Wrinkle Free, Worry Free Travel

One of the biggest challenges travelling for my interviews was my suit. I was about to take this sophisticated and important piece of clothing with me on a trip across the country. On a plane. For three weeks.

The problems I faced were two-fold: a) I did not want to check in my suit lest it gets lost for the rest of my interviews and b) I did not want to use a case that could wrinkle the cloth.

Searching around, I found myself in the company of garment bags and special suit cases that could allow transport so long as it was folded in half or thirds. In the context of a three-week trek, the worries of progressively apparent creases or lost luggage were too much.

Preparing for this trip, I remembered I had read about SkyRoll some time ago (Forbes, Nerd Wallet) and decided to look for it. It was a tubular piece of luggage designed to carry suits, sports jackets, dress shirts, or dresses for business trips. After seeing it in person and comparing it to many other garment bags, I decided to give it a try.

I am pleased to say that the SkyRoll works beautifully. I have never had such a wrinkle-free travel experience.

The garment bag is made of a tough ballistic fabric, making it quite sturdy and weather resistant. The inner tube has two end compartments, allowing me to fit my dress shoes, toiletries, clothes and undergarments. The outer garment bag houses my suit, with two pockets remaining for my ties and dress shirts. The garment bag is subsequently rolled around the inner tube and fastened. Because there are no acute edges, the suit remains wrinkle free. While slightly longer in order to accommodate the suit, SkyRoll still abides by carry-on requirements. 

The SkyRoll, coupled with other packing and travel techniques have allowed me to focus my attention on answering questions instead of worrying about how my suit looks.