Star Wars Preferences: Cliche Romantic Comedy Tropes

Obi-Wan: * Have to share a bed* You two went on a mission together and only have enough credits for one room. Obi-wan said he would sleep on the floor but no way were you going to make him do that. So now you are sleeping in the bed and you just want to cuddle him and not hide your feelings anymore.

Anakin: * Accidentally sees each other naked * Anakin should know better than to walk into your room without knocking but he was excited to tell you something and wasn’t thinking. When he walks in on you changing he just stops and stares until you tell him to get out. He leaves with a huge smile on his face.

Padme: * Charity Auction* You volunteered to be in one of those events were people donate money to take you on a date to raise money for charity. Padme didn’t want you to have to go home with a sleazeball so she bid. Or at least she says that is the only reason.

Qui-Gon: * Always my server at a restaurant* Every time he went to that diner on Coruscant you always seemed to be his server. And soon you knew his order by heart and he smiled at you every time he came in. And for some reason he never comes on days you are not there.

Darth Maul: * Hate turned to Love* You hate Maul,you  just hate him. He walked around like he was the best thing ever. And was so cocky. And never wore a shirt and always so good at fighting when you two trained together. The tension was so high. You thought you two should probably make out at some point.

Luke: * Giving advice to date someone else* You had a huge crush on Luke so when he asked your advice on how to get Leia to notice him it broke your heart. But you want him to be happy so you try and help him. But now he is spending more time with you and know he doesn’t want to stop.

Han: * Tried to date you on a bet* Lando bet him he couldn’t get you to fall in love with him. So he tried to woo you and along the way he caught feelings. Now he is in love and doesn’t know what to do about it. Should he tell you the truth?

Leia: * Always working and no time for romance* She was working for the rebellion non stop and didn’t have time for love. But then you came along and she starts rethinking. Maybe she could make a little time for love.

Boba:* Pretends to be you boyfriend because someone is annoying you* This guy just wouldn’t leave you alone so he swooped in to pretend to be your boyfriend. The guy wouldn’t take a hint so you two start making out. The guy left but you don’t want to stop.

Finn: * Keep Meeting* You and Finn seemed to keep running into each other on Base.  Like literally running into each other and almost falling over. He finally asked if you wanted to maybe get something to eat because obviously you two were meant to get to know each other.

Poe: * We accidentally got married* You two had been partying hard one night and might have had a little too much to drink. When you woke up you found that you had gotten married. You two decide why not try it.

Rey:  * Blind Date* Poe kept trying to set her up on a date but Rey said she didn’t have time for that. But she finally agreed and is she glad she did. She never felt so comfortable with someone before.

Kylo: * Will you please fake date me to impress my parents* (This is more Ben than Kylo) Leia just wanted him to find someone and he didn’t want to disappoint his mother. So he asked you to fake date him. Know Leia loves you and he realizes so does he.

Hux: * Haven’t seen each other since you were kids* You hadn’t seen Hux since you were both little. Before he became so cold and a general. But after spending time with him you can’t help but realize how much you still care about him.

Captain Phasma: * Rivals* She was in the First Order and you were in the Resitance. Every time you two were in battle together you couldn’t help but be drawn to each other and battle each other. So why did you feel so bad when you actually hurt her?

I’ve got a bad feeling about this

I’m in the middle of reading Aftermath: Life Debt, and I’ll have a lot to say about it later, but right now, I have a very bad feeling about this…

And it’s a big-ass speculative spoiler for VIII, so it’s going below the cut.

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