dynamic and at 11.
i think we also discussed that anakin is an extremely passionate person in 2.
alright so being a jedi, naturally anakin does what is just (at least according to what he was taught) and vader also does what he thinks is just. anakin also hates himself for not following the jedi code (when he killed the sand people and dooku) but becomes extremely suspicious when windu, one of the most respected members of the council, wants to ignore the code and  wants him to spy on a man, his good friend x, and later also murder him, take away the only way to save the one he loves x. how could someone of whom he thought as a just person do such a thing? are the jedi so corrupted that they completely ignore the code x? if they don’t do what is right then so must he. he will be just and save everyone who has not been corrupted.

okay now if you watched the star wars: the clone wars series you will definitely have noticed that anakin is very smart and a good strategist x x x. i don’t really think this needs more explanation but if you want more, just watch tcw and you’ll understand. OH YEAH AND HAVE I MENTIONED THAT A 9 YEAR OLD SLAVE KID BUILT C3PO x???? ON HIS OWN???!!!! AND A PODRACER??

next, being snarky. ooooh yes! like his master, anakin is a pro snarker! he’s so full of snark and sass it’s amazing. want examples? here you go: x x x x
now proceeding to the last aspect of 13: resourceful action girl (ACTION MAN! MANLIEST MAN TO EVER MAN) HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE MOVES???? x x DAMN! x

14. best to worst signs dealing with heartbreak
scorpio: worst
alright so if this is not the truest truth to ever true then i don’t know what movies you have been watching. i think force-strangling your wife and trying to kill your former best friend are not on top of the list of how to deal with heartbreak.
sources: x x x x x x x x

alright, that was it. i hope you liked it and that i could make a few things clearer to some people :)
also i’m sorry that this is so long and that it kinda turned into a “why anakin skywalker is the most amazing character in the universe” kind of post but here we are :D

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for the fic meme Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme Pirates of the Caribbean AU. Thank you!

For all of his glib tongue (You’ll make a fine negotiator one day, Obi-Wan, but - no. That dream is dead and drowned) this is what it’s come down to.

Just him and Quin.

Quin is stalking towards him, murder in his eye and Obi-Wan barely manages to parry as vibroblades scream and clash against one another. Anakin is shouting somewhere in the backround, and he spares a half-second’s thought for the younger man - the pirates are swarming now, and he’s barely holding Quin back -

There’s the scream of a blaster-bolt, and Padme (Padme?!)  is at Anakin’s side, holding off the raiders with a flurry of precisely-aimed laserfire as she unties him, and Obi-Wan can finally, mercifully, turn his full attention to the fight.

Except Quin has had enough of playing games - his vibroblade is flying at Obi-Wan, and the ginger ducks just in time. The familiar snap-hiss reaches his ears, and he’s somehow unsurprised to see his one-time friend advancing on him, red lightsaber in hand.

“You should have stayed lost, Kenobi.” Quin - no, Vos, snarls at him.

There’s something tucked carefully into his left boot. He tugs.

The familiar hilt slams into his hand; he ignites it in the same second, blue plasma clashing with red as he faces his former crewmate over a discarded heap of credits, jewelery, Sith artifacts stolen from far-off Korriban.

He can feel Anakin’s utter and total shock, Padme’s cool pragmatism only momentarily shaken before her predatory focus reasserts itself. “He’s a - “ 

He doesn’t blame Anakin for his surprise. After all, he doesn’t really match the either of the pictures of a Jedi touted by the Empire or the Rebellion.

“That’s Captain Kenobi.” Obi-Wan gasps, almost nonchalant; he swirls his lightsaber in classic recovery before lunging to the attack.

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for the fic meme Obi-Wan/Anakin still a slave au or girl!Anakin au, hope one of these options appeals. Also happy friday!

My eyes read ‘three sentences’, my brain hears ‘short ficlet’. Here’s the start of what could be a beautiful relationship ;) And happy Friday to you too anon!

Send me a pairing/characters and an AU and I’ll write you a fic

Obi-Wan had come disguised as a bounty hunter, roughening his accent to make himself sound like the Nar Shaddaan mongrel of uncertain parentage he was impersonating. The real Lexan Dulusar had only picked up a few bounties before being caught, but the name had been known enough that Jabba’s guards had let him into the palace, but the face that went with it was obscure enough that no one suspected Obi-Wan wasn’t the real deal.

Jabba was auditioning mercenaries and bounty hunters for his personal guard; the palace was full to bursting with thugs and miscreants, so Obi-Wan went relatively unnoticed. Which was, of course, exactly what he wanted; to be able to poke around without anyone noticing what he was up to.

His plan was simple. Break into Cad Bane’s room, recover the famous Star of Carnillion necklace – the theft of which was causing a minor political scandal in the Core, as various parties accused one another of setting up the burglary – and then get the hell out and back to Coruscant.

His plan was not going to be undone by the fact that the pretty slave on the door wouldn’t let him in.

Keep reading