Dave Filoni on Vader and Ahsoka

Up until that point, I think he’s a destroyer. He’s an incredibly angry, hate-filled destroyer. He hates himself. He hates what happened. He hates all his former friends because he thinks they betrayed him. Anakin Skywalker thinks that he never switched sides. He thinks he’s still fighting the good fight. He thinks Obi-Wan betrayed him. He thinks Padmé betrayed him and that led to her, and their child’s, death. He thinks the Jedi were staging a coup against the Republic. He thinks the Republic was weak, and that’s why it became corrupt and fell apart despite Palpatine’s attempts to save it. Overall, he internally hates himself for everything that occurred because he thinks that he wasn’t strong enough to make things right.

He’s consumed by these ideas and is pretty much trapped. He has no option aside from embracing his new persona — Darth Vader. What we encounter in Rebels now is just a wall of anger and hate — everything that the dark side manifests.

It’s interesting to look at how he might relate to Ahsoka now. She is a living memory of who he was. Even worse, she knew the good person he was.

StarWars.com: He doesn’t want a memory of that.

Dave Filoni: He doesn’t want to be reminded of this and, in a lot of ways, he probably thinks that whole relationship was a failure because she walked away.

StarWars.com: Do you think he’s, in a twisted way, angry at her now?

Dave Filoni: Yeah. I think in the way you indirectly get angry at people when you don’t agree with their decisions, or when you let someone walk away and later something bad happens. You think, “Where were you?” You would blame anyone but yourself.

StarWars.com: So, he would have no feeling upon seeing her of, “Oh, great, you’re alive.”

Dave Filoni: No, I don’t think he would think it’s great at all.

StarWars.com: He obviously cared for her very much.

Dave Filoni: Of course, but now she and Obi-Wan Kenobi are Public Enemy Number One and Two for him. It’s personal. It begs the question: What do they know about each other? What do they know about what happened?


Dear Star Wars fandom,
Let’s make a deal.
If Han and Leia won’t be married in TFA, we’ll just ignore that and count the film as non-canon.


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"I'm Luke Skywalker, I'm here to rescue you." Your edit. Every time I look at it, I want to cry. It's so good.

Thanks. :)

I have a headcanon that Darth Vader must have downloaded the security recordings from that cell block sometime between the rescue of the Princess and the destruction of the Death Star, but he didn’t actually get a chance to listen to them until after ANH.

Probably while he was spinning in space, even. It was just eating at him. What was Obi-Wan doing there? What was he up to? Who was the Force-sensitive pilot, and did he have anything to do with Obi-Wan?

And then he remembered he had the recordings on him. And not a whole lot else to do, since he was floating in empty space. So he played them.

And the first thing he ever heard his son say was, “I’m Luke Skywalker. I’m here to rescue you.”

He knew immediately what it must mean. That’s why he destroyed the recordings. That’s why he began hunting obsessively for Luke Skywalker’s Rebel base. That’s why he didn’t tell the Emperor.

That’s why he tried so hard to sound surprised and uncertain when the Emperor informed him about “the son of Skywalker.” As if he didn’t already know. As if he hadn’t been directing his entire life around that information for months. As if his greatest loyalty was still to his Master.

(And those words were playing in  his memory again, as Luke staggered under his weight and they made their lumbering, gasping way through the trembling corridors of the Death Star. As Luke knelt over him and removed his mask, and there was only compassion and love in his eyes. As Luke insisted that he had to save his father. I’m Luke Skywalker. I’m here to rescue you.

"You already have, Luke.")


» dark!anakin&padme {star wars} • in the air tonight {completed}

my new dark!anidala video, like I promised. Please make sure to read the description before watching, it will make a lot more sense because this video does contain a plot, I’m so sorry for not uploading this sooner. But it’s here now and definitely make sure to look forward to more dark!sw au’s from me because I really enjoyed making this and I definitely look forward to making more! :D

I hope everyone enjoys this! - xoxo cailey

Story: After Padme refuses to rule the galaxy with Anakin, he can’t imagine a life without Padme in it, so he turns her evil. She, in the beginning, holds it back as much as she can but the more time goes by the stronger hold it has on her. So after watching Anakin kill all the separatists, she finds it exciting and finally gives herself to the darkness, completely, and then makes love to Anakin, forever forging their new evil partnership. After figuring out who the dark Sithlord is, the Jedi come after Anakin, seeking to destroy this new threat to the Republic but in the end Anakin kills them all, proving he is the strongest of all Jedi/Sith. Anakin and Padme, along side Palpatine/Darth Sidious as their Emperor, become the rulers of the galaxy now that both the Jedi and Separatists are dead, and the Republic has fallen. With Padme’s darkness growing, she becomes even more powerful then Anakin, and Palpatine grants her as the Empress of the galaxy, Anakin shows his loyalty and devotion to her. After witnessing the darkness inside Padme, Obi-Wan seeks to destroy Anakin for everything he’s done. Anakin, fearing he might lose Padme again, seeks to destroy Obi-Wan. Which results in Anakin getting his legs and arms cut off. Padme doesn’t make it in time to save Anakin. Which ends with Padme watching her beloved husband burn to death. the end… or is it? 

Part Two: Padme, in such despair, doesn’t leave her husband side while he lays there dying. With such hate, Padme seeks revenge against Obi-Wan for what hes done to Anakin. But just in time, Palpatine comes to Anakin’s rescue and brings him (and Padme) to a planet, where medical droids put Anakin together in his legendary suit. Padme, anxiously waits for her new and improved husband to rise. Darth Vader.