Voltron Instagram Headcanons (pt. 2)

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Allura’s Instagram:

  • Allura loves the sky when it’s not just blue so, a bunch of her photos are the sky
  • There is the occasional mouse/mice
  • Very aesthetic oriented when it comes to her bf
  • Shiro loves the attention he gets from her page
  • Allura’s not really into selfies since Shiro posts so many of hers
  • She only follows her team, some other friends/allies and her family
  • Allura is aesthetic oriented in general and loves to just post random aesthetic
  • She doesn’t post often and usually forgets her Instagram password when having to log back in due to inactivity
  • Favourite hashtag to use: #blessed

Pidge’s Instagram:

  • Her entire instagram makes Lance CRINGE.
  • Its absolutely hideous, no organisation at all.
  • She shitposts memes or bragging rights of hers
  • Pidge likes to worry people with her instagram
  • She posted a lot about the Kerberos mission when NASA sent that up
  • Almost every photo has Pepe the Frog hidden in it, or the caption, or someone’s comment.
  • As soon as she reached 69 follows, she refused to follow anyone else
  • Loves aliens
  • Uses horrible puns
  • Pidge posts disturbing ribcage photos more often than you really should
  • Favourite Hashtag to use: #everybodyhurts

Hunk’s Instagram:

  • FOOD!
  • Hunk is very proud of all his creations and loves posting them!
  • He’s also proud of his flops and posts those as well.
  • Anyone who follows him loves to comment how delicious the food looks
  • Lance confirms it tastes good in a comment as he’s actually eating the food
  • Hunk also loves instagramming from different events he goes to
  • He has almost all of Pidge’s burps from her birthday party on his story
  • He has Lance and Keith’s first drunk kiss on camera
  • He makes food arrangements for people and charges them
  • Kinda like a commission
  • Lance doesn’t worry about the aesthetic of Hunk’s Insta
  • Because food is Hunk’s aesthetic.
  • Favourite Hashtag to use: #itsgarrrrrret
  • (like tony the tiger, “its greeeaaat” but no one gets it)

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Supercorp + Stargazing

  • lena catches kara out on her balcony the second night she sleeps over. she wakes to an empty bed, the hint of a chill, and she can just barely make out kara’s silhouette against the glow of the moon. so she grabs a sweatshirt from the pile on her dresser, pads outside
  • kara looks down when lena gets outside, but she doesn’t look at her. instead, she stares at her hands, gripping the metal of the railing. lena does not speak, just stands close enough to barely brush against kara’s side
  • i can see it, kara says finally. she does not have to explain any further; lena knows she speaks of krypton. where? lena says, and it takes a moment, but kara uncurls her fingers, raises her arm to point to the sky
  • there. right there. the faint one
  • they don’t talk about it the next day, or any day after that, but it becomes a ritual: when the weight of the world becomes too much, when she cannot sleep, kara will make her way out to the balcony. and every time, lena will soon follow
  • most of the time, kara talks, tells lena bits and pieces about krypton, as much as she is willing to, which is most often almost nothing at all. sometimes, lena speaks, draws out shape in the air: here is andromeda, and there’s perseus—— 
  • it is interesting how similar some of the stories are, how universal these truths seem to be. or maybe it isn’t interesting at all, for when lena looks over to see kara, wide-eyed, staring up at the sky, she understands why every planet, every civilization, feels the need to immortalize this feeling in the stars
  • kara has a bad week, saving the city from one attack after another, and she spends most nights at the deo, being patched up, laying under the light of an artificial sun
  • she shows up at lena’s apartment as soon as she is released, barely making it through the door before slumping into lena’s waiting embrace. before you pass out, lena laughs, i have something to show you
  • on her balcony is a telescope, pointed in a direction kara knows all too well. she stops short, looks at lena
  • i have it on good authority that the zoom is even better than supervision, lena says; kara hears i love you
  • kara stumbles through words, a blur of you didn’t have to, oh, lena, i don’t know what to say, i— before lena cuts her off with a finger on her lips. i wanted to. i want you to tell me everything. i want to help you keep krypton alive
  • the past week, the hours floating by with that ever-present fear (what if this is it, what if this is the one time kara gets hurt for real, for good) have weighed heavily on lena. this–this action, this gesture, this truth–is the only way she knows how to admit to it, admit how much she fears losing kara, how much she fears keeping her
  • again, all kara can hear is i love you, i love you. so, she says it, reverently, quietly–like all the times she has spoken so fondly about the stars above, she says i love you, and this time she looks only at lena
  • (the response: i love you too, kara zor-el)
  • and though both are heavy with exhaustion, they do not sleep that night. instead, kara tells lena all of it, tells her about her past, her home. how sometimes she misses it so much that she does not know how to do anything but scream, squeeze her eyes shut and block out the reality of gone, gone, krypton is gone. 
  • krypton will always be home, she says. but– i have a new home too. it’s right here

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Au, hybrid!Klaus meets dragon!caroline in Aspen, she hates the cold, bed sharing happens

I did not get to the bed sharing, sorry! Otherwise this would have gotten l o n g.

Under Night Sky

There were few things that annoyed Caroline more than tourists. Aspen, her current home base, was lousy with them this time of year. They polluted the restaurants, the bars, every single shop in town. She supposed it was good for the economy and she didn’t begrudge her neighbors the profits but that didn’t stop her from being irritated by it. Even worse was that they were all over her mountain. Humans were everywhere, from sunrise to sunset – with a few stragglers who liked skiing in the dark - severely limiting her opportunities to change and stretch her wings.

She was constantly restless, unable to focus, her skin itchy and tight. Even now, curled up in her favorite chair by a fire with a truly excellent smutty novel, she’s cranky. The recent dip in temperature and increase in frigid winds only shortened her already fraying temper.

Seriously, the next drunk frat boy who tossed her a terrible line and expected his stunning wit to earn him a VIP pass into her pants might just get eaten.

Caroline took comfort in the fact that the busy season was almost over. She’d have a couple months to breathe before the summer rush began. That one was always more tolerable because at least she wasn’t cold in addition to being crowded.

She tosses her book aside in frustration, having realized that she’s been reading the same page over and over again. She’d just been getting to the good stuff and it deserves her full attention. A quick glance out the window shows the sun just beginning to set, faint wisps or pink and orange streaking the sky. She usually makes herself wait until it’s fully dark before setting out but maybe, just this one time, it won’t hurt to go a little early. It was a record low for February, surely most of the tourists had called it an early day, were tucked into lodges and cabins with hot chocolate or wine.

She’ll just drive slowly, Caroline decides, standing up and stretching out her stiff limbs. By the time she gets to her spot it’ll be fine. Deserted and private, just her and the night sky.

Later, Caroline will wonder if the decision to break her routine was among the best, or one of the worst, she’s made in her very long life.

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Get To Know Me

I was tagged by the beautiful @perksofbeingshippingtrash Thank you for tagging me! I really enjoy doing these :)

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Nickname: Senpai, Becca, Princess, Grandma, Reba, and Reberta

Zodiac Sign: Aries (my birthday is on Easter this year!)

Height: 5′6

Last Thing You Googled: Clothing references for Levi’s outfit in the new upcoming chapter for TMHB and photo references of pole dancers and strippers ;)

Favorite Music Artist: I couldn’t just choose one so Blackbear, Cigarettes After Sex, SoMo, The weekend, BANKS, and Marian Hill

Song Stuck in Your Head: Covet- Basement, Sex and Candy- Marcy Playground, and Girl Crush- Little Big Town

I don’t just get one song stuck in my head, it has to be multiple songs that I end up randomly singing when I’m cleaning or taking a shower :’)

Last Movie You Watched: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

What Are You Wearing Right Now: My yearbook sweatshirt and pink stripped pajama pants

Why Did You Choose Your URL: Mainly because I’m such a slut for a submissive Levi and dominant Eren :) They are the bane of my existence

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Do You Have Any Other Blogs:

  • wingsofthegays- Anything dealing with Attack on Titan (official art and manga spoilers). I try to reblog an even amount of ships since I am multi-shipping trash, but it’s mostly where I dump all my Eruri shit :’)
  • r3b18- My personal Tumblr
  • ice-skate-on-my-ass- My Yuri on Ice blog
  • ereri-riren-nsfw- Kind of self explanatory ;)
  • killing-stalking-me-softly- My Killing Stalking blog
  • neckgalaxies- Another personal blog, but this one is specifically about my kinks and weird obsessions

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: To think things through and take it slow instead of rushing into things.

Religious or Spiritual: I grew up in a religious family when I was younger, but when my parents moved away from my Nana and Papa (my mom’s parents) and my Grandma and Grandpa (my father’s parents), I was free to believe in whatever I wanted to believe in by the time I was ten. So, I’m not religious and nor am I spiritual. But I can see myself leaning more towards spiritual when I’m a bit older than I am now.

Favorite Colour: I fucking love the color purple :)

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Average Hours of Sleep: I get about eight to ten hours of sleep depending on how late I stay up. Lately, it’s been about six since I’ve been writing nonstop.

Lucky Number: 8

Favorite Character: Jean Kirschtein is my little baby

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: I sleep with one, but if I’m extremely cold, I sleep with two.

Dream Job: I really want to become a professional photographer for either Vogue or National Geographic. I also want to be an author for teen gay romance novels since there’s not that many out there.

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Castle in the Sky

SPN Prompt Challenge | hunterangelkisses vs. i-dont-understand-whats-going-on
September 2016 (Childhood)
Prompt: Treehouse
Pairing: Destiel
Word Count: 1,817
Tags: fluff, alternate universe, established relationship, marriage proposal


To the most wonderful guy in the world (that’s you, babe),

I have something to do tonight, so I won’t be home until late. But I left you some chicken and rice, a slice of blackberry pie, and our favorite movie. ;)

Love you,


Castiel, who had been feeling a little put off about coming home from work to an empty house on a Friday night that he’d expected to spend with his boyfriend, smiled fondly at the note stuck to the kitchen fridge with a bumblebee magnet. His boyfriend would never admit it to anyone else, but he was a sap at heart, and Cas loved the little notes he liked to leave around their house, reminders to Cas of everything from “The dishwasher needs loaded.” to “I love you.” He wasn’t sure why Dean had felt the need to underline the words “favorite movie” or leave a winking smiley face, but shrugged and opened the refrigerator door to find, as promised, a saran-wrapped plate of chicken and rice and a slice of Castiel’s favorite pie from their friend Benny’s bakery.

He unwrapped the food and stuck it in the microwave, letting it heat for a minute before settling down at the table and eating slowly, savoring the familiar taste of Dean’s cooking, which was far better than his own. As he ate, he absentmindedly flipped through that day’s paper, reading a story about upcoming renovations of the local high school and laughing at an “Ask Amy” response to a man who was trying to impress an unenthusiastic mother-in-law.

As Cas rinsed his plate and placed it and his fork in the dishwasher, a brown tabby cat appeared in the kitchen, weaving through his legs and purring loudly. Castiel chuckled. “Hello, Violet,” he said, bending down to scratch the side of her neck. She rubbed her mouth over his knuckles and then crossed the room, sitting quite daintily next to her food bowl and looking at him with an expression of perfect innocence.

“Okay, okay,” he said, taking the hint. He scooped a pile of food into her bowl and changed her water as she happily dug in.

He then wandered into the living room, deciding to take Dean’s advice and watch a movie. His gaze roved the row of DVDs on the shelf, lingering on Raiders of the Lost Ark, which was his and Dean’s favorite movie. They’d watched it countless times as kids and as teens had bonded over their mutual crush on Harrison Ford. A smile crept onto Castiel’s face as he remembered shamelessly admitting at fifteen how much he would love to kiss Indiana Jones and how much Dean blushed and stammered when he admitted that he too would love to kiss the man. It was an unconventional coming out, but also a very memorable one, Castiel thought.

His decision made, Castiel pulled the DVD off the shelf, only to pause and furrow his brow when he noticed the yellow post-it note on the front. He recognized Dean’s handwriting immediately, and tilted his head curiously as he read the note.

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i travel the purple vale at twilight

yellow eyes full of intention

i think on my plumage 

white against solemn sky

there is an odor of ferns, of

untrodden woods

i am waiting for something 

i wait - time is understood in

metaphors of passage

it passes, it unwinds, weaves and

unweaves. it empties itself out eternally

into the silver distance.  i wait.

Part II

I am finding my name carved on every tree 
they tower into the canopy that darkens the sky
there is no sunlight 
I see my mother, she is a weeping mermaid 
singing a siren song, drowning men and eating their souls
she tells me I must hide in the darkness with her
her face turns black and melts and I run

My sister is climbing trees and crying, 
her path paved with broken toys 
and empty cases of make up
her voice is fractured
her cries are stifled 
she sings songs of sunlight

And I? I am still running. 
I am trying to find myself in places that will soon cease to exist
but this forest path is a circle, it is eternal 
and suddenly the tree tops burst into flames 
and I think it is sunlight but it is only the blaze of certain death
and I have forgotten how to speak my brother’s name
I have forgotten how to breathe


Something New - song written by Tom Fletcher (video)

It’s just another sunrise
on another day
Just another rainbow
well they’re all the same
let me guess a sunset
followed by the moon
I think I’m ready
for something new

It’s just another love song
about another girl
Just another movie
where they save the world
And every rollercoaster
does a looptiloop
I guess I’m ready
for something new

I’m not saying life is boring
just predictable sometimes
when you know the end
of every other line is gonna rhyme
After every 8 you’re always gonna find a 9
and February second will be cold outside

I predict a summer
it isn’t very long
Then before you know it
we’re singing christmas songs
Then we’ll get another
April, May and June
I think I’m ready
for something new

I’m not saying life is boring
cause it’s beautiful sometimes
Like the feeling when you’re falling
it’s like walking on the sky
There will come a morning
you won’t open up your eyes
But it’s what you do
until that day arrives

You wanna touch a mountain
or taste a waterfall
You only have to see one
then you’ve seen them all
I’m gonna bet tomorrow
that the sky is blue
I guess I’m ready
I think I’m ready
I hope I’m ready
for something new