The relief of the sky

There are travelers who choose their destinations depending on the weather they will find there. With a preference for sun and heat. They are free to prefer the monotony of blue sky to the variety of turbulent skies. Brittany has the (bad) reputation rainy region, windy. And if on the contrary it was an asset rather than a liability? Our regular visitors know that the charm of this region is not limited to the temperature of the sea. Brittany cannot be conquered, it welcomes its guests.

Barre d’Etel, near Lorient, Brittany.

submitted by: michvill, thanks!

Look to the Sea

Look to the sea
there your answers will be found
no grace awaits you here
upon this charnel ground

Look through your storm
you may find the one who saves
but a mustard seed of faith
can walk upon the waves

Look to the sky
there’s a seabird up above
look within then look again
as your heart fills up with love 

Look to the sea
Look to the sea
Look to the sea

Look to the sea
Look to the sea
And you’ll be free

i travel the purple vale at twilight

yellow eyes full of intention

i think on my plumage 

white against solemn sky

there is an odor of ferns, of

untrodden woods

i am waiting for something 

i wait - time is understood in

metaphors of passage

it passes, it unwinds, weaves and

unweaves. it empties itself out eternally

into the silver distance.  i wait.


Something New - song written by Tom Fletcher (video)

It’s just another sunrise
on another day
Just another rainbow
well they’re all the same
let me guess a sunset
followed by the moon
I think I’m ready
for something new

It’s just another love song
about another girl
Just another movie
where they save the world
And every rollercoaster
does a looptiloop
I guess I’m ready
for something new

I’m not saying life is boring
just predictable sometimes
when you know the end
of every other line is gonna rhyme
After every 8 you’re always gonna find a 9
and February second will be cold outside

I predict a summer
it isn’t very long
Then before you know it
we’re singing christmas songs
Then we’ll get another
April, May and June
I think I’m ready
for something new

I’m not saying life is boring
cause it’s beautiful sometimes
Like the feeling when you’re falling
it’s like walking on the sky
There will come a morning
you won’t open up your eyes
But it’s what you do
until that day arrives

You wanna touch a mountain
or taste a waterfall
You only have to see one
then you’ve seen them all
I’m gonna bet tomorrow
that the sky is blue
I guess I’m ready
I think I’m ready
I hope I’m ready
for something new

Letter from the Refuge [Crutchie's letter to Jack] - Lyrics

Greetings from the refuge

How are you?
I’m okay
Guess I wasn’t much help yesterday

Snyder soaked me real good with my crutch
Oh, yeah, Jack, this is Crutchie by the way

These here guards
they be’s rude
they say ‘jump boy’
'you jump or you’re screwed’

But the food ain’t so bad, 'least so far
'Cause so far they ain’t brung us no food 
ha.  ha.

I miss the rooftop 
Sleeping right out in the open
In your penthouse in the sky
There’s a cool breeze blowing even in july

So guess what
There’s this secret escape plan I got 
Tie a sheet to the bed
Toss the end out the window
Climb down then take off like a shot

Maybe though
Not tonight
I ain’t slept and my leg still ain’t right

Hey but Pulitzer, he’s going down
And then Jack I was thinking we might 
Just go, like you was saying
Where it’s clean and green and pretty
With no buildings in the way
And you’re riding palominos every day
Once that train makes-


Damn this place 

I’ll be fine 
Good as new
But there’s one thing I need you to do

On the rooftop you said that a family looks out for each other
So you tell all the fella’s for me
To protect one another

The end

Your friend

Your best friend 

Your brother, Crutchie 


[Lyrics] Until I Reach Your Star – Kyuhyun ‘Hogu’s Love’ OST | 150308 

My slow footsteps
Are struggling to chase after you
Your shadow against the sunset on that street
Looked sad for some reason

Like that hurt heart, in that dark sky
There’s one star shining
My foolish dream, the love I want to protect
Is engraved upon that star

Wait until I find my way to you
Our stars will not
Miss each other again
Wait a while, until I reach your star

Have you forgotten, those times that I’m missing now
That song we listened to together
Your smiling face brightened my heart
That little miracle

Please remember that all of it was love
Whenever your heart feels tired and lonely
Remember that you’re not truly alone anymore
Please don’t forget that, until I reach your star

My miserable self, this heart
Can no longer take it anymore
I want to watch over the courage and honesty that you can’t show

Wait until I find my way to you
Our stars will not
Miss each other again
Wait a little while, until I reach your star