Favorite Video Game Themes

This is part of my playlist whenever I want to write or relax. :-)  [Thanks for the ask :-)]

Leaving Earth (Mass Effect 3)

Mass Effect 2: Suicide Mission

Shepard’s Tango (Citadel DLC)

HALO Theme Song (Still one of my favorites)

Overwatch Trailer Theme 2016 Remix by Plasma3Music Remixes

Uncharted 4: Nate’s Theme Remix by Plasma3Music Remixes

The Last of Us Main Theme (I love the guitars in this one! Listen to it!)

Journey OST (The first theme is Nascence, which runs from 0:00 to about 2:02)

Sovngarde (Skyrim)

The Dragonborn Comes (Skyrm: Elder Scrolls) (This version is with the Swedish Radio Orchestra, solo by Sabina Zweiacker

Leilana’s Song: Dragon Age Origins

The Dawn Will Come: Dragon Age Inquisition (this is the acapella version)

Assassin’s Creed 2: Ezio’s Family

KOTOR: The Old Republic Theme

SWTOR: The Mandorian Blockade (first :20 is the Smuggler’s Theme)

SWTOR: Average Brown Wookie (this song plays in the Cantinas. I didn’t know this actually had a name until I looked it up! xD But that’s it. Average Brown Wookie.)

SWTOR: That Slippery Hutt of Mine (another Cantina Song xD)

SWTOR: Credits Where Credits are Due (yup, I got a theme going here xD)

Street Fighter: Guile’s Theme (This one is from SF5. And anyone remember the ‘Guile’s Theme Goes with Everything’? xD)

xenofg6  asked:

"I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee" (do with as ya will)

Autumn lets out a groan, “Enough with Skyrm babe! Ye’ve been quotin’ it f'r te past week!” She exclaims, pouting. A few days ago, she would’ve actually laughed, but after about a week, she was getting sick of it.

Loosen Up: Artists That Got Me Through Revising

At this time of year, most of us are stressing over exams, cramming information and staying up until ungodly hours to revise until our eyes are burning, and our hands are aching from scribbling nonsense onto paper (I know I am). I also know how this pressure and stress can effect mental health, hearing so many of my classmates complain and worry over how this stress is effecting them, so I thought I’d take a break from that state of mind and simmer down a little. If you’re also trying to balance both exams and your health, I’d recommend listening to this list of artist I put together while taking a break from revising. *Feel free to listen too if you’re feeling stressed out anyway*.

  • Ben Howard

Ben Howard has to be one of my favourite artists that I go to if I’m feeling too strung together. His delicate finger picking and haunting voice creates a soothing melody that instantly lifts the weight off my shoulders.

I’d recommend: Promise – Ben Howard.

  • Emily and The Woods

One of my favourite songs ever is sang by Emily and The Woods. Not only is the acoustic enchanting, but her voice undoubtedly makes your heart strings pull. The best way to listen to them is by closing your eyes.

I’d recommend: More like Me – Emily and The Woods.

  • Bombay Bicycle Club

Just listen and you’ll understand.

I’d recommend: *All of their songs are completely and utterly relaxing* Lights Out Words Gone – Bombay Bicycle Club.

  • Lucy Rose

Not only has Lucy Rose accompanied Bombay Bicycle Club in some of their songs, but she also has her own breath-taking album ‘Like I Used To’. Her voice is undoubtedly soothing and she has the ability to caresses the tension between my shoulder blades, which is why she has a spot on my list.

I’d recommend: Place – Lucy Rose.

  • Mumford and Sons

Although Mumford and Sons are mainly associated with fast beats and uncontrollable strumming, there is one song by them that is soothing and slow. Marcus Mumford’s voice is only accompanied by a guitar, and it is beautiful. Another one to be added to the list.

I’d recommend: Reminder – Mumford and Sons.


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anonymous asked:

In Skyrim, when Khajiit and Argonians punch, they swing open-handed and close their fists right before impact. Is there any logic to that? Is it effective? Does the fact that those two races have claws play into that?

I’m pretty sure the Khajiit swipe open handed in Skyrm. The ready stance when you have your weapons out, but nothing equipped, is a pair of fists, but their actual attacks are just claw rakes. Which fits with the small amount of lore about Khajiit martial arts in setting.

The Khajiit have at least four defined martial arts. Gout Fang, Whispering Sands, Rawlith Khaj (which may translate to Rain of Sand, I’m not sure), and Two Moons Dance. Though there isn’t much information on any of those.

As for the animations in Skyrim, I wouldn’t read too much into those. I suspect the strike starting from a clenched fist has more to do with creating a unified resting pose for all 10 playable races, rather than because of an in universe reason.

At a more basic level, the animations are configured to give players as much information as possible about the current state of combat (is your opponent attacking you, are you attacking them, ect). This is the exact opposite of what you actually want to do in a real fight, because giving that information to your opponent provides them with a better awareness of what you’re doing. In Skyrim (and most video games, really), it improves the gameplay, but it’s not about realism.

In actual combat, you want to keep your strikes inside your profile (literally, the silhouette your body creates naturally). So the large roundhouse punches and most of the weapon attacks in the game, are techniques that would endanger you in the real world.

Now, there are martial arts that switch between open and closed hands mid strike. Usually making a fist happens while chambering the attack (when you draw back before striking) not during the strike itself.

In actual martial arts, there are any number of reasons to go between a closed fist and open hand when chaining from one strike to another. This is just because you can achieve different things with your fist than you can with the blade of your hand, your palm, or (in rare cases) your fingers. If open or closed is appropriate will depend on what you’re trying to do, and what your training suggests.


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