Shadowmarks in Skyrim

Okay this isn’t a quote… but the amount of times i’ve seen in the Skyrim tag, people screencapping the Shadowmarks that are scratched into wood around Skyrim, wondering what they are.

Personally, I wondered for a long time, ESPECIALLY in Whiterun and Solitude, where they seem to be everywhere… I suppose because they’re pretty wealthy towns that don’t have a lot of prejudice against races.

You only find out what these marks mean, once you’re a member of the Thieves Guild. It’s easy to miss, so don’t worry. As far as I am aware there is only one book in the entire map, that explains them. 

The book was written my Delvin Mallory, the bald English bloke who you run jobs for in the Guild, and it’s in your bunk area in the Cistern on your bedside table.

Here’s a recap for you. They’re really handy, I promise.

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