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Um, can't resend it, but basically it was - if Yoda wasn't there at the temple to basically send Obi-Wan to kill Anakin, what would Obi-Wan do? Just sit there in a stupor for a while, i think - but then he would either go find Padme to warn her, or just run. Either is interesting, but if he goes to Padme, he will soon run into Anakin - who will see both that Obi-Wan hasn't even considered killing him, but also that he is completely broken, which would be interesting! Possible Vaderwanidala?

Hmmm, I’m not sure that Obi-Wan would even think of Padme if he wasn’t trying to figure out where Anakin went. I agree that without Yoda prodding him, he’d probably just stand or sit there in a stupor for awhile, watching the holo of Anakin/Vader kneeling to Sidious over and over again. And I think that by the time he and Yoda made it to the Temple, Anakin/Vader had already been sent to Mustafar to take care of the Separatists, right?

So perhaps one way this can go is that Obi-Wan is just sitting in the Temple security room, broken and lost in the turbulence in the Force from all the violence and death that happened there (I imagine it must have created some kind of vortex of negative energy or perhaps fed into the darkside nexus under the Temple). Then Anakin/Vader comes back and finds him; he’s drawn to this shining beacon that’s slowly being swallowed up by grief and loss and sadness and he’s just relieved that Obi-Wan’s alive because that must mean that he didn’t betray the Republic, right? The clones must not have turned on him and killed him because he’s still loyal. Which is great!

So Vaderkin finds Obi-Wan and he’s triumphant and high on the feeling that he’s united the Republic and helped bring peace and he’s like “Obi-Wan! So you didn’t betray the Republic! I knew it!”

And Obi-Wan’s just confused and is all “What?”

And Vaderkin’s just like, “The Jedi betrayed the Republic, they had to be stopped.”

And Obi-Wan is just like, “What?”

So Vaderkin explains, all earnest-like, about how the Chancellor was trying to bring peace to the Republic and unite everyone and how the Jedi tried to kill him because he’s a Sith and Anakin saved him because he promised he could help Anakin save Padme’s life but how he needed to become stronger in the Dark side first so he did that by killing the Jedi in the Temple and….Obi-Wan’s getting a headache trying to follow along with everything that apparently went down during the time he went to Utapau to take care of Grievous. Force, I was only gone for a couple of days! he thinks to himself.

Then Vaderkin gets to the point where he feels stronger now—“Stronger than ever before, it’s like I’m linked to all of the Force and there’s no end to how much of it I can wield. I’m strong enough to save Padme now, I’m strong enough to save everyone.” His eyes gleam manically. “No one I love has to die anymore. Not Padme, not you, not Ahsoka.  I’m stronger than Palpatine, even. I’m sure of it! I only need him to tell me how to keep Padme from dying.”

Obi-Wan seizes that opening and suggests that they go do that right away. “There’s no time to waste, she could go into labor at any moment and didn’t your dream show her dying while she was giving birth?”

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