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that fucking 10 second video that someone animated where silverstream is flailing her arms and goes “graystripe whyyyyy oh that’s not graystripe you’re just a bunny rabbit nahhhh” and it shows a picture of graystripe with rabbit ears and silverstream floats into the sky is a national treasure

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I think I've pretty much already told you everything there is to know. But if I had to say one thing, I'd say keep being you. Stories about one becoming like a light in someone's life, I guess it happens unexpectedly because I never thought that would happen to me. But then you happened. You just being you gave me more than you'll ever know and I can only ever thank God- or whoever is up there for blessing me with you.

I know this past year has been rough on you but you made it through, maybe with a few wounds here and there but nothing you can’t heal from. I’ve known you for a long time now and if there’s anything I’ve learned aside from your overflowing kindness, it’s that you’re incredibly strong. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. You deserve the world and all it’s sunshine. I can only pray the new year will be much kinder; a change for the better and keep you smiling through until the very last day.

SINCE THE END OF 2016 is coming… ( )
take the chance from now ‘til new years to tell me anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to tell me.

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[ Have I ever told you how much I love you? Okay but everything you have said is exactly how I feel about you. You took the words right out of me because you!!! You are my light, you are my inspiration, my motivation, and you, just being here with me, just being around, makes me so much more happy than I can ever put into words, you bring me so much joy and light up my darkest days, you draw a smile on my face in the midst of all my darkness and pull me through back to the light again. I made it through but I didn’t do it alone, you were there with me, every step of the way, and just knowing that is so much more than I can ever thank you for. You have no idea how much happiness it fills me with every time you believe in me and say I’m strong because you are literally the strongest person I know. You have been through so much yet are always so generous and kind and so so selfless — this has left me both speechless and smiling and just I wanna hug you so bad right now; I know this year hasn’t been easy on you either and I just pray the new year will be kinder to you too, and give you so many reasons to smile but whatever happens the coming year, I know we will get through it together, the way we always do. I love you, Steels, so much ♡ ]

kinda wanna make a shipping call…. 

i just wanna have my bb be cute and have a deep connection w/ someone. to have someone look after her when she works herself to near exhaustion, remind her that she needs to rest or eat. if need be pull her away from the garage at times. i want her have someone she knows she can lean on. someone to watch the sky or go treasure hunting with. someone that has her back…… also someone who can stand/handle cid being… well, cid :|

…. so i guess this is a smol plotting ship call ._.  

come at me

Sesshomaru’s mother tho...

水火映(DSC_2629) by nans0410(busy)
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嚴島神社因其建在海上的獨特大膽創意和被稱作“寢殿式樣”的華麗建築風格為人們所周知。據說最早創建於593年,1168年建成了現在的社殿。藍色的大海及綠色的山巒映襯下的朱紅色的社殿,漲潮時好像漂浮在海面上一樣,是與周圍的自然景觀融為一體的壯觀的歷史文化遺產。 日本三景:松島(宮城縣)、天橋立(京都府)、嚴島(廣島縣)

Super Muse Sisters

Maki groaned as she was once again shoved aside, Rin and Honoka hurriedly running towards the bricks floating in the sky, getting all the treasure before she and Eli could even hop across the nearest gap. 

“Hey! Don’t go too far - dammit…”

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Here’s some shots of my Slifer the Sky Dragon figure! This guy is seriously massive! As far as my figure collection goes, he’s the biggest yet. The Yami one just arrived today, so he got thrown into the shots too. Naturally, being the HUGE Slifer fan I am, I’m so happy I managed to get my hands on one of these. ;u;